Thursday, December 15, 2016

Michael Coote: Key leaves lingering racist legacy

Few other politicians have done more to create conditions ripe for the destruction of racial equality

Gone- by- Monday Prime Minister John Key shrewdly picked a retirement date amenable for collecting one of those New Year’s honour knighthoods he personally reinstated.

Mr Key’s timing is opportune for him, not least because of the gathering catastrophe for New Zealand democracy he has engineered but can now slough parliamentary accountability for.
In 2017 the bitter fruits of the Key government’s wrongheaded Maori policies will become much more apparent.

Few other politicians in modern history can have done more than Mr Key to create conditions ripe for the destruction of racial equality in this country.

Treaty Negotiations Minister Christopher Finlayson comes close, but ultimately Mr Key bears the greater responsibility.

The problem goes back to Mr Key’s decision to enlist the racialist Maori Party to help prop up National-led minority governments.

With the Maori Party came its puppet-master the Iwi Chairs Forum, a corporate Maori organisation.

Direct engagement

Dr Muriel Newman records how this has played out in practice.

“In 2008, when John Key was elected prime minister, he brought the Maori Party into his government and established preferential access for iwi leaders to cabinet,” she says.

“A Communication and Information Exchange Protocol’ was drawn up and signed by the prime minister and iwi leaders to ensure their views are represented in cabinet and in the policy development process.”

“In particular, [Iwi Chairs Forum subsidiary] the Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group engages directly with senior government ministers at least three times a year, and government ministers regularly attend the quarterly Iwi Chairs Forum meetings – the latest in August in the Waikato, where five government ministers were in attendance.”

Mr Key’s favoured successor, Finance Minister Bill English, has publicly endorsed this arrangement.

The Iwi Chairs Forum has also signed a memorandum of understanding on working with Local Government New Zealand (LGNZ), as reported previously in this column.

The organisation is working to establish “Treaty partnership” power sharing under the guise of Maori tribal co-governance arrangements with both central and local government across New Zealand.

This year its Independent Iwi Constitutional Working Group published a document on “constitutional transformation” entitled He Whakaaro Here Whakaumu Mo Aotearoa which sets out a five-year plan for promoting law changes that would permanently privilege Maori descendants over all other New Zealanders.

Such is the calibre of the fundamentally racist programme Mr Key has nurtured, facilitated, legitimated and normalized through his devil’s bargain with the Maori Party, not even a loyal coalition partner.

Meretricious deal

Big Maori policy issues Mr Key is doing a frantic runner from encompass local government, resource management, freshwater policy and conservation.

Through Treaty settlements negotiated by Mr Finlayson, Maori tribes have been granted numerous statutory co-governance roles shared with democratically elected local governments.

New Zealanders have not been warned or consulted by the Key government about this recipe for corruption, nepotism and conflict of interest.

But they will suffer the impact from next year on as ever more Treaty settlements come into legal force.

The Resource Management Act’s rewrite has seen environment minister Nick Smith cutting a meretricious support deal with the Maori Party in return for including the statutory obligation for all democratically elected local authorities to consult with Maori tribes on “iwi participation agreements”.

The Maori Party is ecstatic as this requires that “Mana Whakahono a Rohe” will be written into the legislation, meaning in the words of a related Ngai Tahu submission that tribes could then undertake “the handling of resource consent applications, notification decisions, monitoring and enforcement”.

Local communities have not yet woken up to this attempted hijacking of their private property rights, but Auckland alone has 19 recognised iwi authorities to deal with.

Freshwater rights are huge issue coming up next year. 

Mr Key has tried to maintain that no one owns water – a reprise of Mr Finlayson’s stunt over foreshore and seabed legislation – but the Freshwater Iwi Leaders Group thinks otherwise.

Dr Newman reports the government is well advanced in closed-door collaboration with the Iwi Chairs Forum on a three-year freshwater policy development process, but has decided that, “No further media announcements are intended,” obviously to stifle informed public debate.

Plus there is the proposed Kermadec Ocean Sanctuary, a pet Key initiative that has collided with litigious Maori tribal fishing interests.

Arise, Sir John, for services to racial inequality. 

Michael Coote is a freelance writer and financial journalist based in Auckland. This article first published in the NBR.  


Brian said...

Racist Legacy = Racist Justice.

Just where are those groups so prominent during the apartheid era who demonstrated daily at the spectre of racial inequality in South Africa? Can we therefore continue rant and rave against racial inequality overseas, when we have such blatant inequality here in New Zealand?

Michael Coote has exposed the full extent of the National Party’s dealings, and discrimination against non Maori; but it goes further when a look at how “culture” is affecting Justice and the law in this country. A case in point, being the Takamore saga, when a group of Maori in the Eastern bay of Plenty stopped the implementation of the Supreme Court order.

The response by National Attorney General Mr. Finlayson, was a decision to “look at this matter”. Any normal Attorney General would have insisted that the order of a Supreme Court be carried out whatever the consequences. If we start to pick and choose what law to back and what not to back, we are in chaos. Or in this case, have the National Party accepted that the principal of Maori Ethnic Culture is above the law?

What is real worrying is the fact that our Media is gagged in its ability to report in an unbiased way on what is happening. This should come of little surprise seeing the inability of our major newspapers in their coverage of the recent United States election. Where for instance, have we interviewers of the calibre of Andrew Bolt of Sky News, whose nightly independent analysis of both sides of the Australian political spectrum show impartiality to a degree which eludes the ability of our New Zealand Racially fearing interviewers?

But; and here’s the rub “Do the majority of actual New Zealanders really care a hoot about what is happening”, so long as they can moan and refuse responsibility for the actions of our Politicians.

Perhaps Alexander Hamilton was right two days before his death, after hearing Thomas Jefferson picturing a newly independent America as a state in “Perfect Harmony’ when he wrote “Democracy is our real disease”.


Barry said...

I think that Key's ugly crawling to part-Maoris is, all on its own and apart from all of the other damage he did to NZ, reason enough for decent NZers to despise him forever.

Unknown said...

Yes, there is already a ' Problem ' festering for sure. There is good work already in play though to negate this in the form of two Doco,s available free to view on You Tube. Both by Australians, with no axe to grind, as such here. These are; NEW ZEALAND - SKELETONS IN THE CUPBOARD and the follow up one more recently; UNDER THE CARPET. 59 MINUTES AND 55 MINUTES IN LEMGTH. Well worth watch and particularly as the last section brings it all to a more level playing field which should be acceptable to all in time!
Much other independent ' field ; work is in play too presently and new indisputable facts are pouring in now of pre Maori presence solidly in New Zealand proven.

Many thanks if you print this.

Anonymous said...

Key restored knighthoods for one very simple reason - a knighthood is high on his bucket-list. We must make sure he doesn't get one! He's shirked and/or denied every important issue and left the country in a parlous state. His and Finlayson's wooing of the maori vote has potentially set the scene for cilvil war.
His one and only legacy - the fast-fading vacuous grin.

A.G.R. said...

But he's the leader of the National Party, he can't be a communist, exclaim the loyal defenders of the most dishonest politician that we as a nation have ever encountered.
I'll abolish the Maori seats, he proclaimed, then ushered a half-caste Maori European to sign the indigenous peoples agreement at the U.N., thus ensuring equal governance rights to an elite group of mixed race descendants of an immigrant race called Maori.
I leave the country in great financial shape, he boasted; but the records disclose an increase of government debt, from about $nine billion when he took office, to $ninety billion currently. I could go on, but you get the picture. He left with a well groomed group of loyalists determined to continue his legacy. Just watch Nick Smith & Finlayson remain on the front bench, while those who smell a rat, like Judith Collins & a restless group of back-benchers, are put immediately in their place, on the back-bench. Without a strong, honest, 3rd Party , or Parties, who promote one law for all, to keep both of the Major Parties honest,after the next election, this country of ours is heading toward a very disastrous, bleak future.

Anonymous said...

What really upsets me is that there is no consultation with taxpayers over the handouts given to Maoris in the name of the Treaty. Forests. Land. Buildings including schools, and not a hint until they've been given away. Surely there should be some way that New Zealand taxpayers can object to a proposal to give public property or money away. But our government appears to ignore the fact that the Treaty is a two-sided agreement. The Treaty gave Maoris protection, and the Maoris ceded sovereignty to the Crown. But is it working? Yes. The Maoris do have protection, plus extra handouts on top of final handouts. But also No. Sovereignty ceded requires the people affected by the agreement to be loyal to the Crown. And loyalty to the Crown must surely include their behaviour. But if 50% of our jail population is Maori, against 12.5% of population, there seems to be ample evidence that there is a vast amount of disloyalty to the Crown in the form of criminality. So is it time that Maoris were required to compensate the Crown in respect of there being so many who break the conditions of the Treaty by the commission of crimes? And while we're at it, is it now time to determine the definition of Maori? At what percentage of non-Maori blood does a person not qualify to be deemed to be a Maori? Just how many real Maoris are there in our country? And many will recall the High Court case in the late 1990's where many thousands of urban Maoris who had lost their tribal roots wanted two major Auckland maraes to become an iwi in terms of the Treaty, as they received absolutely no treaty benevolence whatsoever. The court case was attended by the highest leaders of Maoridom, who universally opposed the proposition, and the case was lost. So who are these other Auckland Maoris who are gaining so much from the Treaty? What percentage are they in terms of all Maori people living in Auckland. I would think it's a very small number, and they're very privileged and doing very well, while the huge numbers of non-affiliated Auckland Maoris get........ nothing. The Treaty is an ongoing scam, and we need a new political party that will declare that all New Zealanders without exception are now to be regarded as being equal. They'd certainly receive my vote.

GRAEME said...

John Key knew just when to move on. Regards racial mess he has knowingly created. He can't possibly be so ignorant or naive', to not understand the ramifications of his political games.

Finlayson should go immediately as he has caused enough trouble. He is a racist through and through. As Attorney General, he must be removed...or do we all look on and sigh "Ah well"... As Kiwis, we are all too easy going and naive', allowing these racist, power hungry politicians to have free reign in order to stay in power.

The sovereignty of NZ is being handed to Maori as the rest of the population wrings it's hands and despairs over what to do to stop the rot.
It is also fare to say, the majority of Kiwis wouldn't have a clue as to what is currently happening in this country.

Do these power hungry politicians not understand that Maori are 'having a shot' at them. Maori are laughing behind our weak politicians backs..... can't believe their luck in pressurising these dumb, ignorant, honkies into playing a political game which will undoubtedly end in 'tears'!!!

Good on you Key. You know when to leave the sh.t behind and ride off into the sunset basking in your 'perceived / pseudo glory'.
You won't need to face the country when the water rights fiasco hits the fan and water prices rise, along with power prices. Ticket clipping adds cost to a commodity/product.
John Key hasn't thought of that fact..... really???!!! What do you mean our cost of living will rise with Maori clipping the ticket...selling the peasants water that belongs to everyone. What an absolute abortion and abuse of power!!

The country (or the thinking, half intelligent population) will NOT give you thanks for this mess!!
In fact, I would suggest there will be mass civil disobedience when the population finally realises the power that you have bestowed on Maori.

You and Maori, of course will conveniently ignore clause three of the 'Great Treaty' All citizens of NZ will have equal status..... except for the 'chosen few' Maori.

All Maori talk about is HONOURING THE TREATY....REALLY....Just think about that!!!

Any one with half a brain should see the significance of that statement.

Oh, I forgot.... This is all about MONEY!!!

Key, You will be long gone with your little knighthood secured and will be nowhere to be seen.
But didn't he do well..He stuffed race relations turning NZ into an apartheid state; sold-out the country to the Chinese (almost 1.0m acres sold in 10 months); did NOTHING to reform the RMA as he pledged to do before getting the top-job.

I am almost convinced that I am listening to a Tuis Advertisement.

One thing is very sure and definite. I for one will NEVER consult IWI on anything...NOTHING, ZUILTCH!! They have no right to have any input into my life in any shape or form, regardless of these apartheid laws.


paul scott said...

Trading out on Democracy

Karl du Fresne, above on this site, accurately describes John Key as the “whatever" man.
New Zealanders will easily the expression as signifying a kind of casual and self centered attitude.

Over at the Libertarian blog 'Not PC', Mr. Cresswell referred to the former Prime Minister as a man “who kicked cans down the road “ for eight years.
In my records I refer to the 5th National Government as “trading out on democracy” .

Michael Coote here walks right in to the gambling den of the cynical trader.
“ Few other politicians have done more to create conditions ripe for the destruction of racial equality “
Well Mr. Coote is nearly correct.
No other Prime Minister except the short term Geoff Palmer has one more to demolish racial equality.
The Key legacy is a shocking testament to the political apathy of New Zealanders.

While we were preparing the big canons to unleash on the fear and loathing of open Immigration, Race based privilege was fostered and nurtured by the Key Government.
The actuality of the events is undeniable.

Over at other blog sites which may act as propaganda for the 5th National Government,
Equality, Democracy, and Immigration are off line and closed subjects.
One writes eulogies.

We know that Immigration will take seniority in the social conservative space next year,
leaving this minor matter of Equity and Equality on the sidelines.
I often wondered how this could happen.
I think it is because video film of hordes of destructive immigrants raping, pillaging, and abusing Western Society has a huge emotional effect.
So too the effect is emotionqal when you find your 30 year old daughter can not buy a house in Auckland. This when she has saved many times more than you for the home in which you raised her.

Key was a populist Prime Minister who did nothing.
There will be no statues built of John Key.
He is the “ whatever man”, the “ tin can kicker” , the “trader of democracy” for his own establishment.
He told his Mother when he was a boy. “ I am going to be famous and rich, I am going to be the Prime Minister of New Zealand”

And what are you going to do as Prime Minister John Boy.
I’m not going to do anything, I am just going to be famous and rich.

5th generation Kiwi said...

Keys legacy is one of an embarrassing grovelling towards the Maori party and lefty activists all for the sake of (currently) one Maori party vote. The racist policy's introduced and supported by National will haunt us indefinitely for generations to come. NZ is changed forever where those with a little bit of Maori blood will receive privileges denied to the rest of us. No matter how its cleansed it is Racist.
When asked in future years just what did the Key years achieve, one will really struggle to find positives apart from the economy, but wait we have grown our debt hugely, also in this time. Have we added important infrastructure?, Grown jobs or improved the health sector, is crime going down? has education improved?.
One thing is for sure an alternative government led by Labor and the Greens would have been even worse.
We are reaping the consequences of MMP and the successful propaganda perpetrated by the
left wing education system and media.
NZ awaits a strong independent leader who will lead a big percentage of us 'middle NZers' back to realise the future this country should have.