Sunday, March 20, 2016

Frank Newman: Kiwimeter predicts no change to flag

On Thursday we will know whether we have a new flag. 

And we will know if NZ One's Kiwimeter is a reliable indicator of what New Zealand's think about being kiwi.

According to Kiwimeter 57% of New Zealander want to retain the existing flag. 

Given the meter is being measured at the same time as New Zealanders are voting in the flag referendum, it is a perfect benchmark to see if Kiwimeter respondents are a fair representation (as good sample) of the nation as a whole.

If the referendum result is materially different from the 57% in favour of no change reported by Kiwimeter then we can fairly disregard Kiwimeter as a representative measure of what kiwi's think it means to be a Kiwi in 2016.

Retain the existing flag: 57% (Kiwimeter), ?% (Referendum)

The link to the Kiwimeter is here:  

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paul scott said...

Yes, but the Kiwi meter is for people activated to take the vote.
Meaningless, in form if not result. The silence from Curia poll is interesting.