Sunday, November 26, 2017

NZCPR Weekly: Refugee Controversies and Climate Change

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In this week’s newsletter we look into media reporting and the new Government’s plans for refugees and climate change, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Barry Brill shares his concerns about the use of global warming propaganda, and in this week’s poll we ask whether you think New Zealand should open its doors to “climate change” refugees.

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1 comment:

Brian said...

Refugees...Total Sponsorship by the United Nations.
Ever thought just why the United Nations continues to support or rather demand that Western Countries accept without question, the hordes of worldwide refugees?
Of course they are all according to the U.N., simply refugees fleeing from persecution, oppression, and death. Therefore as of right, should be fed, clothed, housed, and financially supported irrespectively without question as a humanitarian obligation by the affluent West.
Those countries that “export” these so-called refugees have never been held to task for their oppression, nor have those countries been openly condemned by either the Security Council or the United Nations General Assembly. Of course to actually criticise or even suggest that a third world country is capable of such an actively, would show a racial bias and humanarian insensitivity.
More importantly it would involve the United Nations in actually doing something practical in solving this problem at its source; something they avoid at all costs.
.As we have seen over the Manus Island media coverage, their left wing attitudes come swiftly to the fore on such an emotive issue. The total facts are merely ignored on the grounds that if they are detrimental to those illegal’s they are ignored and therefore are never subjected to the usual slimy gutter journalism (A clear example of this being evident in the anti Trump articles week after week) .
Can President Trump or even the Republican Administration actually ever do anything that is right? Surely this alone merits his inclusion in the Guinness Book of Records! Yet the now ex leader of Zimbabwe is still hailed as a patriot/freedom fighter turned Dictator, who rescued the downtrodden “indigenous” from the wicked colonial British Rhodesia by acts of terrorism.
We in N.Z. are a very soft touch for any minority issue, and subscribe to our media’s continuing unconcern for any facts that fail to follow left wing idealism.
If Prime Minister Ardern wishes to accept Manus Island illegal refugees, then she should ask ALL New Zealanders their permission before bringing into our society, known immigrants who have broken, and have scant respect for the law. Brian