Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: Geniuses in or midst

Who would have guessed it? Hither unbeknown, it turns out we have a brilliant mind-reader living in Auckland.

I refer to the news that 81,000 Kiwis left the country in the year to April, 2024, this spawning a New Zealand Herald correspondent, a Jeremy Coleman of Hillpark, who explained what motivated each of them.

Given his residential location, Coleman is plainly a man of modest aspirations, after all with his all encompassing knowledge, if so inclined, he could make zillions betting on the outcome of horse races, he already knowing the result, so too punting on the sharemarket, and so on.

The fact is, Kiwis with get up and go have always got up and gone abroad for a principal reason, namely than compared with New Zealand, life in Australia, Europe, North America and so on, is immensely more exciting.

Most of my adult children live elsewhere, specifically Australia, Portugal, America, Britain and Japan. They will never return other than to visit friends and family for a week or so.

I’d be off in a shot if I was compelled to live in one place, but of course I’m not. So I spend about half my year or more abroad. Having commercial interests, plus homes in other countries, makes this more amenable.

Conversely, I love coming back to my 50 acres of gardens, my library, friends and so on, thus I venture abroad about 4 times annually for circa 6 weeks’ each time.

There’s a very good side to this steadfast exodus, specifically the offset of a better class of people than the Coleman ilk, namely Asians, who have got up and gone for the better opportunities in New Zealand compared with their homelands.

They’re industrious and self-dependent plus they integrate readily, and best of all, their females are a huge step up in the beauty stakes, a never to be under-estimated bonus.

For example, given his underlying misanthropy, if Coleman has a daughter or two, it’s odds on she’s ugly, which will be another factor driving his negativity.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Lol, Bob, I never read this chap Coleman article, but let's bet that there's a high probability he's a woke leftie self loathing tosser. Apparently I've got an 83% chance of being correct. So it's little wonder he's writing how he does.

The great thing is we are now holding these types of people accountable. And they are squealing. The pendulum is swinging mate. Keep up the great work.

CXH said...

plus they integrate readily - well that gave me a good laugh. I agree with a lot, but this is just so wrong.

Ray S said...

LOL Good stuff.
So, so true about that man.

Robert arthur said...

Until about 50 years ago NZ was a notably egalitarian country to the fore in standard of living and many other important aspects. An explanation is that the bulk of the population were immigrants or descended from. These folk needed a considerabe degree of drive to give up their surroundings and take their chances so far from home. Only in the later years could most reasonably expect to ever return, even for a visit. They came with a work ethic induced by generations of hardship (as many of the recent Chinese). Then later many were admitted as of right from relatively nearby. These persons came without developed abilities or strong material obsession, possessions or work ethic. Travel here and visits home became very affordable. So immigration was not predominantly of the very motivated and industrious willing to sacrifice contact. As life here softened the original drive has lessened, and, combined with traditional attitude and aspirations of the indigenous, application and reward has dwindled. Further, the time and effort wasting prospect of immersion in a vague stone age language and culture is anathema to many. So much so that, as Bob observes, to the able, overseas now has the attraction NZ had 50 to 150 years ago.

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