Saturday, May 16, 2015

Frank Newman: New Plymouth Mayor should resign

Andrew Judd just does not get it. The New Plymouth Mayor had to "go for a drive" and a bush walk to "internalise" the results of a local referendum that had 83% vote against the creation of a separate Maori Ward in the District.

What Mr Judd does not get is that as an elected representative he was elected to represent people - to be a voice of the people. He was not elected to impose his own views on the community. The problem Mr Judd has in particular is that there is a canyon like divide between his views are those of the community.

What makes matters worse for the Mayor is he did not express his views about Maori representation to the electorate before being elected. He therefore cannot claim any mandate whatsoever to advocate the separatist democracy he is now so doggedly promoting.

It seems he is not going to let the matter rest. 

The Taranaki Daily News reports; "Although this option was defeated, I am not defeated," he said. Judd, who still plans to stand for re-election in 2016, said he would now lodge a complaint against the Crown about the legislation he believed victimised Maori and was stuck in the 1840s... Judd said he was already in consultation with the United Nations and was formulating the official complaint against the New Zealand Government as an individual and not as his capacity as New Plymouth's mayor. "

Mr Judd is in the wrong job. He should simply accept that his view is so different from the community that he is not able to represent it in a manner that the community could reasonably expect. 

For the sake of the New Plymouth district he should not stand again for election. 

Better still, he should accept that fact now, and resign. 


Ray S said...

Is he by chance related to Mr Findlayson ?

Trina said...

Oh look FFS!!!!! I get so angry and frustrated with these weirdo's!!!

The District has given a massive middle finger - a whopping 'UP YOURS!' and Mr Judd and Flavell are dropping their bottom lips and chucking their toys out of the cot - bawling their eyes out to the UN.

Get it through your thick stubborn skulls - WE DO NOT WANT YOUR RACIST POLICIES IN OUR COMMUNITIES!

It is YOU Flavel and Judd who are racist!!! NOT US!!!

Anonymous said...

It is worth reading the iwi response in the Taranaki paper.
Just astounding and shows how these people along with Judd don't get it.
The Government are really responsible for this situation.

Tom Johnson said...

Well said Frank,
I don’t know whether or not Mayor Judd suffers from a compulsive obsessive disorder or he has no comprehension of democratic rights. Ironically they are the same rights that had him elected Mayor. Now, not only does he wish to ignore the wishes of 83% of his electorate who in the binding referendum on the subject of special Maori wards were opposed to their introduction. He now wishes to take the matter to the United Nations.
He should resign as his bigoted zealotry is a blight on democracy. It once again shows the crass stupidity of the Key government signing up to the United Nations Charter on Indigenous this is about to become a perpetual avenue for Maori dissent.

mitch morgan said...

New Plymouth Mayor Judd and Whangarei Mayor Sheryl Mai are two birds of a feather - both determined to destroy the last shreds of democracy that still exist in our country.
And here is me thinking that they were elected to carry out the wishes of the people that they represent.

Mike Du Plooy said...

Our fathers and grandfathers fought in the great wars for Democracy . If the People are not listened to......well , it happened in France , and it can happen again . The future of Our Country , New Zealand ,is at stake here . We all arrived here by boat , waka , or airplane , so lets put all this treaty nonsense from 160 years ago , behind us and get on with being New Zealanders . Anyone who does not want to work together , and that includes the Maori , Chinese , Indians , Russians , South Africans , English,etc , can get on the boat , waka , or plane they came on , and go back HOME . New Zealand needs New Zealanders , all EQUAL and LOYAL to our Country , NOT Seperatism .

H.Upmann said...

Judd has no mandate for instituting compulsory racism; it was not on his pre-election and now the public have voted and spoken he prefers to ignore that result.
The man acts like a spoilt brat and is off crying to the communist racist UN. He will get a favourable hearing there...

K Page said...

EIGHTY THREE percent . Pretty much says it all. Maybe there IS hope for this awesome country

Torqueingheads said...

It's a reminder that there must be hundreds of equally deluded fruitcakes around the country who would want nothing more than to impose their lunacy on the masses, possibly to exorcise some hidden demon, who knows. We must be equally determined and ruthless in removing them from positions of power while we still have a democracy, albeit in its diminished state.

Mike May said...

It looks as though Mayor Judd has the same disease as our Len Brown. Perhaps its a thing that comes from wearing those heavy chains of office and causes tunnel vision.
Mike May

Gordy said...

Best everyone have a look at Rotorua because the mayor there is trying for even more but there doesn't seem to be much national interest......yet

mitch morgan said...

It seems that when anyone is elevated to a position of 'importance' their ego rises proportionately with their salary. Suddenly we get clowns like Mayor Judd, Mayor Mai, Mayor Brown and Gareth Morgan (who has become an expert on everything).
We have John Key on an ego trip with a new flag that no one else wants, added to a collection of mares (sorry, mayors) who rate racial separatism above democracy. Even Susan Devoy has crumbled into a mouthpiece for political correctness and Andrew Little mumbles divisively about separate laws for Maori.
The shock result of the Kaipara by-election may be a sign that people are waking up to the racist mess both Labour and National governments have created.
We can only hope.

Anonymous said...

I hope the government takes note of just how strong the public opposition is to haveing unelected people appointed to councils,!particuly theses new super cities. that are being proposed

Peter said...

It is great that democracy prevailed. When States and Councils in the US tried to give minorites special rights; they found that it 'watered down' the strength of these jurisdictions. If a minority want representation they should earn it. Anything less and they handicap the organization.