Monday, August 3, 2020

Breaking Views Update: Week of 2.08.20

Monday August 3, 2020

Jacinda Ardern launches Labour's campaign to keep Māori seats

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern launched Labour's Māori seat campaign in Auckland today, pleading for supporters not to take anything for granted.

She received a rockstar welcome from her Māori MPs, with list MP Willie Jackson calling her "an angel".

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Mike Hosking: Govt sucked us all in with expensive Covid spin

You want some numbers? $16 million. That's what we have paid on consultants when its come to Covid. Ah, the old consultant.

Some got $400 an hour, so $3200 a day. But what's remarkable about the new numbers is that of the $16 million, about $15 million went on spin.

They use other words in the industry like "marketing" and "communications." But essentially all the hype you heard from Prime Minister, the likes of "the team of five million," "the stay safe stay home," the "be kind," we paid for that and it came from advertising agencies. One got $3 million, another got $12 million.

Matt Ridley: 5 Reasons why the coronovirus nightmare may soon be over

From vaccine triumphs to leadership learning curves, we can finally dare to hope for a breakthrough
Like the ancient mariner, the virus refuses to leave us alone. Resurging in Blackburn, Spain, and America, it is still going to be around here when the winter comes. As we head indoors, it will be back for a dreaded second wave, disguised among a host of colds and flus. Yet I am now optimistic that the nightmare will end this year or at least by the spring. Here are five reasons.

GWPF Newsletter: What If You Can’t Resell Your Electric Car?

Another Nail In The LNT Coffin

In this newsletter:

1) What If You Can’t Resell Your Electric Car?
Anjani Trivedi, Bloomberg, 30 July 2020

2) Oh Dear: Plug Pulled On French Electric Car Which Nobody Wants To Buy
Car Advice, 29 July 2020