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Eliora: A Nationalist Politician Who Wants What Is Best for Kiwis

The right honourable Winston Peters has declared numerous times, including this month’s interview with Leighton Smith that he is a nationalist.

The leader of the New Zealand First (NZF) party, now deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Minister, for the third time in his career, reiterates he is a Kiwi first. He has repeatedly made this clear-cut. The achievement of this beautiful nation is paramount for Peters.

During the COVID–19 fiascos, Peters, a lawyer, was determined to find out more facts. He attended the peaceful Wellington protest and listened to people’s stories. He began to question.

When Jacinda Ardern said she was the nation’s one source of truth and New Zealanders were to disregard all others’ views, he realised this was a stretch too far. No one person ever has all the truth. Then, more strange, illogical pronouncements were made from the parliamentary podium. For example, when Ardern ridiculously declared that Covid-19 came into the country on imported food, from an Australian frozen food company, even though they had not sent anything for four months. The facts did not add up.

Peters’s opponents say he is influenced by his own political gain. Some were suspicious of his Covid-19 views, saying he simply picked up on the mood of the country. They could not accuse him, however, in the now derogatory terms of being an anti-vaxxer, as he revealed he was triple jabbed. He particularly criticised Ardern’s vaccine mandates and admits Kiwis should not have been denigrated and ostracised as they were.

Thousands loved it when at last a politician stated that Kiwis should have been given a choice and not been mandated out of their jobs. No wonder there was a swing towards NZF at the election that returned his party to govern. The nationalist politician stood up for what was best for New Zealanders. He didn’t want to see his fellow Kiwis become unemployed and on the scrap heap.

In the Philosophy of Mind, nineteenth-century German philosopher Georg Hegel writes, “The owl of Minerva spreads its wings only with the falling of dusk.” One interpretation of this poetic and cryptic quote is that wisdom and knowledge only come with hindsight.

Freedom-loving Kiwis early on, like Peters, saw through Ardern’s globalist agenda. Peters spoke out about his abhorrence that people lost their jobs, income, mana, relationships, health and even their homes. He fought hard in negotiations to get a fully Independent Commission of Inquiry agreement, with wider terms of reference into New Zealand’s Covid-19 response.

It is a breath of fresh air to have Winston Peters in Government again, standing up for New Zealanders and their much-loved country.

Astonishingly, and in stark contrast, Ardern allowed and perhaps even ordered, peaceful protestors to be shot at with rubber bullets, bashed and gassed, and some imprisoned. There is no other conclusion to come to. What leader of a Western democracy would do that? What could drive a leader to hurt harmless citizens?

One can only imagine as she looked down from her 9th floor office at the Beehive, that she got angry. Beneath her, she witnessed thousands of her once compliant subjects no longer willing to obey the cruel orders taken from her global masters. Instead, she saw that they ignored social distancing rules, threw off their masks, hugged each other and danced even in the pouring rain.

Contrary to the fear-mongering daily Covid-19 health propaganda and predictions from Ardern, no one at the Freedom Village caught and died of the so-called dangerous virus! It would have riled Ardern to see her people having a blast with their families, absolutely enjoying themselves while claiming back their long-awaited freedom. The best party ever they declared!

The globalist-driven Prime Minister continued to pay no attention to the genuine Kiwis on the grounds of the Parliament. Very innocent requests any rational person would acknowledge as reasonable were ignored. They were simply pleas to let New Zealanders be free to live, to work, to support their families and to stop the jabs.

But there was absolutely no way Ardern was going to allow that.

Nothing changed. Under the Labour Government, New Zealand continued to fail in all areas of life. Ram raids by kids, truancy, economic debt at exorbitant levels, violent crime rate up as criminals were not imprisoned, racial disharmony, a failing educational system, high suicide rates, enormous unemployment numbers, huge rises in those on job-seeker allowances, vaccine injured and so on. Ardern’s left-wing Government wasted billions of taxpayer dollars on pet projects that never eventuated.

The stark difference between Peters and Ardern, who is a devoted globalist, is like night and day. One, Peters, the nationalist, loves his country and wants its citizens to succeed. The other did everything in her power to disrupt, to divide, to ruin and to run down, and unflinchingly made cruel rules, knowing Kiwis would fail. There can be no doubt that Ardern does not like her fellow Kiwis or this country. This is not a case of mistaken judgement. She would never have used her powers like she did if she cared. There is only one conclusion: Ardern loathes us.

The new Deputy PM says he will do his utmost to sort out Labour’s mess. He promises to renew New Zealand’s good standing around the world and begin to rebuild the country. To endeavour to bring prosperity and success to businesses, farmers, horticultural growers, and ordinary Kiwis, old and young.

The global masters didn’t envisage the consummate Maori nationalist getting his feet into the stirrups again. But here we have it. He’s in the saddle and riding his horse for New Zealanders again for the betterment of the country’s future.

Eliora is a fourth-generation Kiwi is a conservative voter and has worked in health. This article was first published HERE


Valid Point said...

This article is all very well and good, but it ignores the history that Winston Peters defied 44% of the country that wanted a National led government in 2017. Instead he installed the worst PM New Zealand has ever endured. Now he has the temerity to claim he's doing us all a favour and cleaning up the mess - which he created!

Anonymous said...

I’m not a Jacinda Ardern fan.

I believe your comment….Ardern does not like her fellow Kiwis or this country….is incorrect.

Her Covid/mandate response was, I believe, well meaning and one she felt would help reduce the effects of COVID. We will never know of course that had she promoted a less restrictive regime, the outcomes would have been any different.

Anonymous said...

We need to remember too that Winston Peters reneged on getting rid of the Maori electorates, a historical anomaly that is totally past it’s use by date now.

Basil Walker said...

Winston and NZF are NOT alone. ACT ad David Seymour were setting the sails for a change of Government during the last Ardern term . Yes it is great to see both parties combine with National and set a direction of progess for NZ

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