Thursday, April 11, 2013

Mike Butler: Greens leader backs Maori dope trade

Maori in regions where jobs are limited who are growing and selling cannabis to keep their whanau fed shouldn’t be punished for their entrepreneurship, Green Party co-leader Metiria Turei told Maori TV on Monday night. “It has become an income supplement for whanau particularly in rural areas where they have very little income and few job prospects, particularly in the back blocks, and we have to very careful how we manage that,” Turei said on the Native Affairs show.

“There are some real skills there, some real entrepreneurial skills and some real horticultural skills. These are the skills that people have and they are trying to do the best for their families to make a sufficient income and they are under threat all the time but there are few choices that they have,” she said.

What are the “real horticultural skills” Turei is talking about? I guess this involves taking a cannabis seed, germinating it in potting mix in a yoghurt pottle, transplanting, feeding, watering, and harvesting. Anyone who has a vegetable garden could grow cannabis.

What are the “real entrepreneurial skills”? After the harvest and packaging the crop in tinfoil, these entrepreneurs simply go into town on the party circuit, offer around some dope, pass out a few tinnies on tick to return on payday to collect cash and sell more, while delivering wholesale orders to tinnie houses dotted around State-house areas.

What is the nature of these “whanau” that these skilled horticulturalist entrepreneurs are keeping fed?

The “whanau” is most likely a solo mum with a collection of scruffy kids supported, not by the skilled horticulturalist entrepreneur, but by welfare payments from the government.

The skilled horticulturalist entrepreneur does not officially live with that family but flits between a collection of such whanau, being the bringer of dope and booze for the mum and takeaways for the kids.

Metiria Turei and the Green Party may be wooing the doper vote without realizing that dopers are too dopey to vote. Turei appears to think the welfare-dope culture is quite OK.

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Ray S said...

It's like family violence, "It's not OK"
For a senior politician to make such remarks gives an indication of how she sees maori in the big picture, totally above the law.

Question: Where is the financial support from tribal funds for these so called entrepreneurs. If they supported their own, breaking the law would not be necessary.

Question: Would the same politician say it is Ok for europeans to grow dope to survive, I doubt it.

Dave Hill said...

Unbelievable but not surprising what this half white American Maori woman is saying. What she failed to mention is the huge damage that dope growing and smoking is causing Maori people.
Lack of energy, no drive, long term lung and cancer problems not to mention the triggering of mental illnesses. Then there's the crime and gang connections with this drug and the users inevitable progression to other harder drugs like P. This is the same woman who wants to make NZ smoke free, seems that only apples to tobacco.. But thats not grown by Maori so it must be bad.

Allen said...

Surely a politician who publicly promotes breaking the law is not fit to hold office. What an example to set for the very people she espouses to support and supposedly wishes to lift from the cycle of poverty. Her illustrious leader by his omission of censoring or admonishing her is just as guilty.

Murray said...

In regard to Metiria Turei she once belonged to the Migillicuddy Serious party adn also the NZ cannabis party or some such thing. I think this speaks for itself as to her actual worth as a politician. In my view MMP has allowed these lowlife people to feed at the trough of taxpayers expense and unfortunately we are unable to stop them at this time.
It is a pity we have to suffer her here in Dunedin.

StevoC said...

I don't suppose Turia ever thought, "Wow if maori can grow dope to support their income(Read dole)they could grow food and raise animals on their land to help support their families."
That in itself tells the story of maori thinking, It seems they are incapable of thinking logically and it never occurs to them that they are their own worst enemy, just like they were before we saved them from almost certain extinction by their own hand through the musket wars.
Maori should be thanking us for what we have given them, not trying to screw us at every turn.