Friday, January 22, 2016

Brian Arrandale: The Great Migratory Invasions - Western Civilisation’s Greatest Threat?

The vast exodus from Syria and Africa continues unabated, despite the very obvious implications that these refugees bring with them the very seeds of a new Muslim European Empire. This will eventuate in time into a Caliphate, where democracy as we know it will be nonexistent.

What will happen to Western culture its ideas, and the hard won rights of free speech and a freedom of religion? Does this not signal an end to Western ideals with the very obvious factor that an ever increasing Muslim population will exceed that of its European inhabitants?

Yet we continue to view this situation as a sort of normality of change, not since the so-called dark ages has our civilisation been under such a threat of extinction. It comes from a western sense of guilt and sentimentality over the plight of these refugees. In plain words these refugees are mere pawns for a more potent ideology demanded by the tenets of the Koran and the drivers of an Islamic World.

Daily we have Western Politicians trying in vain to stem this migratory tide with long speeches fraught and tinged with the present United Nations decree for all nations (they actually mean Western Nations) to throw open their borders in the name of humanity. They save their breath however, in asking or demanding fellow Muslim nations to accept these refugees.

The conflict in Syria meanwhile drags on and on, Isis continues to terrorise, while the West avoids the real hard decision; that of eliminating this terror by attacking it central cores in Saudi Arabia and Iran. Instead we have the ridiculous lifting of sanctions over Iran’s agreement not to produce military atomic weapons. If we take that at face value Obama and Co have really out rivalled Chamberlain in political naivety!

In the 1930’s European powers and the USA in its isolation, also believed Hitler’s promises. It is not so much as case of History repeating itself, but of Mankind repeating the same scenario.

The only cure for the Refugee crisis is hard and ruthless and one must doubt whether Western Politicians have the intestinal fortitude to adopt such a policy of stopping this Refugee invasion. Let alone returning those who arrive at the borders European nations.. This present band aid solution will not affect our generation; but the price will be paid by subsequent generations and Western Civilisation as a whole.

While we gaze in New Zealand from our illusory sense of distance and protection, we would do well to remember that Australia has had the courage to take the hard steps to prevent the influx from the north. But this leaves us very vulnerable and open, if these people are prepared to risk crossing the vast Sahara or the long trek from Syria and the Middle East. The perils of our Tasman Ocean will certainly not deter them, especially as the Marine Law of the Sea demands the rescue of passengers from sinking vessels!

Let us face the very obvious fact that years of de-commissioning our Navy, Army, and Air Force have left us very little, if no chance at all, of ever preventing a refugee invasion of this magnitude.

In Edward Gibbon’s volumes “The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire” he comments on the victory at Tours by Charles Martel over the Islamic forces in AD 732:

“The loss of this battle would have seen the Pulpits of Europe resound with the verses of the Koran”!

Substitute in today’s world “A Population Army
 for a Military one” and the logical result will be an Islamic domination.

[A]s long as mankind shall continue to bestow more liberal applause on their destroyers than on their benefactors, the thirst of military glory will ever be the vice of the most exalted characters - Edward Gibbon.


paul scott said...
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Yes Brian, I like your courage in writing that "" The vast exodus from Syria and Africa continues unabated, despite the very obvious implications that these refugees bring with them the very seeds of a new Muslim European Empire. This will eventuate in time into a Caliphate, where democracy as we know it will be nonexistent ""
No ifs and maybes there.
I want New Zealand out of United Nations.
I will unite with Asia and Canada even Australia and USA but United Nations and Europe can and will go to hell .

Anonymous said...
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The West’s chattering classes and politicians continue to provide us with a very shallow analysis of the Middle Eastern “refugee” problem. Behind this current are the Socialist One-Worlders of the UN, which has always seem itself as a One World Government in the making.

For upwards of 30 years, the One Worlders have been promoting salad-basket (a variety of separate but equal cultures in the public square rather than a single common culture to which all are required to broadly subscribe) multiculturalism as a subversive force. Their agenda was (and is) to dissolve the nation state into a global multi-culture, then argue that since we are all one world demographically, we should also be one world politically.

But the nation state displayed unexpected rehabilitative powers. While the first generation of immigrants from any destination wanted their children to marry others like them, succeeding generations were left to make their own choices, becoming increasingly assimilated via the melting pot.

Enter Islam. Islam will always be an ever-growing cancer in the body politic of any non-Islamic host country, because Muslims can only marry other Muslims. Any Muslim who marries a non-Muslim who doesn’t convert is according to Muhammad and the Koran required to be killed as an apostate.

Many in the West are waking up to the likelihood of a planned Muslim demographic takeover referred to in Muslim Brotherhood documents as “Civilisation Jihad,” meaning the pace of Islamic immigration must be stepped up to reach a tipping point as rapidly as possible.

Islamic Jihadists can be likened to the members of a pickpocketing gang who distract the mark so he doesn’t notice his pocket is being picked. ISIS is a convenient “radical” sideshow that has created a conflict displacing millions of “moderate” Muslims, who are flooding into the West apparently to get away from it. The Socialist One-Worlders and their liberal “useful idiot” enablers then pressure the West to admit all these “migrants” on compassionate grounds, thus hastening the demographic advance of Islam.

None of the oil-rich Middle Eastern states that are not war-torn are putting up their hands to take in fellow Arabs and Muslims. One reason might be they don’t want to admit a mass of potential troublemakers. But they are well-content to insert it into the West to further swell the already burgeoning Islamic demographic there.

Charity clearly begins in the West, not at home. Saudi Arabia, for example, has an empty tent city in the desert near Mecca set up for the use of Haj pilgrims with a capacity of more than 3.5 million people. The only aid advanced by the Saudis is an offer to fund the building of 200 mosques (aka Islamist hate and indoctrination centres) in Germany to help the "refugees" acclimatise.

Behind the women and cute children shown front and centre in television news reports, at least 80% of the “refugees” are young, fit men of military age, travelling in groups, carrying cell phones and wearing designer trainers. This is clearly an orchestrated and controlled migration movement, a Hijrah to colonise new Islamic lands, emulating the manner in which Muhammad relocated to and took over Medina.

We cannot know for sure how many of these young men are ISIS fifth columnists. Sheer numbers mean the “refugees” will receive at best a cursory processing, meaning a significant contingent of unidentifiable Islamists will be hiding inside this Trojan Horse. The aggressive young Muslim men in transit through Greece chanting obscenities and "Allahu Akbar" while refusing donated food and water did so because the Red Cross is a “Christian” symbol.

Anonymous said...
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If these young men are so hostile to the barest manifestation of Judeo-Christian culture when they are hungry and thirsty, how much more hostile are they likely to prove once comfortably housed in a Muslim ghetto in a Western country?

The West ought to be offering asylum to the relative handful of the war-torn region’s persecuted Christians who have escaped being brutally done to death by Islamic Jihadists rather than admitting more unassimilable Muslims. Christian refugees are clearly a better fit with our existing Judeo-Christian culture and won’t further swell the pool of potential Islamic Jihadists already here.

Syrian Muslim refugees (the so-called "moderates" fleeing ISIS) are already showing their true colours towards Christianity by bullying and threatening Christian refugees. These Christians fled Syria to escape Islamic persecution, only to be persecuted by Syrian Muslims upon taking refuge in Sweden. Having made it what they thought was safety, the Christians were forced out of a group refugee house by Muslims, who refused to allow them to use the public areas of the house, and also made them hide their crucifixes.

Refugee policy must be made on the basis of a sober analysis of whether it will be in The West’s long-term interest rather than whether or not it makes liberals feel virtuous. Admitting large numbers of Muslims will certainly have a profound long-term effect on New Zealand’s body politic, and on the evidence of Europe, 30 years further down this path than we are, not a good one.

Europe already knows (or ought to) that Muslims are only peaceful until there are enough of them to create a recognisable Islamic community. Once this occurs, those who formerly just wanted to “get along” are pressured by the more pious and observant into following the commandments in the Koran to self-segregate and wage perpetual war on non-Muslims.

Muslims are simply the latest force or current the Socialist One-Worlders have identified that can be mobilised into dialectical conflict with the West against a common enemy, the West’s Judeo-Christian culture. They have long understood the unassimilable nature of Islam, which is why Islam has ostensibly replaced Communism as the ideology of confrontation with the West.

After all, if Judeo-Christian culture and its democratically elected limited government, rule of law, religious pluralism, secure private property rights, and individual rights and freedoms stands squarely in the way of your One World Government project, you can march a long way beside those whose agenda is a One-World Religious Theocracy before you have to part company.

After the Muslims have annihilated Judeo-Christian culture and killed off large numbers of its most committed adherents, the Communist One-Worlders expect to forcibly put down Islam and erect their One-World Government on its corpse.

But just who will quell whom? Iran’s Shah was overthrown by a coalition of USSR-backed local Communists and Islamists. After the Shah was ousted those who were prepared to die for their totalitarian religion soon proved stronger than those who were unprepared to die for their totalitarian secular social religion.

Whoever wins out, those left alive of any faith will eagerly accept the authoritarian solutions proposed by either the One-Worlders or the Islamists in order to live in apparent peace and harmony. All will become serfs on the One-World Government Plantation or ants of Allah.

As O’Brien, the torturer in George Orwell’s “1984”, told Winston Smith during his interrogation: “If you want an image of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face --forever.”

Anonymous said...
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First up stop blaming some socialist one world order. The problem in Syria and most of the middle east is from the partnership between those close allies the US and Saudi Arabia both have worked together for an awfully long time to insert radical muslim people into various parts of the world where they see fit to disrupt.

Syria was relatively secular along with Iraq and Libya until an opportunity arose to defeat those governments who opposed both the Saudis and the US

The US along with it's allies over threw the original secular democracy in Iran and installed the shah as a puppet, this resulted in the extremist religious revolution that ended that rule. After this in Iran a large number of young were killed and tortured as they were socialist.

In Afghanistan again the US and Saudis sponsored radicals resulting in the destruction of the socialist but secular government apparently when the socialist government was finally defeated the throats of the remaining socialist soldiers were cut.

In the countries surrounding Afghanistan what were secular socialist countries were radicalized again by saudi sponsored groups.

What you see is a war on secular movements and these secular movements had socialists at their hearts. In Yemen where the saudis are destroying the country the Houthi movement apparently wanted a democratic government with woman making up 40% of the parliament. We support this war along with the US just by our silence least we ruin our precious trade deal.

Outside these wars on secular movements is the captalist system which eats our own society and cultures. You see some socialist one world order but I see some over arching debt enslavement called the capitalist free market which has devalued our society and culture to such an extent that we only see people as commodities and economic growth is the most important thing.

This was actually put forward as a reason for Europe to take these people the economists said it will boost economic growth now who could argue with that?

Anonymous said...
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Spoken like a true West-hating Socialist traitor. Anti-Americanism has been intellectually cute among the "Hate America Left" since the 1960s.

What you are peddling is the "underlying causes model" which assumes that grievances always have a rational basis.

Robert Ibrahim is an Egyptian-born Coptic Christian and a fluent Arabic speaker. In his "Al Queda Reader" he translates more than a decade of Al Queda press releases and propaganda tracts.

In addressing Westerners, Al Queda blames "US foreign policy," "the State of Israel," and "Western colonialism" for its actions.

In addressing Muslims, Al Queda underscores to them that jihad in its various forms is a religious obligation on all Muslims until the whole world submits it Islam.

Muslims have been fighting jihad in the service of this objective for 1400 years since the time of Muhammad. This clearly predates the creation of the US and the State of Israel by several hundred years. While there may have been temporary lulls when the Islamic world was too weak and fragmented, this remains a permanent objective for right-believing Muslims.

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