Saturday, August 31, 2019

Mike Hosking: No details on anyone who worked on this were leaked

So, it's time now, to mark the week. Rating the pieces of news and current events - it's as popular as still getting super when you're 65.

Big call from the Nats: 4. Is raising the super age a vote getter? No. Is it a lure for Winston, so in coalition talks next year they can give it away and make him look like the power broker? You'd be surprised how many have offered that up as a theory.

Boris: 9. If fortune favours the brave, Boris has got balls of granite. He won't die wondering and history shows people love strength in leadership. What they don't necessarily like is insanity. And this latest play has a mix of both.

The Waitangi Tribunal: 3. Starting to look increasingly deranged. No one owns water. You want to change that? It's a life time of lawyers.

The All Blacks: 8. Still one of the great days in New Zealand sport. Thirty-one names, and the prospect of a World Cup. And one of the few events that still unites a nation.

Public pay scales: 2. Sure we want to know what everyone earns, what can possibly go wrong?

Ministry of Culture: 2. At least they have four other government departments that look as hopeless as they do at the moment.

The CRL compo package: 1. Hello Phil? Jacinda said she had a word. Hello? Come on in, anytime you're ready.

The Kiwibuild reset: 6. The 6 is for hope. It's coming this week, it's been all year in the making. Can they resurrect, from the dust heap of political humiliation, something that looks like a policy? No pressure, Megan Woods.

Spark Sport: 4. Delay issues on naming day, LG TVs that won't work ... at least the Government opened the clubs so we can have a beer.

Adrian Orr: 3. Nothing is too big to fail. Well, apart from that being blatantly untrue, I am not sure his on-going campaign on banks and reserves is gaining any real traction.

And Adrian Orr: 6. I think he might be doing better on the 50 point cut and telling us to go and borrow and spend. He's got a lot riding on that.

MP's pay: 5. You can never win on that. No matter who makes the call, it'll always be wrong. There will always be some you think are paid too much and others you think shouldn't be paid anything at all.

Invercargill: 8. Great week with new flights and a new town centre. As Mayor Tim says, there's so much going on it's hard to keep up. Just wasn't sure whether that said more about Invercargill or Tim.

The Auckland-Hamilton train: 5. In theory, brilliant. In reality, a letdown. Slow, too many stops. Doesn't even go to Auckland proper. A missed opportunity.

Our roading infrastructure pipeline: 3. This is a scandal. Roads cancelled, work drying up, workers off to Australia in a country desperate for new roads. And in an economy slowing badly, that's not just a missed opportunity, it's economic vandalism.

As is the Westpower dam: 3. I thought we liked hydro and I thought we liked having power and the lights on. My mistake.

The Warriors: 6. Six because I can't help myself, and I love them despite it all, and I'll be back this weekend and next and next year can we just finish these final two please with some style. Please?

And that's the week. Copies on the website, and no details on anyone who worked on this were leaked and they were all paid the same, except the woman who makes the tea.

Mike Hosking is a political broadcaster on Newstalk ZB, who has hosted his number one breakfast show since 2008 - see HERE.

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