Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mike Butler: One voice against the ETS

Act MP John Boscawen was speaking to a largely empty parliament last Wednesday, when he called on Prime Minister John Key to either scrap the Emissions Trading Scheme or delay it indefinitely. “From 1 July we can expect an immediate increase of five percent in the price of electricity and of four cents per litre in the price of petrol. Those increases are expected to double on 1 January 2013”, he said.

Banner headlines predicting climate doom led me to research the issue. The results were published in Investigate Magazine last year. (“The Really Inconvenient Truth: Exposing the climate change doomsayers”, July 2008) The facts are:

1. There never has been proof that emissions caused by human activity are causing global warming.

2. Last December’s “climategate” publication of emails leaked or hacked from the University of East Anglia was the latest in a series of scandals over the highly selective use of data to claim that man-made global warming is causing catastrophic climate change.

3. Since New Zealand contributes 0.2% of total global emissions, it doesn’t really matter what New Zealand does regarding emissions.

4. Temperature measurements using ground-based thermometers, balloon-mounted radiosondes, and satellite-mounted microwave sensing units all show that there has been no global warming since 1998. In fact, planet Earth is in a cooling cycle, which is more risky to human existence, since it becomes more difficult to grow food in a cool, arid climate.

5. Carbon dioxide emissions have increased while the temperature has decreased, which is the exact opposite of the global warming hypothesis. This in itself should be enough to disprove the theory.

Boscawen noted that French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced that France is abandoning its intention to introduce a carbon tax in France, because the French people have risen up in protest. They have realised that France would be foolish to tax its people when other countries in Europe are not.

“Our three major trading partners - Australia, China, and the United States - are not taxing their people or increasing the price of electricity for their citizens”, he said.

How long is it going to take members of this parliament to realise that the ETS is a costly mistake, based on nothing, that will achieve nothing other than an extra revenue stream for the government?


Anonymous said...

The problem is too many politicial careers are now based on the global warming theory. Those interests will continue to ignore the facts pointed out in your article. The worst offender is Nick Smith. If National is to come to its senses over the ETS it needs to remove Smith from responsibility.

Anonymous said...

Another pertinent fact is that at Copenhagen, the UN rated NZ's ETS as being ineffective, and put us somewhere around the bottom of the league of nations with regard to our efforts to reduce climate change. In that respect the ETS was a miserable failure.

Lisa G in NZ said...

Good post.

I've emailed National a couple of times on this and the NZ Herald. I've seen a couple OpEds who promote the truth, but how can we can eg NZ Herald to be more foreful/truthful in exposing ClimateGate?


Anonymous said...

Ian Ryan says: Would John Boscawen help initiate a protest day of cars driving slowly around in Auckland City streets gradually blocking every road while lawfully causing the city to grind to a halt [like the French farmers do with their tractors in Paris every time they feel threatened]. If that is what it takes to get the government to understand that the majority of NZERs do not want ET. It is ET [not ETS] because it is Fantasy.

Anonymous said...

Dr Smith appears to be bound by some sort of secret pact whereby a paediatrician is briefed by NIWA, coached by NIWA, and then forms an "independent viewpoint". When in doubt, Dr Smith consults with NIWA. Meantime, how is that John Key changed his well known viewpoint ( see parliaments's Hanshard verbatim Key comments) after just one "hot" date with infamous Al Gore. Gore promoted the "MANN" ( in hockey stick fraud ) made DANGEROUS runaway global warming theory because his companies would benefit from subsidies paid by taxpayers for inefficient alternative energy sources which create high food prices, and promote indigenous forest eradication for energy crops.

Dianna said...

Actually if a Government acts contrary to the interests of the people it serves, then it should be turfed out forthwith.

Take note John Key. We voted you in to do what you said you would do ... don't back peddle and whimp out on all fronts.

Dump the ETS, dump MMP, dump the anti-smacking bill, dump the kyoto protocol, dump the UN declaration on human rights ... lets organise a New Zealand Consitituion and establish an upper house. Get rid of all those list MP's. Nobody voted them into office. They are stool pidgeons for whacko extremist lobbyists ... that is those who are not the extremist lobbyists themselves.

Sally said...

It was a disgrace that MPs did not take the time to do their own research before voting on their party's 'shonkey' ETS Bill. The warnings were there that the science was not settled on global warming or 'climate change.' It is common sense that the science could never be settled as climate change is ever changing.

These MP's will be remembered as the MP's without minds of their own who shamelessly passed legislation that would not do anything to reduce CO2, but certainly would make the people of NZ much poorer.

They all shamefully sold their souls based on 'SHON-KEY' science.

Sally said...

Nick Smith 21/08/09

"My colleagues and I are working hard to ensure that New Zealand’s national circumstances are taken into account in the international negotiations on climate change, in order to be certain that New Zealand gets a fair deal under any future agreement."

Dr Smith, how long do we have to wait for a FAIR DEAL?

maic said...

We seem to be stranded in a "pretend democracy" where the politicians, once elected, see no reason to listen to the concerns of the citizens. I believe that only direct political action will be a remedy, such as
a) Refusing to vote for any Party which supports this crazy ETS scheme - even if it means you don't vote for anyone.
b) Put up independent candidates for Members of Parliament - whose first priority would be the concerns of the local electorate.
c) Establish a new political party as suggested by Lord Monckton. He called it the Freedom Party. My suggested name would be the Citiizens' Reform Party. (CRP)
It took the people living in the Iron Curtain countries some decades to throw out the entrenched Party Bosses - but they did it in the end. We could do it too - if we had the will and determination!