Sunday, May 22, 2011

Frank Newman: The End is Nigh!

Today life on Earth is going to end. We know this to be true because Christian evangelist, Harold Camping, says "The Bible guarantees it!”.

And if Harold is not right then we know it will end soon anyway, because environmental evangelist, Al Gore, says "science guarantees it!”. Al Gore is in fact a lot smarter than Harold Camping, and for a number of reasons.

Firstly, Al was not as precise about the timing of our imminent self-destruction. He has in this respect found the perfect never-ending scam. Like the author writing a never ending story, Al Gore has hit upon something without a defined day of accountability. He does not risk the same questions that Harold Camping will need to confront if indeed the earth does not end in three hours and 52 minutes from the time of writing this sentence.

Secondly, Al Gore knows the eco-religion is much more sellable to today’s affluent world population than the concept of an omnipotent yet invisible higher authority. Like any business opportunity, scams are about timing. Had Al Gore preached environmental cataclysm from the eco-pulpit a few hundred years ago, the collection plate would probably not have been sufficiently full to provide he and his family with their daily bread. Harold Camping, on the other hand, would have been the man of the moment, finding fertile fields of clover in the minds of impoverished populations facing hard times and bleak futures.

To be fair on Harold Camping, even in these modern times he has been able to etch out a tidy little nest egg. Harold’s Family Stations network is reported to be worth about US$121 million. Not as much as Al Gore of course, but still, a worthwhile sum.

And so it is, times have changed. New scams replace the old. Bernie Madolf is awaiting the end of time in a US jail, Harold Camping and his congregation are awaiting the end of time in Oakland, California; and Al Gore does not need to wait nor want for anything.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant! And so very true.

Ray said...

Just think what our politicians and financial analysts could earn if they could get people to believe what they say.

Anonymous said...

Precisely. Does it surprise you that the MSM hasn't pointed out this obvious double standard.

I'm so old I can remember that anyone who thought the 'end of the world is nigh' was considered a nutter. Now if you DON'T think that you are called a denier. The difference is quite simply stating a date. Well said.

Anonymous said...

Good article Frank,

I do think that the Harold Camping story is a way to discredit Bible believers but nowhere in the Bible does it state an end date. Actually it says we will not know the time.
As for Al Gore, his time could not come soon enough as far as i am concerned. It is a wonder that there is anyone left who actually believes this global warming tax scam. Gore trumps fake science and Camping trump fake Bible prophesy. Just about everything is fake these days except the trouble just ahead of us.

Pietrado said...

It's probably not really worth the effort suggesting you all 'get real', have a look at how ALL previous civilisations have caused their own decline/destruction - from the Sumerians, the Romans, the Aztecs ..... Easter Island is a micro-cosmic reminder. But then, if you don't want to know............ Reading Jared Diamond's book 'Collapse' might alter the perspective of any open minds.

Anonymous said...

Great article Frank. Not only is Gore a false phrophet, he is an expert at propaganda. An Inconvenient Truth was masterful mix of emotion and lies wrapped in "science" to make it plausible.

jh said...

I would say the climate change deniers have more in common with that religious nut as they believe the world exists for them.

Anonymous said...

AL GORE'S CHIEF PUPPY Dog has just visited NZ spreading his tale of imminent disaster. He wants to try all GW deniers for treason. The seas nor the temperatures are not rising. Coal provides 50% of US electricity but he calls the trains that carry it death trains an oblique reference to the Jewish holocaust.

Anonymous said...

Where does all the money go that is collected for the protection against global warming.
Have we a mandate who is in charge to distribute the money to whom & who keeps a record of the money. ???????