Saturday, June 12, 2021

Garrick Tremain: Jacinda's Bike Bridge

 Here is Garrick Tremain's cartoon commentary on Jacinda's bike bridge! 

Clive Bibby: Critical race theory - the cancer that never sleeps

Modern society is under attack - mostly from within.

The monster on our doorstep is slowly destroying the defences we have traditionally relied on to save us from ourselves.

Like the worst cancers, it eats away at our foundations until it is discovered in forms that will not respond to treatment - and by then sadly, it is usually too late.

I am talking about the phenomenon known as “ The critical race theory “ which is currently cutting a swath through the United States virtually unchallenged.

Moreover, we are beginning to see the same destructive power subtly undermining the foundations of our own society, aided and abetted, even promoted by our government, local authorities and main stream media - ironically the three most important components who normally defend us against such damnable intrusion.

If this rogue serial killer is not stopped within this administration’s current term, we face the prospects of a weakened western civilisation that will provide easy pickings for those communist states that seek global domination.

Derek Mackie: The Age of Woke

Yes people, like it or not, we live in the Woke Age. Hard to put a start date on it but my personal guess is the late 1990’s, but feel free to disagree - a concept which will be conspicuous by its absence in the rest of this article. That’s when a whole raft of issues, which used to be minority concerns, suddenly reared up and became the central focus for many Western governments. 

 Up to now, this new “age of enlightenment”, as woke followers would call it, is largely constrained to traditional wealthy democracies found in Europe, North America and Australasia. In other words, most of the world, by population, is yet to feel the woke wave or has decided it’s just not for them. Poor ignorant souls, still able to give their misplaced opinions on issues which have been ruled on by our woke leaders as unfit for public debate. 

 But where did the term “woke” come from? According to Wikipedia, “By the mid-20th century, it had come to mean well-informed or aware, especially in a political or cultural sense. The Oxford English Dictionary traces the earliest such usage to a 1962 New York Times Magazine article titled "If You're Woke You Dig It" by African-American novelist William Melvin Kelley”. 

Breaking Views Update: Week of 6.06.21

Saturday June 12, 2021 

Iwi send back partnership deal for stronger rules

Iwi have pushed pause on a new partnership plan with the South Taranaki District Council to strengthen the rules.

Since November last year the council and the four iwi in South Taranaki have been drawing up the Iwi-Council Partnership Strategy.

Friday, June 11, 2021

NZCPR Weekly: A Masterclass in Propaganda

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

In this week’s NZCPR newsletter we outline how Jacinda Ardern’s administration has become a masterclass in propaganda, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Graham Adams reveals the difficulties in holding the Prime Minister to account over teaching ‘white privilege’ in schools, and our poll asks whether you believe Jacinda Ardern is delivering on the promise to run the most open and transparent Government New Zealand has seen.

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Thursday, June 10, 2021

Tony Sayers: The Two Headed Taniwha

As mentioned in my previous posts, prior to my realization of what was developing within Maoridom, I was a quiet average citizen getting on with my life. When political stuff came onto the TV screen, I flipped to another channel. I just left governing to the government. That’s what we elected them to do. Their role was to act in the interests of all citizens and to do what they promised to do in their election manifestos. I was just like the bulk of the population, happily cruising through each day, oblivious to what was happening within government.

Whilst a government was doing its job honestly, I paid no interest, and like many people today, resented anyone shoving their political views in my face, and there lies a large part of today’s problem. Apathy to politics and resentment of anything that disturbs our tranquillity. We are all just human.

At this point I have to reiterate a few points that have been mentioned in a previous post, or by other authors as a transition to where this article is headed. I see the problem as a two-headed taniwha. One head is the Ardern Government, and the other head is the Maori Sovereignty Movement. My article addresses both factions.

Mike Hosking: The fact don't lie - Government has got it wrong on housing


The evidence is mounting, if not now irrefutable, that what the government and the Reserve Bank have done in concert with each other is not having the desired effect they wanted housing.

Both TradeMe and QV figures yesterday give no suggestion that the housing market is taking any direction at all.

At best, the QV number shows a slight, and I mean slight, decrease in the increases we have seen – 0.1 of 1 percent, to be precise.

That could easily be winter, or if it was government policy, hardly worth the drama around it.

GWPF Newsletter: China preempts carbon border tax and fires back at US sanctions


Trouble brews at home as Boris Johnson plays climate hero

In this newsletter:

1) China preempts carbon border tax and fires back at US sanctions
Asia Times, 8 June 2021
2) UN climate chief urges Western governments to deliver on their $100 billion pledge or face failure
UN Climate Change News, 7 June 2021

John Robinson: Maori Wards - a corruption of democracy

The removal of a democratic right

We no longer can have a say on the manner in which our local community is governed, on voting rights for local councils. 

Until this year, separate representation by race has been allowed: Maori wards and constituencies establish areas where only those on the Maori Parliamentary electoral roll vote for the representatives. But ratepayers could insist on a binding referendum when Maori wards were proposed. These are not wanted; significant majorities are opposed to Maori wards.  Polls indicated 60% opposed in the Western Bay of Plenty, 63% opposed in Palmerston North and 63% opposed in Manawatu. When binding referenda were held in five municipalities, all opposed race-based Maori wards; those voting against were 80% of ratepayers in Kaikoua, 78% in Western Bay of Plenty, 77% in Manawatu, 69% in Palmerston North and 56.4% in Whakatane.[1]

The public have since been shut out.

Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Henry Armstrong: Is New Zealand Really Racist? Definitely!

Internationally known film director Taika Waititi caused a minor storm on the international circuit when, in a recent BBC interview, he claimed” New Zealand is a racist country”. Prominent Maori activist John Tamihere claimed during the 2020 election campaign, that “all Pakeha are asymptomatic racists”. 

National Opposition leader Judith Collins, in attempting to get the Ardern government to “come clean” in divulging the He Puapua Report on constitutional changes to Parliament, was roundly condemned for her “racist” attempts to create division in New Zealand - you know, that “team of five million’ who are “all in this (waka?) together”. 

The flamboyant co-leader of Te Paati Maori, in his Stetson hat, was so incensed at Collins’s blatant attempt to expose the traumatic contents of He Puapua to Parliament, he performed a haka in protest and was (rightly) kicked out of the House.

Professor Margaret Mutu of Auckland University, long noted for her unrelenting racist rhetoric, promotes the terms “white supremacy” and “white privilege” as being normalised in New Zealand (Ref: Newshub, 3 June 2021). She claims “white supremacy” is synonymous with racism, which she claims is an everyday experience of our Maori peoples.

Derek Mackie: Climate Change - natural phenomenon or man-made "threat"

So, the Climate Change Commission has produced their final report after careful consideration of the public submissions, and it's essentially the same as the draft report. The Treaty is mentioned 193 times and the report recommends “a Māori-led approach to ensure an equitable transition” - remind anyone of He Puapua? Barring a miracle, the government will adopt the report in its entirety. 

 Of course, the writing was always on the wall, with a woke panel who sang from the same left-wing song sheet, led by a chairman who sports his greenstone pendant at every public appearance. I can’t say I’m surprised but I am disappointed. I wrote a submission against the proposals so I have more than a passing interest. This is another example of our government appointing supposed “independent experts” who embrace the same ideological agenda and guarantee the desired end result. No matter that it flies in the face of a large body of scientific evidence and research. Let’s take a trip back in time and have a look, shall we? 

 Man-made climate change, or anthropogenic global warming theory (AGW), became the World’s obsession in the late 90’s and we were subjected to apocalyptic accounts of what would happen if we didn’t massively reduce our carbon footprints in the next 12 years. Humans, being a bit slow on the uptake and conservative by nature, decided to test the theory by waiting to see what happened. Lo-and-behold, everything was pretty much the same 12 years later. 

Kate Hawkesby: How long can you blame previous governments?


I note the Deputy Prime Minister was yesterday blaming yet more things on the previous government.

Here’s the thing about that approach. It’s relevant when you’re literally just into office, or in your first term, but these guys are onto their second term. At what point are they going to start taking accountability?

Mental health? Previous government’s fault. Nurses underpaid? Previous governments fault. Housing? Previous governments fault.

GWPF Newsletter - Build back blacker: India, Australia, China, Russia pushing ‘massive’ coal expansion


OPEC leaders mock IEA’s “la-la land” 2050 Net Zero roadmap

In this newsletter:

1) Build back blacker: India, Australia, China, Russia pushing ‘massive’ coal expansion
Economic Times of India, 5 June 2021
2) China, India & US spur rebounding global CO2 output
E&E News, 2 June 2021

Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Kate Hawkesby: Why is it so hard to pay nurses properly?


It’s sad to see the nurses striking again. As of tomorrow, an 8 hour nurse’s strike affecting all public hospitals and DHB’s will go ahead. 

They’ve rejected the latest pay offer, saying staff are stretched to breaking point, that the pay does not reflect the amount of work they have to do. There are not enough nurses to spread the load, the workforce is not attracting new recruits, and those currently working say they’re completely over worked.

So, as of tomorrow, nurses, midwives and hospital staff will down tools.

Monday, June 7, 2021

Ross Meurant: Simple Solution for Green Environment?

More than 65 countries have already announced that they will achieve carbon neutrality between 2045 and 2060. Greta will be pleased.

How this is going to happen however, ranges from country to country and replacing promises with deeds, may not be as simple applauding a speaker at an Environment Conference.

For the moment I put to the side, the politics of East v West interfering in transmission of environmentally friendly natural gas from Russia to Germany via North Stream under (Baltic) sea pipelines, which America seeks to block in favour of Europe buying more expensive America liquified gas notwithstanding the attendant environmental damage created by shipping this product across the Atlantic. In this article I address alternatives.

Sunday, June 6, 2021

Bob Edlin: Budget benefits builders of statues of Maori leaders

It’s not enough to monitor the flow of Jacinda’s Treaty Treats by visiting the Beehive website in the belief it will have registered them in the name of transparency.

Some Ministerial statements are posted on sites such as Scoop before they are posted on – The official website of the New Zealand Government.

A post on Scoop this morning tells readers that Budget 2021…

  • Appropriated $1 million  to build statues of Maori leaders;
  • Is investing $20 million over two years in Māori boarding schools; and
  • These are part of a Budget package of more than $1 billion for Māori.

Fair to say, the ministerial statement at Scoop (posted in the name of the NZ Government yesterday) expands on spending initiatives to benefit Maori that were declared on Budget Day in a document headed WELLBEING BUDGET 2021: SECURING OUR RECOVERY

Roger Partridge: Minister’s new Fair Pay Agreements claims don’t compute

Persistence looks set to pay off with one of Labour’s 2017 election manifesto promises: to reintroduce compulsory sector-wide collective bargaining across the country. Dubbed “Fair Pay Agreements,” the Government’s plan is to take New Zealand back to the system of awards that dominated industrial relations for most of the 20th century. 

Yet, try as they might, successive Workplace Relations and Safety Ministers have been unable to make a credible case for Labour’s radical FPA proposals. 

Back in 2018, the terms of reference to the FPA Working Group from then Minister, Ian Lees Galloway, argued there were multiple “problems” with New Zealand’s labour market settings. There was just one issue with the former Minister’s claims. None of them stacked up. 

Clive Bibby: The "WOKE" Arsenal

Modern day wars are more likely to be fought on battlefields where the spoils of victory are the hearts, minds and wallets of those who make up the numbers.

In spite of the aggressive actions of those rogue states that want to supplant our values and traditions with their own ideological thinking and lifestyles, there appears little appetite amongst even those who have the ability to push back for an “all out” military conflict.

The reason for this reluctance is understandable given the shear destructive power of the world’s arsenals and the knowledge that the end result would probably render the surviving planet uninhabitable.

Alan Jones: Alarmist rubbish’ is tragically destroying Young People...

Greta Thunberg and those who “condone her alarmist nonsense” are tragically destroying young people, according to Sky News host Alan Jones. “We have learned that vulnerable students have fallen through the cracks over coronavirus,” he said. “We have been told that schools don't have a proper review process to prevent - a frightening term - suicide clusters. “Young people are constantly comparing themselves to others on social media and suffering mental health problems as a result.”

Saturday, June 5, 2021

Matt Ridley: The Covid lab leak theory is looking increasingly plausible

In March last year, it was widely agreed by everybody sensible, me included, that talk of the pandemic originating in a laboratory was pseudoscientific nonsense almost on a par with UFOs and the Loch Ness monster. My own reasoning was that Mother Nature is a better genetic engineer than we will ever be, so something as accomplished at infection and spread could not possibly have been put together in a lab.

Today, the mood has changed. Even Dr Anthony Fauci, the US President’s chief medical advisor, now says he is ‘not convinced’ the virus emerged naturally. This month a letter in Science magazine from 18 senior virologists and other experts — including a close collaborator of the Wuhan lab at the centre of the debate, Ralph Baric — demanded that such a hypothesis be taken seriously. Suddenly, too, journalists have woken up and begun writing articles admitting they might have been hasty in dismissing a lab leak as a Trumpian conspiracy theory last year. CNN reported this week that the Biden administration shut down the State Department’s investigation into this.

NZCPR Weekly: Challenging the Agenda

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

In this week’s NZCPR newsletter we examine Jacinda Ardern’s secret He Puapua agenda to replace democracy with tribal rule by 2040 – in light of the constitutional principle that Government actions are only legitimate when they have the consent of the people, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Karl du Fresne reveals the sinister implications of the Government’s latest media funding package, and our poll asks whether you believe ‘our team of 5 million’ should oppose the Treaty partnership fiction being imposed on our society.

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Breaking Views Update: Week of 30.05.21

Saturday June 5, 2021 

Crown decides against appealing latest foreshore and seabed decision

The Crown has decided not to lodge an appeal in the first major foreshore and seabed decision under the current law which awarded customary title in three parts of Eastern Bay of Plenty to six hapu of Whakatohea.

Instead, the Crown has applied to be an "intervenor" in the case.

Friday, June 4, 2021

GWPF Newsletter: As U.S. retreats, Russia begins development on Mega Arctic Oil Project


Russia seeks to outmuscle U.S. in Arctic

In this newsletter:

1) Russia begins development on Arctic oil project that will produce 25 million tons of oil per year
Gizmodo, 28 May

2) Biden Administration to suspend oil leases in Arctic National Wildlife Refuge
National Review, 1 June 2021

Thursday, June 3, 2021

GWPF Newsletter: Gas boiler ban may kill Net Zero agenda, green campaigners fear


Boiling over: Steve Baker, Boris Johnson and the cost of Net Zero

In this newsletter:

1) Govt finally admits installing heat pumps can cost up to £35,000 and could increase fuel bills
Building News, 1 June 2021
2) Gas boiler ban may kill Net Zero agenda, green campaigners fear
iNews, 31 May 2021

Bruce Scott-Hill: Letter to MPs

When thinking of the enormity of the task of educating those seemingly asleep to the horror of the proposed takeover by radical Maoris of our very Sovereignty and lands, I decided to take some direct action myself, so I wrote to PM Jacinda Adern directly, plus copied my email to her to the Leader of the Opposition, Judith Collins, other National MP’s and ACT Leader David Seymour. 

Since then, I was gratified to receive replies which inferred my emails had been read. So I am quite pleased with the result.

May I respectively suggest that others might like to do the same, as I really do think that we should now be commencing action to reverse this takeover if we can.

Tony Sayers: The Report of Matike Mai Aotearoa


It is the name of the Independent Working Group On Constitutional Transformation.

It sounds like a quasi-official body but it is not.  It is an offshoot of the Iwi Chairs Forum and is funded by the J.R. McKenzie Trust. It is chaired by Professor Margaret Mutu. Moana Jackson is the convenor.

Their mission was to prepare the framework for what has morphed into the He Puapua proposal.

If you are still in the dark, this is a Maori driven agenda to replace our present form of Government, using a radical restructure, that is comprised of a Maori Government and a Government for Non-Maori.

The Maori Government will hold a power of veto over many of the other government’s functions, but there is not a reciprocal power of veto for the non-Maori Government and they talk of equality.

In effect, The Government for non-Maori cannot function without Maori approval.

In short ‘Two Governments for One Country’ this sounds like a recipe for trouble down the line.

Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Heather du Plessis-Allan: Ministers need to stop meeting with gang members


I get frustrated that something like Willie Jackson talking with gangs is such a political problem.

He’s not giving them money, he’s not preventing arrests, he’s just talking to them.

When did we develop such an objection to people talking to each other?

Isn’t half the complaint that all these people in power sit in Wellington all day long and never actually get out and understand the issues that they’re dealing with?

You can’t complain about that and then attack Willie Jackson or Marama Davidson or Paul Hunt the Human Rights Commissioner for talking to gangs to understand the issues.

Tuesday, June 1, 2021

Barry Soper: Highly orchestrated trans-Tasman meeting had leaders walking on eggshells


They're Scott and Jenny to our Prime Minister and our first couple are Jacinda and Clark to their Prime Minister.

Never since the days of sleepovers by John Key at the Sydney mansion of Malcolm Turnbull has there been such trans-Tasman bonhomie.

To perhaps emphasise the point, Ardern even publicly flirted with her Aussie counterpart, saying to cocktail clinkers that she was sure he wouldn't mind being called in public what she calls him in private.

In fact, she admitted during the Covid crisis she called him more than she called her mother.

Mike Hosking: It is a crime to pay someone to do nothing


If you subscribe to the “numbers don’t lie” scenario, then we have to do something about those who don’t have work.

The stats last week were shocking: 115,000 on the dole for longer than 12 months. That doesn’t count the many tens of thousands more on the dole at all.

Fortunately, many move in and out of welfare and for them the system works largely as planned.

But all over the world we are seeing an increasing gap between the number of jobs that are available and the number of people who can’t seem to find one.

Bruce Moon: Dame Anne Gets It All Wrong

So Distinguished Professor Dame Anne Salmond, recent recipient of New Zealand’s highest award, has come up with a few more bright ideas about the Treaty of Waitangi which, one might have thought, had been done to death already, several times over.[i] 

Thus, she persists in her profound delusion – shared by many others one might add – that when the chiefs signed the Treaty “this did not amount to a cession of sovereignty” although “the rangatira gave absolutely (tuku rawa atu) all the Kāwanatanga of their lands (te Kāwanatanga katoa o ou rātou whenua) to the Queen.”  Well, what doublespeak that is! Why?  Because while it is glaringly obvious that the derivation of “kawanatanga” is from “governor” plus “-tanga”, its translation is “sovereignty”.  As we have shown by many examples, time and again,[ii] translation is not the same as derivation – too hard for her to grasp perhaps?

Graham Adams: Judith Collins: The lady’s not for turning

Despite a largely hostile media and poor poll results, the Leader of the Opposition is not backing away from her campaign to expose government plans for Maori co-governance. Graham Adams assesses her strategy.

Amid the chorus of media voices crowing that the latest Newshub / Reid Research poll heralds the demise of Judith Collins, most have overlooked one significant result within it. When asked by pollsters if Labour was being “separatist”, 38.7 per cent of respondents said “yes”.

Collins first described the Maori Health Authority as “separatist” in late April, and on May 1 she brought the report He Puapua and its radical constitutional implications to national attention, alleging the government was engaged in a stealthy race-based agenda. The Newshub poll was conducted from May 7-13.

This means that, in a matter of weeks, the Leader of the Opposition succeeded in convincing nearly 40 per cent of respondents that Jacinda Ardern is advocating some system of Maori separatism in the nation’s governance.