Sunday, July 27, 2014

Mike Butler: Sharples and permanent dependence

Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples bowed out of Parliament on Thursday. His great vision that includes an Upper Treaty Senate, a Whanau Ora superministry, a Minister for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Negotiations, a network of Maori statutory boards all around the country, Maori spoken by all and Whare Oranga Ake rehabilitation units to replace prisons, confirms what critics have been saying for years.

Here is what Sharples said:

I have got a lot of mokopuna. They are all here—downstairs, I guess. I have got one great mokopuna. He is 1 now, and his name is Kanohi Tanga Utu Kanohi Tū Hanga. I want to speak to him now. 
E moko, in 30 years you can become the new co-leader of the Maori Party. You will have more than 20 Maori caucus members and be deciding which ones should be in the House of Representatives—in Parliament—and which ones should be in the “Upper Treaty Senate”, which, 30 years ago, began with our constitutional review. 
Moko, in 30 years’ time you will be dealing with a superministry called Whanau Ora. In my time, they had separate ministries for social development, education, employment, and so on.

Moko, in 30 years’ time you will be dealing with the chief executive officers of Māori statutory boards all around the country. 
In my time we had to have a hikoi, we had to have lots of hui, and we had to have a scrap in Cabinet to get the first one up and running in Auckland. 

In 30 years’ time you will be dealing with a “Minister for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Negotiations”. That is right—that is the one who replaced the Minister for Treaty of Waitangi Negotiations after all the settlements were completed. In my time, when we got the declarations signed they said it would not mean anything—by the way, that is what they said about the Treaty as well. 
Moko, in 30 years’ time you will be dealing with all the Whare Oranga Ake units that have been created. Back in my time they were called prisons and did not provide any rehabilitation programmes. 

Oh yes, moko, keep up with your English language, because in 30 years’ time Te Reo Maori will be the official language of New Zealand, spoken by all.
In the future according to Pita Sharples:

1. An Upper Treaty Senate would remain the goal of the constitutional review.

2. The Whanau Ora slush fund would be greatly expanded to include social development, education, and employment.

3. Nominated Maori statutory boards were intended for local authorities all around the country.

4. The signing of the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous People in 2010 was not an aspirational sop but will lead to perpetual race-based claims requiring a Minister for the Rights of Indigenous Peoples Negotiations.

5. Maori language would become compulsory.

6. Prisons would become the main training scheme for Maori where access is gained by committing crime.

Declining support for the Maori Party (party vote 2.4 percent 2008 falling to 1.43 percent in 2011) shows that few share this vision.

And considering the Sharples Maori autonomy vision means extra bureaucracy and more welfare, the outcome would bring more state dependence when self-reliance is what is wanted.

Maori individuals and families are already voting with their feet against Sharples.

Hansard, New Zealand Parliament.


Barry said...
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I think Sharples is just another of those part-maori separatists who is trying to destroy New Zealand.

Anonymous said...
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Perhaps we have a choice here - Maori or Shia law? It's a hard choice to make - either being decidedly retrograde. I mean, who wants to go back to the stone age?
Auntie Podes.

ONZF said...
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Why does the Hon Peter Sharples think Maori are tangata whenua when 512 of his ancestors signed the Tiriti o Waitangi as tangata maori. Everyone in 1840 knew Maori were not tanagata whenua, except no one told Prime Minister John Key before he sent Sharples to the UN to sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People. Pity they had not read the Tiriti o Waitangi before making fools out of themselves.

Mitch said...
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Here we see a racist in all of his glory. Bon voyage, Pita.

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