Thursday, April 23, 2020

Mike Hoskins: Climate nutters taking advantage of our hardship

About the most futile of all the futile nonsense that has gone on during this mess, is the seemingly never-ending, and yet ultimately wasteful attempt by the climate change obsessives to convince us, this is all good.

How many stories have we had of how the air quality has improved? As if to show or tell us what? If you do nothing, if you lock everyone away, and close an economy, you can improve the environment? Do you suspect anyone above the age of six could not have worked that out? Is having pollution disappear because we are all indoors really a victory?

Reports initially from northern Italy, those satellite photos over China, the vast swathes of the north east of America under fresh clear skies, and our own motorway readings. Yes indeed, confirmation that basically if you revert the world back to 1467, you do in fact get fresh air and less pollution.

So what? What's the inference? That this is all worth it? That we should have lockdowns more often? That if only we go and crash the economies of the world we can breath easy?

This is a go nowhere campaign. Does any one really think that fresh air is a wondrous new discovery, and that all of this virus and its economic and health chaos is well worth the trouble?

Most insidious is the call from the unions and other zealots in an international open letter to not to save airlines, not bail them out or offer assistance. They want them left to fail, let them go under, and in allowing that we reduce pollution.

Isn't that the most extraordinary thing? And in presumably being serious about the call, they in a single move expose themselves for who they really are. Economic wreckers.

How do they propose the hundreds of thousands of airline employees make a living? Or don't they care? How do they propose we travel, move freight, and do business? Or don't they care? The answer is they don't care.

In that revelation is the danger of who they are and what they believe. They're single issue nutters who will wreck and destroy anything and everything simply in order to achieve their sole aim.

The smart thing, of course, would be to have sympathised, to have stayed quiet, to have not tried to score cheap and ultimately disastrous points at a time of great hardship, suffering, and uncertainty.

But no, they couldn't help themselves. Well they lose, because out the other side of this, who's going to forget the self absorbed, venal, narcissism they have put on display?

Not me.

Mike Hosking is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB, who has hosted his number one breakfast show since 2008 - see HERE.


Doug Longmire said...

Well said Mike,
The U.N. has a similar plan to save planet Earth. It's called Agenda 21. Basically it proposes to reduce the world population by 95%, ban all private land ownership, destroy all hydro dams etc.

Kevin said...

Agenda 21 has been replaced with agenda 2030 so check that out - not that is is any better - why are we part of a communist regime or better still why would we want to controlled by them?.