Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Lindsay Perigo: Go Crush 'Em Crusher!

The best thing Judith Collins said during her first press conference as National Party leader came right at the end: "I think it might be time for a drink."

Here we had intimations at least that the prim, prissy, prudish neo-Puritanism, the Woke-Fascism unleashed on the nation by the Marxist Jacinda Ardern might have met its match.

Equally encouraging, Collins did not disavow her long-standing nick-name, "Crusher."

"I am hoping that the National Party will collectively crush the other lot come September 19," was all she had to say about that.

"Crusher Collins" is exactly whom we need right now—as long as she is Crusher Collins and doesn't succumb to pressure from the dripping-wets within her caucus who will try to make her as woefully Woke as they are.

What she does need to disavow is Communist China. She should undertake to take us out of the free trade deal with that abominable totalitarian regime. Let's get back to "Made in New Zealand"!

She should disavow United Nations sovereignty over New Zealand, and restore it to New Zealand.

She should disavow the Global Migration Compact and pledge to withdraw New Zealand from it.

She should disavow the cancerous Cancel Culture currently poisoning public life, throttling free speech and destroying the lives of independent thinkers. She should undertake not to countenance any new "hate speech" laws and to remove existing laws that proscribe Thought Crimes. She should endorse David Seymour's bill along those lines.

She must promise to crush the Wuhan Virus legislation which gives unbridled dictatorial powers to "Enforcement Officers" appointed by Comrade Ardern. Crusher said at the time of its passing that had National attempted such a thing it would have been crucified and rightly so. Therefore let us be done with it!

She should promise to crush Wokery in our schools and universities in particular, which have become not centres of learning and vigorous debate but the very crucibles of indoctrination and mindless conformity to a hysterical moronnial mob. She should explicitly call out the Woke-racist New Zealand School of Music for its insidious proposal to "de-center Whiteness." She must go on asking, as she did again on Morning Report today, "Well is there? Is there something wrong with being white?"

She added to that, "I think most New Zealanders aren't worried about things like culture wars." Most New Zealanders aren't, but they are being forced to pretend to acquiesce to this evil by the grotesque Woke elitists who seemingly run everything now.

It's redundant to promise a strong economy. It's a given that Crusher would deliver a strong economy vs the basket case that the Marxists are turning it into. But a strong economy cannot long be sustained under a crippling cultural Yoke of Woke.

So, Crusher Collins, you go, girl! Retain your testicles, even as the "men" around you have none!

Lindsay Perigo is a former TV presenter, interviewer, talkback host, and NZ's most notorious libertarian!


Ray S said...

I wish I had said all this. Will it all come to pass? I doubt it. New Zealanders are too far conditioned to the state taking care of them to risk losing it all by voting for Crusher and crew. Sad but true.

Joyce R said...

If we assume failure we will surely get it. I believe that MOST New Zealanders want equality with each other and separation from Communist regimes. We NEED to stand up for our rights, get out there and vote. That's what Democracy is about.

Roger Youmans @ 92 said...

Yes I agree whole heartedly with what has been said, particually about the UN. We (the majority) must stop having minorities replacing our values with theirs, or being called a racist or om a hate trip.

Peter said...

It doesn't matter how much of a 'crusher' she is or how 'able' or smart or determined, it's the same old tired horse being ridden by a different jockey, this time a woman. We are trapped in the Babylonian monetary and political system, and no amount of smart thinking, from anyone, will pull us out of it -- not even Mr Trump in America, so abused for doing his level best for America, while the Marxist Evil Children do their level best to pull the system down, even if it means millions at risk in the process. Look at the 'instructions' in this window. The comments must be 'respectful.' Do you think the mugging and shooting of old folk in Chicago in the last few days, mainly by blacks, is 'respectful'? Wake up, people. Your lives at are stake. To hell with respectful. It got us nowhere -- except an unelected, Marxist prime minister handed to us by the leader of a political party who swore on oath that he would not support a party that promotes race-based benefits. I guess it must have slipped his mind. But it won't slip the electorate's mind. Good luck, Mr Peters. You're going to need it. I doubt if even the ACT Party will share so much as an attic with you when all's said and done.

Ash said...

Well said.

Luke Haddleton said...

Yes, I think we all know all of this, and the unfortunate thing is that outing is not intelligence tested!

I can’t comprehend that Arden even accepted the PM role, given that she must know that she is not the best person for that job.

It is all about her, and her aspirations for herself - she is not doing anything worthwhile for NZ.

We need to send that message really clearly at the election.

Sally said...

I agree that we must get the UN out NZ lives. I have recently been made aware that the youth group Scouts NZ had worked in conjunction with Canada, Ireland and Australia Scouts on a new award scheme, to lay the foundation for the next decade. But Scouts NZ’s “point of difference” is they have included the United Nations’ Sustainable Development as part of their core programme. This is a retrograde step and totally unnecessary. I thought Scouting was a non-political organisation.

Paul J. said...

Jacinda is stretching out the Covid saga using fear as the main promotional ingredient all the way to election, because it means votes from the paranoid. Neither she or her party has any viable plan to begin the long process of dragging us out of the huge debt they have run up, whereas JC can see the answer lies in stimulating the economy with infrastructure projects that will create jobs and give people hope.The coalition has been a joke from go to woe and with the end of the wage subsidy they must now come up with yet another way to maintain the path to the critical mass of welfare dependency. Once that happens, heaven help those of us who want to actually work for a living.