Friday, September 20, 2019

GWPF Newsletter - New Coal Boom: Global Decarbonisation Efforts ‘Stall’

Coal Power Booming In China & South Asia

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1. Global Decarbonisation Efforts ‘Stall’, Pushing Climate Goals Out Of Reach
EurActiv, 19 September 2019

2. The New Coal Boom: China Plans 200 New Coal Power Plants
Reuters, 19 September 2019 

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Breaking Views Update: Week of 15.09.19

Thursday September 19, 2019

Jacinda Ardern won't rule out Government purchasing Ihumātao after mana whenua breakthrough
Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is refusing to rule out the Government purchasing Ihumātao as mana whenua urges it to enter into negotiations with Fletchers.

Since early August, the Kiingitanga has been acting as an intermediary between mana whenua with different views on what should be done with the disputed Māngere land, believed to be one of the country's earliest settlements.

GWPF Newsletter: China & India Demand $100 Billion For Climate Action On Eve Of UN Climate Summit

India's Share Of Total Global Primary Energy Demand Set To Double By 2040, Asia To Dominate World Economy

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1. China And India Demand $100 Billion For Climate Action On Eve Of UN Climate Summit
Climate Home News, 18 September 2019
2. China’s New Climate Policy: Tackle Climate Change With Adaptation & Reforestation 
Reuters, 18 September 2019

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

GWPF Newsletter: Politicians Are Going Cold On Climate

Europe’s Climate Hypocrisy Exposed

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1) Politicians Are Going Cold On Climate, Despite The Hype
Graham Lloyd, The Australian, 17 September 2019 
2) Europes Climate Hypocrisy Exposed
Balkan Green Energy News, 10 September 2019

Monday, September 16, 2019

Bryce Edwards: Political Roundup - Claims of a #MeTooLabour “cover-up” in the Beehive

Its increasingly looking as if the Beehive has been involved in some sort of “cover-up” of sexual assault allegations in the Labour Party. For that reason, it’s almost inevitable that further heads will roll – it’s just a question of whose.

The Prime Minister herself is under immense pressure and scrutiny over any role she might have played in an attempted cover-up. The consensus amongst political journalists and commentators seems to be that her statements about what happened are no longer credible, and her honesty and “MeToo credentials” are now being openly questioned.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Breaking Views Update: Week of 8.09.19

Saturday September 14, 2019

A hope for the history of Aotearoa
It started with the unveiling of a plaque in Parliament to commemorate the New Zealand Wars. But in front of a crowd of figureheads from iwi across the motu, the Prime Minister announced that New Zealand history will be taught in all schools and kura by 2022.

The voices of six Te Ātiawa women begin to karanga. As the sound adorns and echoes the walls of Parliament, the many faces of iwi from across the motu enter the Grand Hall preparing to make history.

Karl du Fresne: New Zealand - shining light, or breeding ground for violent extremism?

You may not have heard of the Somalian refugee Guled Mire. He was in the news last month when he appeared before a parliamentary select committee urging the government to remove what he described as a racist restriction on refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

He was referring to a policy introduced in 2009 which requires refugees from those regions to have existing family connections in New Zealand in order to be resettled here.

Speaking in support of a World Vision petition asking for the restriction to be lifted, Mire said it was an unnecessary and racist requirement that shut vulnerable people out.

Mike Hosking: Jacinda Ardern's explanations not good enough

The trouble with explaining, especially in politics, is it often leads to more questions.

The fact the Prime Minister, who is ending her worst week in office by about several country miles, decided to hold a last-minute press conference indicates just how worried they are about the sex scandal that has enveloped, not just the Labour Party, but her personally.

And that is why it has become as big as it is.

Henry Armstrong: So Farmers and Businesses “Have Nothing To Fear” According to Ardern?

When the debate on a Capital Gains Tax was in full swing, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern was widely quoted as assuring farmers and small business owners that if a CGT were to be introduced, they had nothing to fear.

The productive sector and indeed most New Zealanders, quickly saw through this disingenuous claim and made their views known. The Ardern-led government quickly dropped that proposal-at least for now.

It seems the Ardern-led government learned nothing in the process.

Friday, September 13, 2019

NZCPR Weekly: Questions of Credibility

Dear NZCPR Reader,   

This week we raise questions over the Prime Minister’s credibility including over policy decisions regarding green hydrogen, freshwater regulations, and the teaching of New Zealand history in schools, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Michael Coote shares a tribute to New Zealand’s first Governor, Captain William Hobson, who died 177 years ago this week, and our poll asks whether Maori tribal groups should be involved in decision-making over the control of fresh water.

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Melanie Phillips: The staggering hypocrisy of the Remainers’ legality gambit

The hue and cry about Boris Johnson breaking the law if he refuses to request an extension to Article 50, as demanded by the law that parliament has now passed, is beyond staggering.

Yes, the prime minister should obey laws based by parliament. But what if those laws are themselves the product of an abuse of process? Don’t any Remainers care about that? (please don’t all answer at once.)

GWPF Newsletter: Anti-Carbon Tax Campaigner Wins Canadian Province Elections

Germany’s Christian Democrats Reject Carbon Tax

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1) Anti-Carbon Tax Campaigner Wins Canadian Province Elections
Bloomberg, 11 September 2019

2) Canada Election Poll: Climate Change, Oil And Gas Shaping Up As Top Issues
The Catholic Register, 11 September 2019 

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

GWPF Newsletter: Green Suicide

Climate Hysteria Is Killing Germany’s Car Industry

In this newsletter:

1) Green Suicide: Climate Hysteria Is Killing Germany’s Car Industry
Bloomberg, 9 September 2019

2) Renewables Threaten German Economy & Energy Supply, McKinsey Warns In New Report
Michael Shellenberger, Forbes, 5 September 2019

Sunday, September 8, 2019

Bob Edlin: In all the excitement, don’t forget that Brexit is a long game

Boris has his opponents where he wants them.  Can he now deliver a decisive blow?

In a week of see-sawing Parliamentary drama, folk are losing sight of the fact that political stability requires the UK’s European policy to be durable – that is to survive repeated popular votes.
That takes parties with an ideology that can compete for the centre ground.  In an insightful piece in the Daily Telegraph, Allister Heath details how Boris Johnson has remade his party in the space of a few months (albeit that circumstances have been much in his favour).

Saturday, September 7, 2019

Dave Hill: Climate Crisis - What crisis?

Whanganui District Council has declared a "Climate Crisis". What exactly does this mean? Most people I asked had difficulty specifying this. The dictionary defines crisis as 'emergency; disaster; calamity'.

There is acknowledgement that councillors are attempting to highlight the effects climate change 'might' have on the population. Attention is drawn to the word 'might'. The majority of the increasingly alarmist predictions give prominence to the words 'might', 'could' and 'should'.

Henry Armstrong: The Problem Of “Presentism”

In 1952 my parents sold the family home for one thousand NZ pounds or around $2000. Today that home is worth at least $500,000 so obviously they were diddled, were had, gazumped and swindled!

A Massey University lecturer in Communication (no less), “discovered” that William Massey had at some stage at least a century ago, made what this person considered, ( using presentist standards), to be “racist” comments .He demanded that the university change it’s name and expunge this dreadful person from it’s history and achievements.

Breaking Views Update: Week of 1.09.19

Saturday September 7, 2019

Disappointed': Race Relations Commissioner on Hobson's Pledge local Govt campaign
The production of an inflammatory pamphlet addressing racial separatism within local government has disappointed the race relations commissioner.

The pamphlet, designed by Hobson's Pledge, would be distributed through New Zealand in the coming days and asked voters to be wary of council candidates.

GWPF Newsletter: German Wind Lobby Demands Endangered Species Protection To Be Watered Down

German Wind Farm Expansion Threatens Species Extinction

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1) German Wind Lobby Demands Endangered Species Protection To Be Watered Down
Daniel Wentzel, Die Welt, 4 September 2019
2) German Wildlife Foundation Criticises Wind Lobby Attack On Species Protection 
Pressportal, 5 September 2019

Bruce Moon: Let the Past be the Past

It is sometimes said that half the truth is worse than a lie and indeed in any formal oath, the whole truth is required.  Anything less may lead to false conclusions and inappropriate action.

So why does Dover Samuels, as reported by Radio NZ on 3rd September say “the Crown” should apologise to Maoris who had been beaten as children for speaking in Maori at school and that this “had been a deliberate policy on the part of the Crown to disempower his generation” without giving the full story?