Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Ele Ludemann: What’s necessary?

If a household, business or any other individual or organisation was facing serious financial problems they’d stop spending on any luxuries and reassessing necessities.

The government must take the same approach.

That means not asking if everything funded by any entity it funds is necessary but are all the entities it funds necessary?

The government has made a start by closing the Productivity Commission. What else wouldn’t be missed?

I’m not convinced we’ve ever needed a Ministry of Women. Even if we did, do we still need it now?

Is the Ministry for Seniors necessary?

A close inspection of everything each agency does is sure to find others that we simply can’t afford.

If the costs to run these entities can’t be justified by what they achieve, they must go.

There are far too many calls for funds for what is absolutely necessary to keep anything that isn’t.

Ele Ludemann is a North Otago farmer and journalist, who blogs HERE - where this article was sourced.

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