Saturday, August 14, 2010

Ronald Kitching: The Planet, The People and Global Warming

By volume, there are 259 Trillion cubic miles of solid mass with an average temperature of at least 2500F, in planet Earth. There are 310 Million cubic miles of oceans and lakes.

This total amount of water is 0.023 percent of the earth’s mass and the total atmosphere is 0.00008 percent of the planet’s mass. Carbon dioxide is then 0.004 percent of the atmosphere and the human caused CO2 is just 0.03 percent of that.

This is not even measurable in terms of total heat storage capacity in this massive system.

The Earth has at least a 10 percent variable annual solar input due to astronomical factors. Estimates have shown that earth contains 700,000 cubic miles of fissionable uranium which has a variable decay rate.

This geo-nuclear energy is variable effects the variability of volcanic activity. Despite all of this evidence, many people for various reasons, claim that Anthrapogenic Global Warming is the greatest threat to the planet.
Human caused atmospheric levels of CO2 have in fact, no impact whatsoever on the planet’s climate.

Earth’s climate has varied for about 4 billion years with no human interference. The planet’s climate will continue to change for its entire existence.
The Greens and their allies are continually distorting the facts of reality for their ideological purposes. We need people from all walks of science who will stand and defend open, honest scientific debate.

Ronald Kitching author of “Understanding Personal and Economic Liberty” is a keen student of the Austrian Classical Liberal philosophy having joined the International Mont Pelerin Society in 1978 on the invitation of founder Friedrich Hayek.

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At long last Mr. Kitching has written something I agree with 100%