Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mike Butler: Bombers’ anti-West influence

“Dzhokhar was a normal American kid,” the flabbergasted, politically correct media reported after it was discovered that the Boston Marathon bombing was carried out by two Caucasian Muslim brothers, one an American citizen, the other likely a green-card holder. Talk-radio host Rush Limbaugh came under liberal media attack for linking the bombers’ behavior to the “liberal elite intellectual thought” that infects the Boston community.

With the questions swirling of why two upwardly mobile young people in America could commit such acts, a good place to start would be the “educations” the two Tsarnaev brothers received, internet news service Newsmax reported this week.

Younger brother Dzhokhar graduated from the celebrated Boston high school Cambridge Rindge and Latin School. A graduate of that school has had years of anti-American claptrap crammed down his throat.

The media has widely quoted retired Cambridge Rindge teacher Larry Aaronson’s shocked reminiscences about Dzhokhar. Aaronson told The Boston Globe, “This is a progressive town, the People’s Republic, and how could this be in our midst?

Newsmax noted that Aaronson is an acolyte of the raving, America-hating, deceased “revisionist historian” Howard Zinn.

Zinn was a liberal elite darling. Zinn claimed his eyes were opened to the racist, imperialist horror that is America by writer I.F. Stone, who later was confirmed to be a KGB covert influence agent after the Iron Curtain fell and certain Soviet documents became public.

Aaronson, who retired in 2007, used to brag to anyone who would listen that he had taught Zinn’s textbook to Cambridge Rindge students since the beginning of his career in 1981.

Aaronson also proudly related how his students at Cambridge Rindge had included actor Matt Damon and Damon’s brother. In the movie “Good Will Hunting,” Matt Damon’s character said: “You wanna read a really good American history book? Read Howard Zinn’s ‘A People’s History of the United States.’ It will knock your socks off.”

Zinn’s contempt for America fairly drips from each word: “The deeply ingrained belief — no, not from birth but from the educational system and from our culture in general that the United States is an especially virtuous nation makes us especially vulnerable to government deception. It starts early, in the first grade, when we are compelled to ‘pledge allegiance’ (before we even know what that means), forced to proclaim that we are a nation with ‘liberty and justice for all.’

Aaronson appeared to be more than a teacher Dzhokhar once had. Dzhokhar lived just about three houses down from Aaronson’s apartment, so they would talk from time to time after Dzhokhar's graduation in 2011.

The older brother Tamerlan appeared that he was a follower of a Lebanese-Australian extremist cleric whose messages of hatred for Western culture were prominent on Tamerlan’s YouTube playlists, and he may have been taught terrorist techniques during a recent trip abroad.

New Zealand is not beyond having academics brainwashing students with horror stories of racism, and imperialism. Look no further than Ranginui Walker, Leonie Pihama, and Linda Tuhiwai Smith – and they’re currently on a government-appointed panel advising on the constitution.

Source: Rush Is Right About Boston Influence on Bombers,


Anonymous said...

Another act of war on the US homeland.

When will America act - and reduce those terrorists homelands to burning rubble and smoking glass?

Brian said...

Screening immigrants in the U.S. must be very poor worst it seems than here in New Zealand as these Boston terrorists have proved.

We should not be complacent as in the last week we have allowed Afghan refugees to enter N.Z.

The first line of defence against terrorism will have to be our Politicians reversing the present U.N. demand. "That any illegal immigrants can claim that they will be killed if returned to their homeland". This is tantamount to putting out a welcome mat.
Western Countries must stop kowtowing to these incessant racial based United Nations demands and decrees; by taking back our right to make political decisions as it affects us.
Our Western Civilisation must be defended, and not sold out by politicians, hell bent on future personal financial and status advancement, at the U.N.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above..."rubble and smoking glass"..

I know how you feel but, perhaps a better way to act rather than throwing nukes ( Russia in this case and I dont think they'd like that...there may even be a response) would be to realise that multiculturalism, is a complete failure and begin to dismantle it.
Multiculturalism would be good if it was,what it pretends to be, but its not. They have no intention of integrating. Even they will tell you so, so then it becomes separatism.
Diversity, Tolerance, Respect, Cultural Awareness are all a one way street.

Mike Butler is right re the teachings of Howard Zinn, and "progressives". Its like guerilla war by stealth, and at that level, he's also right to draw a comparison to whats going on in NZ right now.....the brown-washing of everything.
We have similar bombardment with anti NZ, anti colonial, anti imperial, anti Christian and generally anti 'everything western' from academia, the media and the judiciary here. In fact it even happens in primary school. All criticism of it is "racism" and we must all turn a blind eye to the fact that apartheid is what they want to install, not equality.

The Walker/Sykes/Jackson/Tamihere/Harawira camp use these progressive ideals and institutions to advance their cause, to the detriment of all of us.
I believe that if they were to get co governance (via Partnership, thanks to Palmer and co) they wont stop there.

The paradox is that If the maoris get what they are wanting... they wont want it. This will all end in tears.

Anonymous said...

Two quotes to consider:

1) From Obama's speech in Cairo, June 2009:

"I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear."

2) A perceptive quote from Ayn Rand (and I am neither an Objectivist nor a Libertarian):

"The truth about the intellectual state of the modern world … which distinguishes it from other periods of cultural crises, is the fact that what people are seeking is not the answers to problems, but the reassurance that no answers are possible."

Stuart L

Dave said...

America may not be the most perfect society or form of government, but compare it to the places where a lot of these USA hating people come from , the old USSR block countries, China, Iran, North African countries, in fact just about all countries that are not 'Western' that they all so despise. Corruption, dictatorships, torture, poverty.... I would much rather live in the USA or Western country with out not perfect but the best political systems and quality of life.
The problem is we have become to bleeding hart liberal and soft, letting in far to many immigrants who either don't 'fit' or would see the West as a soft target for corruption and extortion.
WE in Western culture countries are fast losing or culture and ideals, ie the huge growth in Islam and crime examples are England, Germany, Holland, France and now even NZ where over 37% of Aucklanders were not even born in NZ.
Our own sense of freedom and justice will ironically be our nemesis.

Anonymous said...

The "browning" of our society is almost a fait accompli and it will take more than simple intellectual opposition to reverse that.
Should the Constitutional issue be determined with anything less than a flat 'No' to separatist Maori aspirations; that's it: game over.
Ominously, there does not appear to be any political leader available with sufficient vision and guts to manage the required redirection of the bureaucratic mindset.

Anonymous said...

Pop Quiz:

Which religion guarantees a place in heaven for murderers, with murderers the only ones ASSURED of going there?