Monday, September 18, 2017

Brian Arrandale: Beware Labour and the Greens

If Labour do take this election with a clear mandate, then we can truly give them the dubious accolade that they are instituting their agricultural policy of eliminating the only world dairy Industry which can economically produce dairy products without the aid of subsidies.  

But emotive and exaggerated environmental concerns over ride economics and a greatly reduced export income. Although according to the Labour/Green electioneering this country will be a cleaner greener place with rivers sparkling.  (They forgot to mention the huge urban pollution from towns and cities)! 

Still we can still draw some comfort from very obvious fact that competition worldwide will rapidly fill the gap in our Dairy Industry’s short fall.   Soon afterwards will be an attack on the Sheep and Beef cattle industry, with the emphasis on back country farming pollution.  Gone will be those idyllic Country Calendar scenes of Beef herds crossing rivers, which would of course downstream mean pollute waterways all too close to those clean (but still untested) urban pollution centres.

Just what is actually behind both the new Labour and old Green hatred of anything rural in the context of agricultural rural production that would eventuate in a huge cost at the expense of us all?  It cannot be the cry of the cloth cap brigade hammering against the domination of rural electoral seats, when we have now in place, an election system that ensures almost a complete urban victory in elections?

Put it down to anti individualism an inborn hatred of capitalism, at a system which has ensured the standards of our present Western Civilisation outweigh all others. A system, that allows for freedom of dissent, tolerance of freedom of speech, of thought and the word. A system whose strength of the commercialisation of choice allowed a simple pair of jeans, not Western Politics, to eventually bring down the Berlin wall and the end of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe. 

Note it did not end Communism; it buried its head in the sands of time, to re-appear disguised under such banners as  Human Climate Change, a gender free sex society, Indigenous and Cultural Rights.  Now we see an extension in the appointment system in Central Government (List members in Parliament) extended into Local Government, Health Boards elections.  This is racist, as it is based merely on the idea that our democratic election procedure does not do justice to Maori.  The truth lies firmly in the fact that the United Nations pulls the strings and our N.Z. Governments will continue to dance to the indigenous tune of Maori Iwi demands.

The Left has re-emerged more enlightened with a policy of sustained change from the individual as the driving force of civilisation, to a collective organised indoctrinated populace. It is supportive of minor groups in re-educating and dividing the populace by the leftist control of learning.  In New Zealand this has been underway secretly and by stealth, and mainly by the complete absence of an effective Right Wing Party in allowing this cancer to spread.

The recent vote which placed Environmental issues well ahead of all others shows the degree of how well Leftist generated ignorance delivered by a healthy election pledge and a youthful ideological  leader can change any election.  The Western world with the advent of Brexit, and the election of President Trump turned the corner against the left; can New Zealand be strong enough to follow that lead? 

Labour is striking the right vein with those in our society who consider it their right to have and not to earn. The “we will look after you in a socialism agenda” has reduced Parties to a Nanny status, complete with a bottomless treasure chest to satisfy every domestic problems and material demands!  

Labour and Greens by ignoring the consequences of the overall costs of their promises; not only economically, but in a social context, have mortgaged future generations into a debt ridden future. With the disappearance of the value of the individual in our democracy we are headed once again for a return to the basics of Marx and Lenin. 

Reality is being avoided by Labour and the Greens, to them tomorrow is another time (and in all probability another Term in Government!), but the cost to us all and especially to future generations, will be our individualism and freedom.

Brian Arrandale is a keen scholar and writer with a background in farming and management.

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