Friday, March 9, 2018

Frank Newman: The science fiction of pre-fab' homes

Frank Newman, an investment analyst and former councillor on the Whangarei District Council, writes a weekly article for Property Plus.


Anonymous said...

Agree. Council delays big problem/costs.
Six weeks, 3 applications rejected, one because council using old Adobe and could not open file, consent application accepted 7 working days ago.
Just to demolish a shed for access to a back section.

Rex B said...

There is one thing that you have left out which started the housing crisis, successive governments allowing non NZ citizens to buy up NZ property for speculative purposes and uncontrolled immigration of people who have nothing to give to the country in return - all to boost political votes to remain in power, personal greed at the expence of NZ citizens quality of life!

Anonymous said...

I have just purchased two Keith Hay three bedroom homes at a cost of $2220 per square meter. They are complete and ready to live in with decks. The eye watering costs are planning & council fees which add another $450 per meter

Anonymous said...

Frank, I think your building costs are too high. You are just accepting the bloated building costs that arise as the result of a property bubble.
50 years ago the average house cost 3 times the average salary. Why could we do it then and not now?
Also, I think you are missing the infrastructure costs, which the government cannot afford anyway because it is spending too much on super and welfare. People (especially in Auckland) are paying a massive premium for more reasonable commute times. If the government hasn't built the roads etc then affordable houses (in say satellite towns) will have unacceptable commute times.
There is more to the equation than you mention. 50 years of neglect and incompetence by Labour and National will take another 50 years to unravel (but there is unlikely to be the political will to do so).
I agree though, Phil Twitford will achieve little.

Sam Esler said...

Fear not you mere mortals, Crusher Collins is the shadow minister for RMA reform. Exactly how she is going to do that in opposition beats the hell out of me, she didn't have much luck whilst in power for nine years.