Saturday, February 24, 2024

Sir Bob Jones: World class bullsh*t

There’s a part maori bloke in Wellington with that fine old maori surname of McIntyre-Wilson, who is apparently a talented jewellery designer. Recently he was given the job of designing a new children’s playground in the capital’s waterfront Frank Kitt’s park.

Shortly it is to be publicly opened. It largely comprises some slides and swings.

McIntyre-Wilson is quoted in the media saying of it,

“Whetu Marama (this the name it’s been dubbed by the Council wets) is a living, breathing entity that holds and imparts knowledge.

It represents the continuation of our voyaging heritage, a physical and symbolic link to our tupuna. It is a reminder of waka in our history, not just as vessels of transport, but as keepers of stories, technology and traditions”.

That verbiage is world-class cock. It’s a playground with some swings and slides for God’s sake.

If McIntyre-Wilson believes this ridiculous guff then surely the asylum awaits, and indeed the straight jacket for everyone’s protection.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Similar to the Real Estate agent issue....forced aculturation.

Shortly, if one does not spout the garbled cultural spiel, then one is " a suspect person".

One is not an " upstanding Aotearoan".... 1984 is here.

Robert Arthur said...

What beats me is how people learn to write this twaddle. It now appears wherever there is a reference to maori influence, including from govt depts. and councils. I was taught to admire the straight speech of Churchill, the direct style Bob Jones follows. Never have to read twice to fathom the message (or try to). What is the course name for twaddle speak tuition? (The course for the tutors must be quite something) It is incredible that no one in msm lampoons. Presumably part of all Maori Studies courses.If the guy can manage that for a playground imagine what he could achieve fro a maori carving. (Or, for sanity, don't).
I hope Bob will make regular contributions. The world is becoming a very dull place.

DeeM said...

Sounds par for the course for Wellington!
I wonder how much the Mayor will spend on the opening ceremony and exclusive after-party dinner and drinks for her and her Green mates.

Culturally, Cringingly, Wellington!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much it cost to have this cultural element.

Rob Beechey said...

We need more people like Bob Jones to cut through the bullshit and tell it the way it is.

EP said...

Sad thing is, the poor fellow seems to have no idea what a dope he is, and how much he is bringing Maori into disrepute and derision. Where are the "thinking" Maori who should call him out? Are they out there?

Anonymous said...

I enjoy reading Bob Jones articles, he tells it as it is in plain English.

Anonymous said...

Here is a link to the New Age Bullshit Generator
Doesn't have any te reo maori, but a Google auto- translation would create the same crap.

Don said...

Thank heavens for the Jones style of telling it like it is. For myself I accept the non-language of Te Rao for what it is - a joke being mainly English words in flax skirts. Using its methods of inventing words fun can be had by adjusting the words a little more. The tribe so many of its proponents spring from is (Ngati Tutaemuru). A letter signed off Nga mihi brings the response Nga mimi from me. Unfortunately the fun soon becomes tiresome as one is reminded that the whole misguided policy of maorification is not funny.Pleasingly the silent majority expressed its concern by voting against the parties that were promoting it.

Anonymous said...

What a heavy-hitter Sir Bob Jones continues to be...I just read his blog aloud to an appreciative audience. One and all agree that this is an excellent "outing" of these obsequious sycophants who adhere to the false narrative of finding Maori spirituality in everything from a spider to a chair-leg. It's all swings and roundabouts really. Well done and keep 'em coming.