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Cam Slater: How Thick Is Ginny Andersen?

Ginny Andersen always struck me as being stupid and thick. Yesterday morning she proved she is also thoroughly nasty. Have a listen to this audio from Mike Hosking’s show:

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Labour’s police spokeswoman, Ginny Andersen, claims Police Minister Mark Mitchell was “paid to kill people” and has asked him whether he kept a “tally of how many you shot” while providing private military services in Iraq.

Mitchell says Andersen’s comments are “outrageous” and she should apologise. Andersen refused.

The pair appeared on Newstalk ZB this morning for their usual politics slot and they began discussing how some police stations contained mould and how it was an issue ignored by successive governments.

They then discussed Grant Robertson’s retirement before host Mike Hosking asked both Andersen and Mitchell what they had done before entering politics.

Mitchell referenced his time working in hospitality, as a police officer and working overseas.

Andersen then made a remark about the nature of work Mitchell had done overseas that led to her claim Mitchell had been “paid to kill people”.

After leaving the police, Mitchell worked as a security contractor in Iraq, eventually setting up a private security company for the military and private interests, of which he was chief executive.

Mitchell said his work included tasks commissioned by the United Nations such as freeing up supplies at ports controlled by criminal gangs so they could reach communities.

He said he was proud of his efforts delivering aid in countries like Pakistan, Somalia, Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mitchell also noted how politicians on the left had repeatedly attacked him for his past.

“In my view, [the left] try to do these character assassinations, and that’s what they’re about.”

Andersen continued, asking Mitchell: “Did you keep a tally on how many [people] you shot.”

She alleged Mitchell’s company had earned $4 million a year through its work overseas.

Mitchell said the comments were outrageous and she should return and apologise.

“If that’s alright with you, Mark, morally, and if that sits well with you, that’s your choice.”

She claimed Mitchell had profited from shooting people, saying: “Free speech Mark, I’m allowed to have a view.” 

Ginny Andersen has proved that the Nasty Party is still there, lurking just under the covers of the Labour Party. She’s also shown just how thoroughly nasty and vindictive she really is.

Her allegations are as outrageous as they are defamatory. It shows that she thinks the best chance to get a hit on Mark Mitchell is to smear and slander him. It shows that Labour have learned nothing and that if you scratch the surface you will find the nasty really quickly.

I’ll bet that Hipkins put her up to it to see how it goes with the public. My prediction is that he will throw her under the bus even quicker.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Max Ritchie said...

He threw under the bus immediately. It was obvious that she’d made a mistake and, despite the likelihood she’d been put up to it, Hipkins quickly say it was lose/lose for Labour. And isn’t she a possible replacement? Bing, get under a bus!

Jim S said...

As you say pretty thick. Hasn’t learned anything from her previous bullying of teenage party volunteers. I doubt Chippy had to put her up to it given she is a slow learner. I imagine she is toast and if Chippy doesn’t start to show some dignity and leadership he probably is as well.

AlanG said...

Thanks Ginny, for bringing to our attention that Mark Mitchell has substance, has been in high pressure, life threatening situations and has had to make hard decisions and take decisive action. I for one am deeply grateful that we have such a man heading up the police ministry and have a far greater level of respect for him than I previously had. My respect levels for Ginny by comparison have dropped further if that is possible. Massive own goal but too ignorant to see it.

Anonymous said...

Clearly very limited indeed - but so are numerous other politicians.

The real problem is how many very limited voters still cannot see this in
these people... and would even return them to power?

Majority said...

Well said, AlanG.

(When will this blog site introduce ‘Upvotes’?!)

Anna Mouse said...

Clearly trying to bully Mitchell shows that maybe the allegations of her being a bully may be true......

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