Thursday, March 5, 2015

Mitch Morgan: The Man Who Saw The Future

In 1949 a gentleman named Eric Blair published a book that was destined to open the eyes of the world to techniques employed in the art of social engineering; techniques that were used to control the opinions and actions of citizens who remained in a state of blissful unawareness that their thoughts were being covertly manipulated.

The author adopted the pen-name of George Orwell and his novel entitled ‘Nineteen Eighty-Four’ remains among the worlds’ best-sellers to this day - and the adjective ‘Orwellian’ has become synonymous with official deception and the falsification of recorded history by a totalitarian state.

The novel is set in a future Great Britain ruled by the ubiquitous and omniscient  figure of “Big Brother”; a land in which any signs of individualism and independent thinking are persecuted as ‘thought crimes’ and the perpetrators ‘re-programmed’.  

The anti-hero, Winston Smith, is employed by the Ministry of Truth and his task is to ‘correct’ historical records to align with the Party’s current pronouncements.

It is, of course, an ironic portrayal of the Russian political system of that era yet some of Orwell’s prophesies have disturbing parallels in events that have occurred during the past few decades in our own country.

It would be very difficult for the young people of today to envisage the New Zealand that existed in the mid-20th century; a country recovering from a terrible war that had seen Maori and Pakeha united in defending our freedom; a time in which scant notice was taken of whether one’s skin was white or brown; and a national sense of pride at being the world leader in racial equality. Apartheid in South Africa was regarded with distaste and the idea of two races in one country having separate laws and privileges because of the colour of their skin was abhorrent to most fair-minded New Zealanders. History was an open book, schools and history books openly acknowledged Moriori as the original inhabitants, and the Treaty of Waitangi ideal of ‘one nation, one people’ had not yet been contaminated by the introduction of ‘indigenous rights’.

International bodies were promoting racial harmony, with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) releasing the following statement in 1950:
“The biological fact of race and the myth of ‘race’ should be distinguished. For all practical social purposes ‘race’ is not so much a biological phenomenon as a social myth. The myth ‘race’ has created an enormous amount of human and social damage. In recent years it has taken a heavy toll in human lives and caused untold suffering. It still prevents the normal development of millions of human beings and deprives civilization of the effective co-operation of productive minds. The biological differences between ethnic groups should be disregarded from the standpoint of social acceptance and social action. The unity of mankind from both the biological and social viewpoints is the main thing. To recognize this and to act accordingly is the first requirement of modern man.”
How different are things today.

The people of those yesterdays would have been aghast and incredulous had they been able to glimpse what the future held in store.

The re-writing of New Zealand’s past surfaced in 1975 when the creation of the Waitangi Tribunal provided us with our own equivalent of Orwell’s ‘Ministry of Truth’ and authentic evidence was often overruled by ‘verbal tribal history’.

New-age historians announced, “Our old historians got it all wrong” thereby denying the existence of pre-Maori inhabitants, with governments adding their support by placing embargoes on 105 sites that showed indications of non-Maori origin.

The manifestly clear objective of the Treaty of Waitangi to unite two races as one people, with equal rights under one common law, has been gradually undermined by re-interpretation of key words in that document, citing modernistic meanings that did not apply at the time treaty was signed.

Maori/English dictionaries exist dated both before and after the signing of the Treaty; the Grammar and Vocabulary of the Language of New Zealand being compiled by Ngapuhi Chieftain Hongi Hika in collaboration with Cambridge University’s Professor Samuel Lee in 1820 and the Dictionary of the New Zealand Language penned by William Williams in 1844 - just four years after the 1840 agreement was signed. Thus a comparison of the two books will ascertain without any doubt exactly what the Maoris understood the Treaty to mean at the time of signing when definitions from both lexicons coincide.

An oft-quoted example is the meaning of the word taonga, with the 1820 definition being ‘property obtained by the spear’ and in the latter simply as ‘property’. In their wisdom the Waitangi Tribunal re-invented taonga  to include the Maori language and anything regarded as being of value to the Maori people, spiritual or material.

Children are being taught in public schools that ‘Maori are special’, thus creating a social divide, and an unfortunate few are consigned to ‘Total Immersion Maori Schools’ wherein speaking the English language is forbidden and youngsters grow up unable to communicate with 90% of their fellow countrymen.

Christianity is another casualty in our educational system and children are being indoctrinated instead with Maori spiritual beliefs and rituals.

Visitors to our country are being confronted by painted ‘warriors’ issuing a hostile challenge instead of being greeted with the customary smile and handshake, and some of those who were demonstrative opponents of apartheid in a foreign land are now actively promoting separate development (apartheid) in their own country.  

Phrases such as ‘tangata whenua’, ‘equal partnership’ and ‘Aotearoa-New Zealand’ are reiterated as incessant mantras – an application of social engineering based on the idea that if a datum is repeated often enough it will eventually stick and become accepted as truth.

Manipulation of our democratic principles and traditional values is sending our
once proud and free nation down the road to becoming an Orwellian dystopia.

In just a few decades New Zealand has descended from unity to divisiveness, from shared ideals to individual agendas, and from a nation with a common language to one in which people may no longer understand each other.  

More than 200 years ago another great author, Sir Walter Scott, encapsulated New Zealands’ present day controversies involving translations, racial identity and history itself in his incisive epigram: 

“Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive.”
Mitch Morgan, an equal rights advocate and critic of social engineering and political correctness, is a regular newspaper commentator.


Max said...

Excellent article which highlights and clearly identifies what is wrong in NZ. It seems there is a powerful elite behind this, but what can be done to expose this massive fraud for what it is?

paul scott said...

Yes , the great Orwell, and his fascinating but difficult life.
I suppose we all started with 'Animal Farm' but there was so much more.
Soon enough '1984' I had a special T shirt made
' 1984 ..double think about it' and you know nobody saw the joke.
I wanted to read mostly about his time in the Spanish Civil War ' Homage to Catalonia' and that strange life on Jura.
Thank you for this article Mitch, otherwise I may have had to read the Christchurch Press

Anonymous said...

Where did these permicious notions of race separatism come from?

Those who don't know are referred to my earlier blog post:

Brian said...

The Road to Wigan Pier...Paved with good intentions with dire results!
It has become obvious, yet not to our Politicians that an Orwellian situation has been applied to New Zealand over the last six decades. The herald of all this is of course, Racism. What a benefit this one word has been to those in our society who wish to destroy Western Culture, and how successful have they been in the use of it.
Social Engineering “courtesy” of Marx, Engels, and Lenin has been firmly established in New Zealand by use of the “Appeasement Syndrome” and our general apathy to “matters political.” (Apologies to W.S. Gilbert)
Mitch Morgan like others writers on this subject, has produced an excellent article on what is happening to our society in this country. The division forged between Maori and European being the axis of a creed to “Divide and Rule”. Indoctrination of children is evident throughout our society, and the re-vision of history following the usual pathway of dictatorships worldwide.
Right, we now have face whether we like it or not, the hard question of how to combat this imbedded ideology? Are we too late, indications seem to suggest we are. Too many in our bureaucracy are behind an anti European/American principals of Western Civilisation; so the question is, how do we counteract it and destroy what is in fact a blatant removal of democracy?
Already we have seen visible potent signs, the introduction of an electoral system of M.M.P, which reduces our ability to elect all our members to Parliament, on the grounds that minor parties should have equal representation even when the voters hardly support them!
We have already seen that the Prime Minister despite recent polls being against it, indicating a change of our flag. We have seen a massive intrusion into family life with our M.P’s voting out physical punishment as a method of correction; again against a majority. We have now seen a Supreme Court law ruling flouted on the grounds of possible violence by those opposed to its implementation. What is next???
Rebellion is impossible, even with the present skeleton like military, so what are we left with to convince our Politicians that they must follow the pathway of our democracy? A possible rejection of the influence and control now exerted by the United Nations on the rights of New Zealanders might be an excellent start.
The simple answer is, as Martin Luther King and Ghandi found so successful, namely total “Civil Disobedience”.
Whether the population of this country has the intestinal fortitude for such a movement is of course, the only valid question?

Barry Tomlin said...

Thank you Mitch Morgan. As always, you are brilliant.

Denis McCarthy said...

The issues outlined in the previous posts reflect the confidence our politicians have that they can ignore the wishes of the people - or at the very least the people of Middle New Zealand who want one law for all with no racial preference and who wish to bring up their children without undue interference from the State.

I suggest that the brutal reality is that the politicians get away with unwanted and unmandated laws because we the people let them.

When the previous Labour government was replaced by a National led one I did hope that all or most of the PC nonsense would be cut back. Far from it.
It seems that National prefers to be good and supportive mates with the Maori Party rather than to properly represent its more middle of the road and conservative voters.

My suggestion, citizens, is that if you want political change - that is the change you want as opposed to the change the politicians want - you are going to have to take political action.

You need to make it clear to your local MP that genuine representation must precede your political support. I don't think that you are going to get anywhere with the left wing Parties. However there is a Conservative Party out there in the wings if you can support its general policies. Failing that put up Independent candidates of your own - people of integrity and competence. Sure, they may not win first time around but it would send a clear signal to the National Party that it doesn't deserve and is not going to get your vote.

Being nice, being patient, being reasonable is manifestly not working with politicians whose first loyalty seems to be to their Party rather than to the people.

So do something about it! "It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness!"

Unknown said...

It is clear that our politicians do not have the courage to stand up against the Maorification of New Zealand. We have heard the Prime Minister talking of hikois from hell. He and his colleagues are scared of taking decisive action.

There is only one way to help the policians grow a back bone. Binding Referendum. When polls have been taken regarding various issues regarding the Maori take over, 65-85% of the population have recorded votes against.

The Conservatives are the only party advocating binding referendum. The party got close to getting into Parliament last election with 4.2% but our trendy lefty media had done enough to poison most peoples minds against Colin Craig.

Colin learned a lot and is now much more media savy. The New Zealand Public need to see past these cheap liberal tricks and actually have the courage to support the Conservatives at the next election.

Fellow Kiwis, if you really care about this country and its future the next election may be the last chance to stop this rot.

In the context of this message, all caring Kiwis need to be very concerned about Andrew Little's comments regarding Maori self government and Maori making their own laws. This sort of talk will take us rapidly to a point from which there will be no turning back.

Unknown said...

What a load of bollocks, reactionary claptrap, just plain bonkers, far too many absurd notions to list, but interesting that you cite christianity as a casualty, (a ridiculous belief system whose fairy tales were formulated 500 years after the supposed events - half a millennium!) and then demean whakapapa (‘verbal tribal history’). Your rant claims to be ‘anti-racist’ when it is anything but. Jeez, do people actually really believe this rubbish?