Monday, September 27, 2010

Mike Butler: Hone and race

Is Hone Harawira a racist? A feature on him aired on the Sunday television programme last night gave him the opportunity to define racism, and by his definition he is not a racist.

The feature, titled “Home Truths”, was made as a follow-up to the Te Tai Tokerau MP’s outburst that he wouldn’t feel comfortable if one of his children came home with a Pakeha partner.

When asked whether he was racist, Harawira defined racism as “where one sector of society, normally the dominant sector, has the ability to impose its will on the rest of society.”

By that definition, there is nothing that either an ethnic minority, or the self-styled leaders of that minority group, can say or do that could be construed as racist.

Therefore, Harawira has given himself permission to freely rail against raping, pillaging white mother f***ers, and rednecks who he claims want to kill him, and was quite happy to call former Australian Prime Minister John Howard “a racist bastard imposing racist policies”.

The usual definition of racism appears in the Concise Oxford Dictionary definition, which says that racism is “the theory that human abilities are determined by race”. That dictionary defines racialism as the “belief in the superiority of a particular race” and as “antagonism between different races”.

Racist, racialist, or not, how would you rate Harawira?


Anonymous said...

Grade A parasite and egotistical prick.

Anonymous said...

Q: "How would you rate Harawira"?

I wouldn't want my children marrying one of his for fear that the "dickhead gene" might be a dominant one.

Anonymous said...

A half white motherf***er if ever there was one.

Paulus said...

As to his true personal views on race, who can guess? He's only being controversial because its the only way he can get on TV; he has nothing else to offer. He can get away with it because he's a member of a minority group (yes Hone...look it up)If he were pakeha, no one would give him airtime but... He'll run out of hot air soon enough; probably end up doing a stint on Shortland Street with all the other P.C. wankers...

Cita Tane said...

I like him, I like honesty. At least he stands up and has his say openly and doesn't hide behind anonymous posts.

Bit hard to take when people start standing up for themselves I say. Its proven to be the most dangerous time for anyone in an abusive situation, whether its a marriage, workplace bullying, or in a society that has down trodden and oppressed another peoples rights.

Mauri ora Hone

Anonymous said...

Is it true that he is actually called something like Bill Smith and is 90% Pakeha?

Anonymous said...

I (a pakeha) was married to a Maori Activist of Hone's era, I lived in a maori community and at that time tried to get the young women on the pill because 14yr olds were giving birth to children, I was told by the kuia to back off, as maoridom needed to replenish its numbers. The consequences of this strategy (built on the DPB) are the young Maori that now fill the jails and streets of South Auckland. I have watched my ex. choose our children's partners based on race, and the kohunga movement is strongly based on seperatist policies, as are the Maori educational instituion. I think that Hone is voicing the policy of stelth that N.Z. really needs to wake up to. The real maori activists are quietly working away through academia to seperate the country and they aren't going stop, wake up N.Z. Hone is just a loud mouth decoy.

Chuck Bird said...

I have repeatedly asked de Bres if he shares Hone’s view that Maori cannot be racist. ... 0734151086

One of his disciples, Maehe Tahuhu, stated the following.

“Chuck, racism occurs when the dominant (majority) group oppresses the minority group with legislation and policies that supress or eliminate their rights, therefore technically as Maori do not wield that kind of power Maori are not racist.”

I would be interested in what others think. Maybe you would also like to contribute to de Bres’ Facebook wall.

It is my view that Maori like Maehe Tahuhu are in a minority, albeit a vocal one.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps somebody could tell poor Hone and his ilk that they have more White blood in them than maori and the rage this knowledge causes them would,with any luck activate their self destruct buttons....the sad f...ers.