Thursday, January 28, 2016

Karl du Fresne: Why replicate the conditions they've fled from?

Let me see if I can get this straight. Millions of oppressed, dispossessed Muslims have risked their lives fleeing the Middle East and North Africa.

They are mostly victims of Islamic regimes from a part of the world where democracy is virtually unknown (Israel aside). They are escaping sectarianism, persecution, civil war, anarchy, corruption and starvation.

None of them want to go to other Islamic countries. Why would they, when Islam represents all that they’re trying to get away from?

Besides, hardly any Islamic regimes offer them refuge. With the honourable exceptions of Lebanon and Jordan, most Islamic countries – including some that are fabulously wealthy – appear impervious to the suffering of their co-religionists.  

No, the place these Islamic refugees want to be is Europe – Western Europe, to be precise. And what attracts them there? Presumably freedom, for a start. 

Western Europe is democratic. People actually elect their governments. The rule of law is enforced not by religious zealots but by courts that apply principles of fairness and impartiality.

In Europe, people’s prospects don’t depend on having been born into the right sex, religious sect or clan. They enjoy civil rights – the right to dress the way they want, to vote, to speak their minds, to have educational opportunities, to drive cars and enter into romantic relationships without fear of being murdered in “honour” killings. 

And presumably these refugees are also attracted to capitalism, because more than any other “ism” it gives them the greatest chance to fulfil their human potential.

So, having been drawn to this benevolent part of the world where people enjoy freedom, opportunity and prosperity, what do they do? 

A large number of them, it seems, immediately want to replicate the conditions that they’ve just fled from. This is the bit that I just don’t get.

As events in Germany on New Year’s Eve showed, the first impulse of many young Islamic men is to abuse the hospitality extended to them. 

Some, of course, go much further than orchestrated sex attacks on young women. They want to murder the infidels who have given them shelter and succour. 

Things just don’t add up here. Why would anyone flee a cruel and repressive society, then seek to undermine the democratic institutions of their host country so that it might become another Muslim theocracy? How perverse is that?

They say Islam isn’t to blame for the barbaric acts carried out in its name, but that’s only partly true.

Yes, many Muslims respect Western institutions and want only to live in peace in the countries that have accepted them. They understand that freedom to practise their religion is one thing; the right to impose it on their host society is quite another. These Muslims are welcome. 

But Islam cannot be exonerated of responsibility for the mayhem and slaughter in the Middle East, nor for the creeping contamination of Europe. The tenets of Islam provide a theological framework that enables groups like the Taleban, Al Qaeda and Isis to flourish.

Apologists say that what these groups do is a perversion of Islam, but they are all part of the Islamic tradition. They didn’t spring out of a vacuum.

There are lessons here for New Zealand. Our natural impulse as a humane, liberal society is to take pity on Islamic asylum-seekers and give them refuge. But we can’t ignore what’s happened in Germany, where young Islamic men have repaid their host country’s generosity by abusing its young women.

There is ample evidence that male Islamists can’t handle the sexual freedom of liberal western societies. Their view of females as inferior, an attitude sanctioned by Islamic law, becomes fused with desire for the women they see walking in the streets wearing makeup and revealing clothing. 

It’s a poisonous mix: one part old-fashioned lust, one part repressive religious zealotry that teaches them to regard such women as whores who deserve to be punished.

Closer to home, we’ve seen the trouble caused in Australia by young Middle Eastern men with a strong sense of entitlement and an obvious resentment of their adopted country. Large groups of young Muslim men on the loose in Western society almost always spell trouble. 

It must surely be only a matter of time before even tolerant, liberal Europeans get provoked to the point where they rise up in retaliation and defence of their own values. So far the resistance is coming mainly from the ugly Far Right, but it may not stay that way.

We in New Zealand, as is so often the case, have the good fortune to be able observe all this from a safe distance and absorb the lessons. But will we?

Karl du Fresne blogs at First published in the Dominion Post. 


StevoC said...

Agree with you 100% Karl, but as for your last comment, I doubt very much whether the powers that be will learn a single thing from what is happening in Europe. We only have to look in our own back yard to see how our politicians are bending over backwards to appease a bunch of racist maori thugs hell bent on taking us back to the stone age, democracy and christianity are severly under threat, but we will stand by and watch until the horse has bolted.
By the time our politicians have feathered their own nests and awoken from their slumber it will be far too late.

Anonymous said...

You get quite a bit right here Karl but not all. Many of the European invaders are economic migrants not fleeing war. That is well established. Secondly they are targeting particular European countries purely for the welfare benefits from the infidel. Nothing less. They will never assimilate, as their values on display in Cologne, tell us. Islamic values are totally incompatible with Western democracies.
NZ needs to be on red alert to not import the trouble in so many other countries.

Anonymous said...

The West’s chattering classes and politicians continue to provide us with a very shallow analysis of the Middle Eastern “refugee” problem. Behind this current are the Socialist One-Worlders of the UN, which has always seem itself as a One World Government in the making.

For upwards of 30 years, the One Worlders have been promoting salad-basket (a variety of separate but equal cultures in the public square rather than a single common culture to which all are required to broadly subscribe) multiculturalism as a subversive force. Their agenda was (and is) to dissolve the nation state into a global multi-culture, then argue that since we are all one world demographically, we should also be one world politically.

But the nation state displayed unexpected rehabilitative powers. While the first generation of immigrants from any destination wanted their children to marry others like them, succeeding generations were left to make their own choices, becoming increasingly assimilated via the melting pot.

Enter Islam. Islam will always be an ever-growing cancer in the body politic of any non-Islamic host country, because Muslims can only marry other Muslims. Any Muslim who marries a non-Muslim who doesn’t convert is according to Muhammad and the Koran required to be killed as an apostate.

Many in the West are waking up to the likelihood of a planned Muslim demographic takeover referred to in Muslim Brotherhood documents as “Civilisation Jihad,” meaning the pace of Islamic immigration must be stepped up to reach a tipping point as rapidly as possible.

Islamic Jihadists can be likened to the members of a pickpocketing gang who distract the mark so he doesn’t notice his pocket is being picked. ISIS is a convenient “radical” sideshow that has created a conflict displacing millions of “moderate” Muslims, who are flooding into the West apparently to get away from it. The Socialist One-Worlders and their liberal “useful idiot” enablers then pressure the West to admit all these “migrants” on compassionate grounds, thus hastening the demographic advance of Islam.

None of the oil-rich Middle Eastern states that are not war-torn are putting up their hands to take in fellow Arabs and Muslims. One reason might be they don’t want to admit a mass of potential troublemakers. But they are well-content to insert it into the West to further swell the already burgeoning Islamic demographic there.

Charity clearly begins in the West, not at home. Saudi Arabia, for example, has an empty tent city in the desert near Mecca set up for the use of Haj pilgrims with a capacity of more than 3.5 million people. The only aid advanced by the Saudis is an offer to fund the building of 200 mosques (aka Islamist hate and indoctrination centres) in Germany to help the "refugees" acclimatise.

Behind the women and cute children shown front and centre in television news reports, at least 80% of the “refugees” are young, fit men of military age, travelling in groups, carrying cell phones and wearing designer trainers. This is clearly an orchestrated and controlled migration movement, a Hijrah to colonise new Islamic lands, emulating the manner in which Muhammad relocated to and took over Medina.

We cannot know for sure how many of these young men are ISIS fifth columnists. Sheer numbers mean the “refugees” will receive at best a cursory processing, meaning a significant contingent of unidentifiable Islamists will be hiding inside this Trojan Horse. The aggressive young Muslim men in transit through Greece chanting obscenities and "Allahu Akbar" while refusing donated food and water did so because the Red Cross is a “Christian” symbol.

Anonymous said...

If these young men are so hostile to the barest manifestation of Judeo-Christian culture when they are hungry and thirsty, how much more hostile are they likely to prove once comfortably housed in a Muslim ghetto in a Western country?

The West ought to be offering asylum to the relative handful of the war-torn region’s persecuted Christians who have escaped being brutally done to death by Islamic Jihadists rather than admitting more unassimilable Muslims. Christian refugees are clearly a better fit with our existing Judeo-Christian culture and won’t further swell the pool of potential Islamic Jihadists already here.

Syrian Muslim refugees (the so-called "moderates" fleeing ISIS) are already showing their true colours towards Christianity by bullying and threatening Christian refugees. These Christians fled Syria to escape Islamic persecution, only to be persecuted by Syrian Muslims upon taking refuge in Sweden. Having made it what they thought was safety, the Christians were forced out of a group refugee house by Muslims, who refused to allow them to use the public areas of the house, and also made them hide their crucifixes.

Refugee policy must be made on the basis of a sober analysis of whether it will be in The West’s long-term interest rather than whether or not it makes liberals feel virtuous. Admitting large numbers of Muslims will certainly have a profound long-term effect on New Zealand’s body politic, and on the evidence of Europe, 30 years further down this path than we are, not a good one.

Europe already knows (or ought to) that Muslims are only peaceful until there are enough of them to create a recognisable Islamic community. Once this occurs, those who formerly just wanted to “get along” are pressured by the more pious and observant into following the commandments in the Koran to self-segregate and wage perpetual war on non-Muslims.

Muslims are simply the latest force or current the Socialist One-Worlders have identified that can be mobilised into dialectical conflict with the West against a common enemy, the West’s Judeo-Christian culture. They have long understood the unassimilable nature of Islam, which is why Islam has ostensibly replaced Communism as the ideology of confrontation with the West.

After all, if Judeo-Christian culture and its democratically elected limited government, rule of law, religious pluralism, secure private property rights, and individual rights and freedoms stands squarely in the way of your One World Government project, you can march a long way beside those whose agenda is a One-World Religious Theocracy before you have to part company.

After the Muslims have annihilated Judeo-Christian culture and killed off large numbers of its most committed adherents, the Communist One-Worlders expect to forcibly put down Islam and erect their One-World Government on its corpse.

But just who will quell whom? Iran’s Shah was overthrown by a coalition of USSR-backed local Communists and Islamists. After the Shah was ousted those who were prepared to die for their totalitarian religion soon proved stronger than those who were unprepared to die for their totalitarian secular social religion.

Whoever wins out, those left alive of any faith will eagerly accept the authoritarian solutions proposed by either the One-Worlders or the Islamists in order to live in apparent peace and harmony. All will become serfs on the One-World Government Plantation or ants of Allah.

As O’Brien, the torturer in George Orwell’s “1984”, told Winston Smith during his interrogation: “If you want an image of the future imagine a boot stamping on a human face --forever.”

Kiwiwit said...

The answer to your question is, they don't. It is not the immigrants who want to preserve the zealotry of their homelands, it is Western multiculturalists who want them to do so. The aim of the multiculturalists is divide and defeat Western liberal society and they are prepared to embrace any means of doing so. Multiculturalists advocate that Western society is no better than others and go even further in stating that it is Western imperialism that is responsible for all the misdeeds of non-Western societies. I do not think they are genuine in that belief - it is just a means to an end of achieving the downfall of Western liberal democracy in favour of their (invariably Marxist) Utopia. Is it any surprise that Muslim immigrants who are told that their adopted lands are corrupt and immoral, and that their native culture is morally superior, are inclined to believe it and act accordingly? Actually, it is often the second and third generation from Islamic immigrants who become the extremists, which supports my contention that it is not the beliefs the immigrants brought with them that is the issue but the beliefs that are inculcated in their new homeland.

Anonymous said...

Its a 3 step plan...

That's why most Muslim countries close their doors - the want them displaced to other countries - infiltration. (New Zealand)
Then when their numbers have built up to a sustainable level - agitation (France, Germany)
Then when they have a clear majority, they murder or force into exile everyone except the extremists (Syria)

This forced displacement starts the whole process over in new countries.

If you look at the history of the development of Islam in any county it follows the same pattern. Even Muhammad followed this process to gain control of the Saudi Arabia.

Yoti65 said...

I watched tonight's news on T V and in particular that part reporting on the welcome to the most recent flush of refugees in Auckland. Was I the only one repulsed by refugees waving the national flags of the countries they ran away from at the cameras?

Unknown said...

Woodhouse says we celebrate diversity in NZ.

Unknown said...

Who the hell are you ..Unknown.. to say "WE" Because I don't and guess what there's millions of us.

A.G.R. said...

There are none so blind as those that cannot see. The John Key admirers still cannot see his close affiliation with Helen Clark. Not only has he endorsed her nomination to lead the U N, he has ensured that the extreme socialist path that she laid when P M. in NZ has continued unabated to the point where the parents don't need to accept responsibility for their children etc. Now he is allowing Muslims still waiving their mother countries flag to firstly visit & indoctrinate young Maori { Sonny Bills dream come true } then settle & wait for the reinforcements to arrive with the blessing of Mr.Key. Where will this government be when society as we know it dissintergrates, LONG GONE..

Anonymous said...

Hard to understand some of the racist claptrap posted here. Yes, there will always be troublemakers in any societal group. And Muslims, being one of the larger religious groups internationally, will have more of them - surprise, surprise. A sense of entitlement isn't confined to young Muslim men, we're surrounded by it daily, with apathetic parents of all cultures not setting boundaries for their offspring, or making any attempt to set an appropriate values system during their upbringing - if they get one. And what's wrong with waving one's country's flag under any circumstances? Many Kiwis have zero understanding of patriotism, it's not about hating Australia, or Muslims, most of whom are simply looking for a better life and future for their families.

Unknown said...

I said "Woodhouse says we celebrate diversity". Humans are an ethnocentric species and ethnocentrism is moderated by oxytocin so Woodhouse is just being politically correct. I would like to see a definition of racism that acknowledges ethnocentrism. Once it was considered taboo for two men to engage in sexual relations, later homosexuality was acknowledged to have a biological basis. But what of ethnocentrism?

Unknown said...

Islam cannot be trusted. Why? Because all followers believe that the Koran is the final word of God, and that Mohammed was a "perfect" man who instructed them not to rest until Islam dominates the world. Even the briefest reading of the Koran and Hadith clearly shows that they contain ideologies that are alien to the New Zealand way of life, and that the founder committed many acts which are reprehensible. Followers of this belief system are very clear that they are the "slaves" of Allah. These slaves whether moderate or radical, will always attempt to follow their fundamental ideology, which is incompatible with western civilization. Given the opportunity, Shariah Law would rule EVERY aspect of Muslim life, and YOURS. That is why we must push back against the spread of Islam at every opportunity. Britain and Sweden have already lost the battle as a result of treachery from within secular and religious groups who proactively thought up ways to please and accommodate Islam before it had even been asked for. The damage that they and others like them have caused to Britain and Sweden is incalculable. And it's happening right here in New Zealand. Susan Devoy called for us to drop the word Christmas from our vocabulary, clearly to avoid offending Muslims. It makes as much sense for NZ'ers to ask Muslims to drop the word Ramadan from their vocabulary. The NZ Office of Ethnic Affairs proactively called for Halal tourism along with the creation of a NZ constitution to entrench ethnic social rights that could include Shariah or Islamic law! These are the actions that Islam relies on to crumble the host country. How they must laugh at us.
Many people DO know what's going on, but white colonial guilt gets in the way. White guilt actually goes a long way to explaining why nations have allowed themselves to be overrun and swallowed by Islam, with barely a word of protest from ordinary citizens. The regressive left, social justice warriors, politically correct, starry eyed bleeding heart grief junkies have all cashed in big time on our sense of guilt for being fortunate enough to live in the lands of plenty. It's time to harden up people. We need to start letting everyone know that there is no solution to the problem of Islam. We are involved in a war for civilization right here in our own towns and cities. The first thing is to be absolutely clear that we have every right to fight it, and that what we are defending is worth fighting for. The second thing is to deny any rights to these people that will allow them to change our civilization. Not all cultures, religions and people are equal, they never have been and never will be. New Zealand is a first world country with western cultural values. We came, we saw, we conquered and we have a right to keep what is ours - own it and be proud of it! We must demand that our political parties state their explicit action plans to prohibit Shariah Law. Demand secular education. Demand a ban on public displays of worship and public demonstrations of religious protest. Demand enforcement of ‘religious neutrality’ in the workplace and all public places. Ban the burqa and niqab. Ban followers of Islam from accessing the halls of power. We must let Islam know that we will not trust this belief system in its present form. And so it begins. Ali Akil, refugee spokesman for Syrian Solidarity NZ is testing the water, calling for ten thousand more Syrian refugees. This is how Islam rolls. Quiet and friendly at first, biding its time, increasing the numbers until they have passed the population tipping point of 2 percent. That's when you'll be weeping in your beersies NZ. We need to get off our collective backsides and DO something about it now. Shariah and Islam does not sleep. It creeps along until Muslims are strong, and then comes the king hit.