Friday, November 14, 2014

Richard Beasley: Cannabis and the lung

New Zealand has one of the highest reported rates of cannabis use, with about three-quarters of New Zealanders having tried cannabis by the age of 25, and nearly 10% cannabis-dependent by this age.

The potential adverse effects such as the dependence syndrome, impaired adolescent psychosocial development and mental health, and increased risk of motor vehicle crashes are well recognised.  

In contrast the potential for habitual cannabis smoking to cause adverse respiratory effects is less well recognised, in part because there has been less research undertaken in this field. In some respects this is surprising, as the usual way to take cannabis is by smoking, and it is known that cannabis smoke contains many of the same constituents as tobacco smoke, including higher levels of some carcinogens. 

The full article Cannabis and the Lung by Professor Richard Beasley, is posted on the website. 

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paul scott said...

I smoked dope on and off for several decades.I don't think it did me any good .It allows unusual and careless social attitudes to develop, and these seem most obvious in adolescent smokers, and older habitual smokers.
Younger smokers seem loose while older smokers seem to develop apathy toward society. You lose subtlety.
Unbelievably even at my age I have friends who still do regularly smoke. They imagine it enhances thinking performance, and they look down at me while I drink red wine. hmm
There is plenty I could say. a lot of people smoke a little in their younger years and then grow out of it. It is people who do not have to interact with society on a critical level who drift away.
I have a friend now who is virtually lost to me because of an arrogance which comes when he has been smoking.