Saturday, June 24, 2023

Bob Jones: Meng Foon gone at last

Race Relations Commissioner Meng Foon is finally gone, having resigned before Associate Justice Minister Deborah Russell could sack him.

Foon was a shocking appointment by Andrew Little who failed to do his homework re his background, particularly his exploitation of idiotic mainly maori women with his poker machine outfit in Gisborne’s poorest area.

Foon has been a disaster with his various maori wonderfulness pronouncements which have often been outrageously racist, I assumed driven by his guilt over his earlier exploitation activities.

ACT’s David Seymour summed the situation up accurately, albeit more diplomatically than Foon deserved when he said, “I think he’s been ineffective and way out of line through his whole tenure and sad to see him resign on a matter of (conflict) interest rather than his poor performance”.

ACT have already announced a policy to abolish the Race Relations office and the Human Rights Commission which encompassed it (located in one of my Auckland Buildings actually).

I certainly agree with ending the farcical Human Rights Commission, not the least because there’s no such thing. The only “rights” are legal rights; the others are simply wish-list fantasies.

But what of the Race Relations Commission? In Foon’s period there was only one race, namely maori. But we’re a multi-cultural society with more Asians than maori and thank God for that. If it was over to me I’d actively solicit Oriental migration. As we know they’re incredibly industrious with the hugely important added benefit of good looking females.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Anonymous said...

He served his purpose for our Marxist government and the Maori mafia agenda.

robert Arthur said...

Until they adopt the Aotearoan diet, then they commence transformation as per their predecessors from a thousand or so years ago.

Anonymous said...

The times I made complaints to the HRC were a total waste if time and I rarely got my email answered. The department was just a junket or money syphon for the lefty labour lot

Anonymous said...

Meng Foon is Oriental.

Don said...

He switched me off when he stated unequivocally: " New Zealand is a Maori country." So much for lack of bias and a reasoned and logical approach to matters affecting all of us. If he was the best candidate what sort of dim-witted time servers made the appointment?