Friday, July 3, 2020

Clive Bibby: The Free World holds is breath

There is no question that the free world is in crisis. 

Those of us who value our freedoms are contemplating an uncertain future where the choices we currently take for granted as individuals are at risk and unfortunately, there isn't a lot we can do about it.

Sadly, our Government, like many others of our traditional allies doesn't seem to care.

To some extent, our current parlous state is the result of a growing tendency to believe every dollop of bullshit forced upon us by a media fixated with its role in ensuring the demise of the current US President.

From a time beginning even before Donald Trump's inauguration, the world's "so called" free press, with only a few exceptions, has concentrated its combined efforts on destroying this Presidency.

And what are the reasons for this unprecedented assault on the democratically elected leader of the free world? Mostly, they are based on political agendas that have not accepted someone who does things differently. An infantile reaction perhaps but one that unfortunately may well succeed in re establishing the old order.

It is all about power at any cost.

It might be easier to understand if Trump had committed sins similar to those that forced Richard Nixon's resignation or had betrayed those who had been instrumental in his election such as Barack Obama did in contemptuous fashion during his term in office.

There is no question that Trump has a personality problem with more than half of the US voting public. He doesn't endear himself with his erratic presentation during conversations with an  electorate that preferred the smooth talking of his predecessor. 

So what! Should those flawed characteristics be considered equivalent  to a sackable offence. Although it is obvious that he isn't our "favourite uncle", how should we rate his performance in the job he was elected to do compared to the last two of his predecessors who were both awarded second terms.

If we are being charitable, on that score alone he must surely rate another four years.

Here's why!

Trump was elected on promises that he has honoured more than most former presidents.

He has honoured his commitment to keep Americans safe economically and physically. His promises to push back against the combined military treats of China, Russia and the rogue states of North Korea and Iran have been remarkably successful compared to the appeasement policies of both Bush and Obama.

The US has returned to its position as the Worlds benign policeman that had been abdocated under the previous administration.

In spite of the Covis 19 pandemic that will destroy many of the world's economies, the US is better prepared than most to bounce back to the stratospheric levels it had reached prior to the lockdown.

Even the most ardent Trump haters must  acknowledge the President's leadership in making that possible. 

However, probably the achievement that would give Trump the most satisfaction would be the positive change in status of many Afro Americans on his watch yet you will not see that impressive result featuring in the headlines while the media rush to present the anarchy of the " BLM" riots as all his fault.

He simply can't win.

And the real tragedy about this unfair treatment is that a Trump defeat at the polls will almost certainly see a return to the days when China, Russia and their henchmen states rode roughshod over the Free World.

We will have given them the keys allowing it to happen.

And anyway, after the event, it will be too late to start apportioning blame for that stupidity. We have been warned.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


Kasusan said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments about the Trump presidency. What is happening in America today is pure lunacy. I don't use that word lightly. If Trump is voted out of office in November, watch out. The loonies will have their way and anything is possible. The people in the streets are being played by powers that have a hidden agenda and Trump has tried to put a stop to their game plan. What else such a vitriolic hatred even before he took office. So good to see someone else from a different part of the world seeing this with clear vision.

Alan said...

"Benign" policeman of the world? You must be joking.

Mervyn said...

The position of NZ is touch and go whether we become an economic vassal of Communist China and eventually a sort of south seas Tibet if Trump is elected . If a schoolgirl hair sniffing fantasist suffering senile dementia gets elected the outcome is a foregone conclusion, assisted unfortunately by both sides of NZ politics who either don't know because they don't care or are closet Trotskyites secretly rejoicing the imminence of global socialism.