Wednesday, February 28, 2024

David Farrar: Newshub to close

The Herald reports:

One of our biggest commercial media company's newsrooms – newshub – is set to close at the end of June, with dozens of journalists out of roles.

Warner Bros. Discovery has laid out plans to close its Newshub news division from the end of June, and will apparently look to “co-fund” local news with a partner.

“Look this is awful,” Warner Bros. Discovery NZ boss Glen Kyne told staff at the meeting.

The company would look to co-fund local news but Three was now the “core” of the future business, staff were told.

This is sad, in two different ways.

A lot of people are losing their jobs, and have families who depend on them.

The other sadness is a loss of competition. This will leave tvnz as the dominant broadcaster. We do have many new media players such as the spinoff, Newsroom, The Platform and RCR but they don't have the reach that television still has.

David Farrar runs Curia Market Research, a specialist opinion polling and research agency, and the popular Kiwiblog where this article was sourced. He previously worked in the Parliament for eight years, serving two National Party Prime Ministers and three Opposition Leaders.


Tinman said...

The other sadness is a loss of competition.

Two communist outfits attempting to out-lie each other and now one has quit.
How is that sad?

MC said...

Woke + "Nope" = BROKE. Might be some 2nd hand Tiki's for sale soon.

mudbayripper said...

Thank god! I couldn't be happier.
Sorry I have zero sympathy.
From the board down to the intern, they have all been compliant in an all out campaign to destroy New Zealands democracy and 200 years of bloody hard work.
Go woke, Go broke.
As for TV NZ, there time cometh.

Anonymous said...

Very predictable and more to come.
Go woke go broke, the left wing bias of the media is so surprising because a large proportion of NZ is conservative. Pissing off half your customers is a failed business model.
They won’t be missed.

Anonymous said...

Funny how, in the face of looming irrelevance, woke sellouts like Newshub, Stuff, TVNZ & Newsroom etc seek to justify their continued existence with the ridiculous assertion they are the 4th Estate. If that were true they wouldn’t be facing closure. They lost that claim when they failed to criticise anything Jacinda Ardern did & helped turn her & Bloomfield into demigods. Yes, we need media, but we don’t need these bunch of propagandists who turn themselves into the ‘Main Character’, pass on opinions as fact, fail to just report the news, & fail to hold politicians to account without bias. Their lack of criticism & acknowledgment of the Labour Party’s obvious failings & hypocrisy is proof they are no longer anything but leftwing sycophants & troughers. But make no mistake, the outliers are on notice too. We are sick of so-called journalists telling us what to think. I suspect this announcement is just the beginning.

Russell said...

World's smallest violin.

The media love telling everyone how important they are, and how it's everyone else's fault that they've failed.

As a normie I won't notice their passing. Nothing will have changed for the worse come 1st July.

DeeM said...

Oh dear! That's what happens when you don't give a large chunk of the public what they want - balanced, unbiased news coverage.

Only tax-payers money is keeping TVOne News going I suspect. Time for that to be conditional on providing the above.

Anonymous said...

Newshub was complicit in the deliberate & systematic erosion of our democracy, economy, infrastructure & essential public services. It is hard to feel much empathy for the 300 or so people who are about to lose their jobs when they did nothing to prevent the dystopian nightmare the Labour govt left us in. Education being case in point - enormous increase in expenditure, contractors & public servants with absolutely nothing to show for it except a dramatic deterioration in attendance, UE, literacy & numeracy rates. Facts were being increasingly replaced with pure nonsense in the curriculum & RSE & Newshub not only failed to question it, they went out of their way to endorse it & limit debate. They are the antithesis of what the media is meant to do in a free & democratic country. So good riddance.

Anonymous said...

maybe their 'treaty partner' can buy them out :)

Anonymous said...

I feel this is a blessing in disguise. The scrutiny that tv1 will be under will be immense. They will be in everyone crosshairs.

Here's how it will play out. The board will be dragged into a meeting and advised of the broadcasting charter. They will squeal loudly as the left always do and claim racism and everything else under the sun, when all anyone ever wants is fair and balanced reporting.

I personally think it's beyond them so im wanting heads to roll from the top down.

I really think this is going to be great.....just not for tvnz board, the journos and the nz lunatics...
Fantastic .

AlanG said...

I tried watching TV3 News a few months back, in the vain hope that it may present a more balanced view than TV1. It didn't. Hopefully, this sends a message to the TV1 execs but I doubt if the message will get through. Still, nothing like losing your job to jolt you into some sense of reality.

Anonymous said...

Love TV3 and AM sad for professionals at this time. Won’t be watching TV1 breakfast - back to radio NZ.