Monday, April 4, 2011

Michael Coote: Race to the foreshore will drown a nation

Passage of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 into law on March 24 deserves a similar status of tragedy suffered by the general public as the Christchurch earthquake aftershock of February 22.

Christchurch’s disaster saw unforeseen loss of life and property, but the Act inflicted wilful self-destruction of the Crown’s rightful ownership of one of its greatest public possessions in the foreshore and seabed out to the 12 nautical mile limit.

This vast physical area was a truly rich possession that the taxes of all New Zealanders have paid for maintaining and protecting, and consigning it into a non-ownership netherworld so Maori tribes can grab it for legalised extortion and domination of all others is to be deeply mourned.

The National-led minority government threw this priceless public asset away for nothing in return, solely to appease part-Maori private interests in their drive to maximise rent-seeking and veto-wielding powers over those without Maori ancestry.

It was not to be expected that the racist Maori Party would live up to anything better in this rape of public assets but more might have been demanded of the National Party, which pretends to represent the true broad church of Kiwi voters.

In light of the Act’s passage, National must delete from its “Vision and Values” the notion of “Equal citizenship and equal opportunity”.

National no longer stands for, envisions, or even remotely values, such a principle.

The party stood on an egalitarian platform at the 2008 general election and successfully exploited the credulity of voters fed up with the way Labour under Helen Clark had kept trampling on equal rights in law.

For National now to promote the same principle for the 2011 rerun would be an outright fraud of the most knavish duplicity after the meretricious prostitution to legalised racial discrimination that the new Act - “Finlayson’s law” - represents.

With the self-serving reintroduction of feudal class privilege titles by National, we can expect the advent of Sir John Key, Sir Christopher Finlayson, Sir Pita Sharples, and Dame Tariana Turia for their sterling and essential services to promoting the cause of legally entrenched racial supremacy of part-Maori over everyone else who lives in New Zealand.

The depths of the confidence trick these people have authored on our society were summed up by – let us anticipate – Sir Christopher when he called the racist Dame Tariana a “great New Zealander” after his infamous law got passed.

Sir Christopher’s statement is the moral equivalent of calling Hendrik Verwoerd, architect of apartheid, a “great South African”.

But how could National delude itself it any longer represents equality for all Kiwi citizens?
Perhaps a clue lies in the quality of advice it receives from the public service, wherein no one can get a job without pledging unquestioning fealty to the “principles of the Treaty of Waitangi”.

Treaty apartheid propaganda is consequently entrenched and diffused throughout the public service and taints the advice ministers receive regardless of their own political persuasion.

Superior rights in law are passed off as legitimate means to the end of part-Maori becoming equal with the rest of society on other terms.

For an excellent example of this ruse, we need go no further than the updated edition of Joris in Wonderland, otherwise known as Tui Tui Tuituia Race Relations in 2010 (TTT).

Herein race relations commissioner Sir Joris de Bres – for let us anticipate again – resorts to the typical whiteanting doublespeak characteristic of our taxpayer-funded enemies of the open society.

Racial equality,” he writes, “in the enjoyment of fundamental human rights, encompassing civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, is a prerequisite for good race relations.”

So far, so National, but thereafter Sir Joris, whom National reappointed, reveals the true agenda by veering off into advocacy of legal and policy prejudice in favour of part-Maori so they can be more equal than others.

One needs only to read the Maori section of the newsclipping scrapbook that passes for TTT in order to learn that quite apart from Finlayson’s law, the Key government - without any explicitly consenting mandate from the wider public – is doing far more than the Clark regime to wipe out the liberal state within which all are equal before the law.

Whichever policy area you care to look at - health, education, welfare, local government, constitutional reform, or criminal justice, to name a few - initiatives are under way or recommended to ensure part-Maori get better treatment than the rest of our society.

Particularly sinister is the drive to ensure fewer part-Maori offenders are jailed for imprisonable crimes.

The double standard required of our justice system to convert part-Maori perpetrators into hapless victims is advanced despite TTT confessing that in 2009, “Maori and Pacific people experienced the most violent crime and burglary.  Maori experienced the most vehicle crimes.”

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First published in the National Business Review, 1 April 2011


Anonymous said...

Yes...all quite true.... but I have so little confidence in the NZ sheeple to stand up and fight for what is right that I'll watch it all from Aussie.... I've had it and Im off...The MCA was the final straw....
Welcome to NZ ....(New Zimbabwe)

Chuck Bird said...

Excellent article Michael. I wish you would consider joining ACT again.

Anonymous said...

This country is becoming a laughing stock!
Like my well qualified children - of whom two are Ph.d's - we are leaving this beautiful country we love for a life elsewhere,where every endeavor does not require a Maori defrauder claiming the right to forever have his/her hands in your pockets.
Let them have it back! It will be bankrupt in fifty years!

J. E. H. said...

fair go said excellent michael very well done everything you said is true iwas born in 1931 to think all this rubbish to be coming up now as far as i am concerned they have had more hand outs than us eureopeans keep up the good work

Mike said...

All absolutely correct, but Act is a lost cause with Rodney's reputation in tatters. What we desperately need is a completely new right-of-centre party pledged to abolish the iniquitous ETS and Foreshore legislation, and to abolish all racial influences such as the Maori parliamentary seats. Any starters, folks? We only have a few months before the next election, which willprobably see national/Maori re-elected and New Zealand as we knew it totally destroyed!

Sarah said...

Too true! Just a decade ago we were a bright naive little country with a future. Now we're broke -not only financially (which isn't such a big deal) but constitutiontally, with the Bros'legalised extortion and an entrenched priviledged class based on race. What future for our kids?

Anonymous said...

After 31 years living in this great country it's time to go home back to Holland with all it's islam problems and over populated cities .
there will be more future than here where I am not allowed to have a connection with this country

Anonymous said...

This is the most ridiculously right wing, uneducated and WRONG thing I have ever read with regard to the foreshore and seabed. I cannot believe that there are people in this world who hold these views and think they are legitimized in doing so. I am ashamed that people in NZ have such little knowledge of true equality and Maori customary title. Go out and get some perspective.