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Michael Reddell: Treasury wanting to use fiscal policy more

Government departments are now all required by law to write and publish a Long-term Insights Briefing at least every three years.

Dr Guy Hatchard: Short and Sweet - The Appalling Decline in Mainstream Journalism

The lead article in the New Zealand Herald on 21st July entitled “Wellington company director Finlay Thompson loses 30kg taking Ozempic, wants medication funded” was written by youthful journalist Ethan Manera. Ethan, who began his career in 2023, is described by the newspaper as a multimedia journalist bringing us premium expert opinion.

Sir Bob Jones: The ludicrous Green Party

The Greens have not exercised the Waka jumping option against Darleen Tana which would enable them to have their entitled 15 MPs, as per their last election percentage vote under MMP.

This they argue is because historically they never supported that provision on the grounds that it would lead to ending opinion diversity within a party. That was silly. There’s a rich variety of opinions on every topic in any group of people and democracy resolves debated issues, plus compromise is part and parcel of politics.

Vance Ginn: The Economic Folly of a Carbon Tax

The push for a carbon tax has regained popularity as the fiscal storm in 2025 and climate change debates intensify. Advocates claim it’s a solution to pay for spending excesses while reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. But a carbon tax is a misguided, costly policy that must be rejected.

Professor Robert MacCulloch: NZ's Health Woes Have Nothing to do with Shifting the Deck Chairs....

NZ's Health Woes Have Nothing to do with Shifting the Deck Chairs, Bringing Back John Key's Mate, 70 yr old Lester Levy, to run things.

Surprisingly, although age has figured in the American election campaign, forcing President Biden out of the race, one seldom reads about it in the NZ press. The fact that 75 year old Sir Peter Gluckman (who was John Key's Chief Scientific Adviser) has been brought back by National to advise on how to reform our universities received little attention. This week the Nats have been at it again, reincarnating another of Key's mates to run NZ.

Tuesday July 23, 2024 


Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Point of Order: Buzz from the Beehive - 23/7/24

Come back, Sir Donald – the govt needs a Special Envoy for a funeral in Saigon

More travel plans have been set out on the government’s official website over the past 24 hours.

They tell us not only what current ministers are doing. Foreign Minister Winston Peters – for example – will travel to Laos this week to participate in a series of Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN)-led Ministerial meetings in Vientiane.

Mike's Minute: Is America ready for a female president?

Media outlets around the world rolled out the predictable articles yesterday post the announcement, with the headline "Who is Kamala Harris?"

They rolled out the same articles several years ago when she got picked as Vice President.

Depending on whether those articles are applicable in America depends a bit on whether she can now go on and win.

Simon O'Connor: I got it wrong ...

I thought Biden would hold on despite all the issues. A few quick reflections - in these early hours - on what has happened and what may happen.

Well, I am the first to admit I got it wrong. I expected Biden to stay in the race. In saying this I didn't think he was actually up to the job and have repeatedly, like others, noted his serious cognitive decline. However, that he had the near unilateral backing of thousands of Democratic delegates, a substantial war chest of money (which doesn’t simply transfer to the new candidate), and with so few days left to his Democratic Convention I thought he would hold on. There was also the reality – that will now play out – that for him to step down leaves major questions to be answered and a Party in disarray. Put simply it appeared to be his decision to stay or quit, and he and his team were unambiguous around his intention to stay.

Ele Ludemann: Paying for Labour’s big mistake

Labour was warned that restructuring the health system during a pandemic would be a mistake.

It was, and a very expensive one.

Like many other Labour policies, high costs went on back room increases with no improvement in frontline services.

That has to change:

Dr Bryce Edwards: Te Pati Māori political donations scandal gets worse

Sympathy should be extended to Te Pati Māori MP Takutai Tarsh Kemp, who announced yesterday that she is taking six weeks off parliamentary duties to recover from kidney disease. This, of course, doesn’t give her a pass from the continued scrutiny applied to her political donations and allegedly improper electioneering that got her into Parliament last year. The first part of the official government inquiry is due in nine days.

New allegations about Te Pati Māori political finance

Brendan O'Neill: There is nothing ‘graceful’ about Biden’s withdrawal from the race

This whole unsightly circus has exposed the moral rot of the Democratic establishment.

And so the spin begins. Within minutes of Joe Biden announcing that he was dropping out of the presidential race, his sycophants were gushing over his ‘grace’. The New York Times marvelled like a wide-eyed idiot at the ‘historical rarity’ and ‘fundamental humility’ of a president bowing out for the good of the nation. Celebs lauded his ‘integrity’ in stepping down to ‘save democracy’. He has restored ‘honesty’ to politics after years of ‘scandal and chaos’, said Mark Hamill, as if Old Joe was Obi-Wan Kenobi to Trump’s Darth Vader. One Democratic governor hailed Biden for setting the ‘ultimate example’ to the American people. That example being what, exactly? That you should stubbornly stay in your job even when you know you can’t do it any more?

David Farrar: The Health NZ problems

Shane Reti announced:

In response to serious concerns around oversight, overspend and a significant deterioration in financial outlook, the Board of Health New Zealand will be replaced with a Commissioner, Health Minister Dr Shane Reti announced today.

Heather du Plessis-Allan: I'm shocked by Biden's behaviour following his decision to drop out

Do you know what’s surprised me the most about Joe Biden quitting this morning?

It's obviously not that he’s quit - I mean that was predictable, it clearly needed to happen. But what’s surprised me is that he’s been so badly behaved about it.

First of all, it shouldn’t have taken him more than three weeks to quit. It should've been obvious to him immediately after the debate that it probably wasn't survivable.

Breaking Views Update: Week of 21.7.24

Tuesday July 23, 2024 

Oranga Tamariki acknowledges it should have engaged with mana whenua on youth boot camps earlier

Oranga Tamariki has acknowledged it should have engaged with mana whenua earlier when designing the Government’s pilot boot camps for young offenders in Palmerston North.

The acknowledgment comes after RNZ asked the organisation on July 8 what involvement local iwi had had in the process and when that involvement had begun.

John MacDonald: The invisible VP for president? Don't think so

One headline I’ve read about President Joe Biden quitting the presidential race is describing it as “a shock decision”.

It’s no shock to me. But it was, apparently, to some of his campaign staff.

Andrew Dickens: I'm truly confused over Dr Anthony Jordan's resignation from Pharmac

I have always avoided getting into the Treaty principles debate.

It’s just too much of a swamp to get trapped in.

Either you’re for David Seymour's debate on a reset, in which case some will call you a racist.

Kevin: Chlöe Gets Mugged By Reality

So, Chlöe, are you going to live up to your own book of rules?

Greens co-leader Chlöe Swarbrick has hit back at ex-Green MP Darleen Tana's claims she was unfairly treated, saying “feelings are one thing … but facts are another”.

It follows a 1News exclusive sit-down interview with Tana yesterday, where she faced questions about what she knew and when, and whether she will resign from Parliament after a Green Party-instigated independent investigation over allegations of migrant worker exploitation at Tana’s husband’s business.

Lushington D. Brady: Le Medaille D’or de la Terreur

The jihadis are giving it the gold medal try.

Are these going to be the most dangerous Olympics ever? It’s not just the likelihood of swimmers developing new and exotic diseases from being submerged in the filthy Seine. With Islamic terror waging war in the Middle East and across Europe, the greatest obvious danger is swivel-eyed Mahommedans or even more demented leftist anti-Semites causing bloody mayhem.

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