Monday, August 28, 2023

Peter Williams: Who's really dividing New Zealand?

Time for Chris Hipkins to assume some self-awareness

Before today (August 27th) we pretty much took it as read the way the political parties would coalesce after the election. But at least we have had it confirmed now after what Chris Hipkins has said about Labour’s relationship with New Zealand First.

It’s National, Act and NZ First on one team, and Labour, the Greens and the Maori Party on the other. Except of course if National and Act are so dominant they can govern alone and don’t want New Zealand First.

But I wonder if the Prime Minister has any sense of self-awareness after his comments when he ruled out New Zealand First. To quote Chris Hipkins “National, Act and New Zealand First are focused on dividing New Zealand.”

Ah hello? Isn’t this kettle calling pot?

Which party has legislated for Water Services Entities where mana whenua have a say disproportional to their population in the distribution and costing of nature’s most important substance?

Which party has passed a massive 1300 page behemoth of laws called the Natural and Built Environments Act whereby all planning decisions, even for private property, have to be run past a National Maori Entity?

Which party has taken away the rights of voters in local authorities to say if they wish to have a ward just for voters on the Maori Electoral Roll?

Which party arranged for the Minister of Maori Development to commission a response the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples instead of the then Foreign Affairs Minister, and the man whose role it was to deal to matters involving the UN, Winston Peters?

Which party then withheld the subsequent report, He Puapua, from the electorate and its then coalition partner in the build-up to the 2020 election even though the report was in the hands of Labour Party ministers almost a year before the election?

The answer to all the above questions, every one of which contain initiatives designed to divide this country along Maori and non-Maori lines, is the Labour Party.

Chris Hipkins has the cheek to say National, Act and New Zealand First want to divide New Zealand.


Peter Williams was a writer and broadcaster for half a century. Now watching from the sidelines. Peter blogs regularly on Peter’s Substack where this article was sourced.


Anna Mouse said...

I have a doubt that self awareness is a priority.

Narcissicism, ideology, corruption of democracy and a dollop of WEF fanaticism is however.

Combine that with a get back into power at any cost (moral or ethical) then voila you have this government that is actually a regime.

Anonymous said...

Exactly - maybe a sudden "event" could even postpone the election......

Rule nothing out.

Robert Arthur said...

The Left can make outlandish statemnets as per Hipkins safe in the knowlege that the msm will not challenge. A huge proportion of the populance swallow the statements as fact. National/Act/NZFirst propose no to divide but to reunite by reagrding all NZer as NZers, not a dominant master race with its own obsolete contrived language, and mere others.

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