Friday, December 9, 2011

Mike Butler: Partner of billboard vandal back at work in Green Party office

The partner of a man responsible for organising vandalism of National Party hoardings during the election campaign has been cleared to return to work for the Green Party, according to blogger Whale Oil.

Anne Heins, executive assistant to Greens co-leader Russel Norman, was last month stood down from her job after it was revealed her partner, Jolyon White, had led a campaign to attach stickers saying either “Drill it, mine it, sell it” or “The rich deserve more” on 700 National billboards.

White immediately gave up his Green Party membership when the incident emerged and Green co-leader Russel Norman said there would be an investigation in to any involvement by Heins.

Heins had returned to work as Norman’s EA after two and a half weeks of leave with pay. The Green Party said Heins had been investigated by Parliamentary Services, which had decided no disciplinary action was needed.

So exactly how much did the Green Party co-leaders know about the billboard campaign?

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