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Lushington D. Brady: Who Needs Reason When You Have Ungabunga?

How Oogabooga mysticism conquered the West

As I wrote recently, California, in the midst of a periodic water crisis, is busily demolishing dams. Why? Because of the magic, oops, ‘spiritually important’ fish, according to the mythology of local Indian tribes.

Of course, as one reader pointed out, there are sound environmental reasons for at least building better dams that don’t impede salmon runs. In which case, why not say so? Why demolish four dams critical to water storage and power generation because, in the government’s own words, “fish that are culturally and spiritually important to several Native American tribes in the area”?

Why the need to dress everything in oogabooga mysticism?

Unfortunately, as New Zealanders are only too well aware, oogabooga mysticism is the ruling conceit of the left elite. These are the ideological nitwits proclaiming that ‘Indigenous ways of knowing’ are not just the equal of, but superior to ‘Western’ science.

Hence, guff like this:

Northernmost iwi Ngati Kuri is looking for Indigenous knowledge from across Tasman to learn traditional cultural practices to prevent or manage wildfires.

A group travelled to north Queensland in August to meet with the Girringun, and a group of Girringun rangers are visiting Muriwhenua in March.

Ngati Kuri Trust Board chief executive Sheridan Waitai says the Ngati Kuri rohe at the tip of the Aupouri Peninsula is actually a fragment of the Australian continent that broke off.

Yes, it did – 100 million years ago. Which is significantly before humans were even around, let alone the first ancestors of the Aborigines arrived in Australia. More importantly, significant alterations in the local ecologies have occurred since, most notably heavy deforestation.

But, hey, that’s just ‘Western’ science.

It’s not as if we don’t have enough ungabunga nonsense being taken far too seriously, across the Tasman here in Australia.

A Western Australian man is facing a hefty fine and potential jail time under the state’s cultural heritage laws for allegedly disrupting the rainbow serpent after building a bridge over a creek on his property.

Maybe they should get some Maori to go over to WA with a taniwha or two, and try and talk some sense into the heap big angry rainbow serpent.

On second thoughts, maybe not: it was a Maori visit to WA in 1976 that was the catalyst for the invention of the dreary nonsense of “Welcome to Country” ceremonies. Now, we can’t escape the blasted nonsense. No more than New Zealanders can escape a torrent of te Reo at the opening of a paper bag.

But, back to the Bridge That Angered the Rainbow Serpent: bear in mind that this landowner is being prosecuted under the revised “Aboriginal cultural heritage” laws, after the last lot were scrapped in record time for being too crazy even for the wokesters.

In August last year, the state government ditched sweeping new Aboriginal cultural heritage laws after just 39 days in operation following widespread community backlash – and fears the controversy was affecting public support for the Voice referendum.

Mr Maddox was charged under the unamended 1972 laws for building a creek crossing on his property, which the prosecution claimed had disrupted Waugul – a rainbow serpent central to mythology for Noongar people – as he removed a large amount of silt from the creek, Sky News Australia reported.

Rule of thumb: if your god gets angry over some mud, your religion is probably retarded.

But retardation is a woke government bureaucrat’s middle name.

He pleaded not guilty in the Northam Magistrates Court and is set to face a two-day trial in Perth starting on Thursday February 22.

If found guilty he faces up to nine months behind bars and a fine of $20,000 […]

The laws require approval for activities that may impact or harm Aboriginal heritage and any person who excavates, destroys, damages or conceals or in any way alters any Aboriginal heritage site commits an offence.

So, Aboriginal heritage is… mud?

Tell me again why we’re worshipping this so-called ‘world’s oldest living culture’?

Lushington describes himself as Punk rock philosopher. Liberalist contrarian. Grumpy old bastard. This article was first published HERE


DeeM said...

Pre-Europeans, the aborigines were well known for starting fires in the cool season to control-burn all the undergrowth and which the Greenies now tell us we aren't allowed to fiddle with in case we kill a giant snail or upset a colony of ants.

This prevented the raging wildfires which we suffer from today and which the Greenies tell us due to man-made climate change.

Perhaps Ngati Kuri should invite Chloe Swarbrick and the rest of the Green Party up to Northland to meet the Girrungin. They're so woke they won't be able to resist.
With any luck the Girrungin will demonstrate traditional cultural management of wildfires by starting one around the Greens and burn off two birds with one match.

Anonymous said...

Two things -

1/- " Unfortunately, as New Zealanders are only too well aware, oogabooga..".
Yes we have that 'tribe in NZ', they can be found residing in any Regional (and possibly District & Local Councils) - they accomplish field trips to "view water and the flow and/or lack of flow from the Mountains to the sea"(sorry no pun intended, we in NZ invented it first). Why do they take picnic lunch and drink thermos and go forth - "it is to ponder why there is a lack of and/or no water in the rivers". And when those "Lads" from the Game & Fishing Council come out and say we need water for trout to move from the "Sea to the Mountains" and when asked why - Breeding, among other things.
But they respond, the river has water - and some bright Lad (from Game & Fishing) doth reply - 'Yup when it rains and the rivers flood and bring s.h.i.t down from upstream'. Great for fish development'.'

2/ - For DeeM. is it possible when such an invitation to Chloe S is extended that "some bright spark" goes and burns the bridge down, so she has to remain up North'??? Just asking??

CXH said...

No need to go so far to find out about fires, Ngai Tahu burnt most of the South Island down long before the dirty colonialists arrived.

Anonymous said...

CXH - and killed a few Moa in the process.