Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mike Butler: Maori Party objects to 1law4all

1Law4All gained registration as a political party last week, the fourth new party to be registered in New Zealand this year. The Maori Party objected to the 1Law4All logo saying:
Our objection to this logo is that it is offensive to both Maori and non-Maori New Zealanders who respect the Treaty of Waitangi, because it is based on a political ideology which falsely proposes the abrogation of the law that relates to indigenous rights and property.
A further objection is that the logo is misleading. It is misleading to give the electorate the impression that the Treaty and indigenous law can be nullified, by a majority vote, and to assume that Maori enjoy some special privilege at law to the detriment of other New Zealand citizens.
Other new parties include Focus New Zealand (a primary industries-property rights party), Kim Dotcom's Internet Party, the New Zealand Independent Coalition, and the Internet Mana Party.

United Future re-registered this year because the Electoral Commission last year cancelled the party's registration at the party's request after it failed to retain 500 members.


thor42 said...

Oh wow - the Maori Party having a whine. What a surprise.

I note that they mention "the law" frequently in their comments. Given that one of the iwi (Ngai Tahu?) has had no fewer than *five* "full and final Treaty settlements", I find it very rich of the Maori Party to be pontificating about "the law".

Suck it up, Maori Party.
There are people in this country who are *not* hoodwinked by the flood of pro-Maori revisionist Treaty propaganda that has been spooned over us since the 1970s.

Anonymous said...

One wonders who formulated the objection to this new initiative.It must also be pointed out that there are no and have never been any indigenous species of humanity in New Zealand. Every person residing in this country arrived here, or their forebears do so by canoe, ship
or aircraft. Possibly we have some aliens in our midst who arrived by space vehicle, but since they make no claims on our political system or resources, they can be ignored.

Barry said...

Typical of the so-called "maori" party! Always offended! Always wanting special treatment. What a dead-loss rabble they are!

There are no maoris in NZ - yet there is a "maori" party. A maori party with no maoris in it?!

Anonymous said...

definition of Indigenous (Oxford Dictionary)Originating or occurring naturally in a particular place; native: Definition of native, same source: A person born in a specified place or associated with a place by birth, whether subsequently resident there or not.

So all who were born here, at least, maybe all who reside here permanently, fit the definition.

Makes a mockery of the Maori Party propoganda

Unknown said...

Go Maori - yes, after reading two of the Treaty History books from Tross Publishing, following the various arguments and read a few online Treaty Settlements, I have concluded that Maori have and do use very cunning and skilful negotiation strategies to manipulate our minds and get their own way – over and over again.

I have spent many years at various negotiation meetings - product sales, land easements & development contracts, and dozens of individual employment contracts, both as a boss and a worker. Most of these negotiations and their subsequent settlement, rarely followed the rules of politeness, justice and points of contract, reason or law. Rather it was a strategic ‘game’ with each side putting their best points forward and minimising or ignoring anything disadvantageous to their strategy.

Remember moaners, these Treaty settlements are finally approved into law by our Parliament (us?) which has largely become a rubber stamp for the decisions of the Executive/Party. Because Maori now occupy the upper echelons of Government, they are in personal daily contact with our so called leaders. Here all points of law, reason and fair play go out the window. Decisions are influenced and made in a very personal manner – play the man, not the logic. This is further backed up by the media, education system and endless pointing at 'racism' which is a difficult point to parry without being labelled or hauled before a conciliator. Peters knows this only too well!

Maori are skilful and cunning negotiators, and point by point have set themselves up with an endless supply of money from the public purse. The two settlements I read are well primed to provide ongoing points of reimbursement (similar to the brilliant Tainui inflation linked settlement) and endless cowering and apologising by the state for perceived and agreed injustices.

Again from the books … our forefathers were made of sterner stuff and tolerated none of this PC nonsense peddled by many protest groups, feminism being one of the most insidious and odorous.

Forget reason, logic and arguments on points of law – they won't and don't work. Until our leadership become independent and representative of their people we are set for more of the same.

Well played Maori – you have exploited our weak PC underbelly brilliantly.

Finally, my thanks to the writers here and the folk at NZCPR – always compulsive reading for me.