Sunday, March 28, 2010

Frank Newman: Drug dealer sentenced to spend time with his mother

An article appearing in today’s issue of the Sunday Star Times says a great deal about our judiciary. The article starts out, "The brother of Apprentice star and football club owner Terry Serepisos has been convicted for a string of serious drug offences, including supplying methamphetamine.

"Lambros Serepisos was sentenced to nine months' home detention when he appeared at the Wellington District Court on March 19. He was convicted of supplying methamphetamine, Ecstasy and Fantasy and for carrying a firearm. He is serving his sentence at a Wellington home owned by his mother, Alliki Serepisos.”

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Let’s just reflect on this. The punishment given to a gun carrying drug dealer is nine months at home with mum!

Surely this is an April fools joke arriving a few days early?

Perhaps it is the judge that should be removed from his position to spend time at home with his mother so he can reflect on family values and the destructive effect drugs are having on our families.

How is it that a judge can act so contrary to the public will? Are judges not required to reflect upon the harm caused by offenders and in this case reflect on the amount of damage drug dealers are doing to families? Should judges not take account of the public will for tougher sentences for serious crime?

Apparently not.

The sentence is a disgrace.


Eric G said...

Bloody unbelievable!!! I own trucks, i have drivers who have been convicted of getting there logbook hours wrong, these guys get out of bed in the morning to do an honest days work and yet when making either simple clerical errors or exceeding driving time, the penalties are draconian to say the least!! And now this bloody scumbag who's greed for money overides his social and moral responsibility to keep our families together and our communities safe gets breakfast in bed for 9 months!! That judge needs to be judged himself and some serious questions asked!!

Anonymous said...

Mum will be pleased to have this brat home I wonder. Eating his mums home cooked meals and ordering Pizza. The Judge is a stupid fool idiot. Or is this his nephew

Dianna said...

I'm wilh Eric G ... our laws pertaining to the productive sector need to be at least in step with the laws pertaining to the non-productive sector if not in step with the negative value sector such as the scum bag sentenced to spend 9 months with his Mum. I think perhaps his Mum is the one doing the sentence!

I would also add that it is time District Court Judges were held to account for their errors of judgement that cause community harm. Will this Judge come forward and pay reparation for the harm that this gun toting, drug dealing scum bag will almost certainly inflict while he is staying with his Mum?

Anonymous said...

Either Lambros gave police some information or someone knew something about the judge . This guy is off the radar for SOME reason.