Saturday, December 28, 2019

Breaking Views Update: Week of 22.12.19

Saturday December 28, 2019

Policies threat to whanau Maori
The head of the Māori midwives roopu says National’s proposed social policies will make it harder for Māori mothers to keep their babies.

While the pressure needs to stay on the current Government to address the situation, National’s policies all seem to come down to Ōranga Tamariki taking babies rather than trying to fix the problems families get into because of poverty and stress.

"The solution is not Ōranga Tamariki. The solution has to rest with policies that enable whānau to live better, have better homes, better housing, live on an income that is able to feed their family and whānau, have good health care, and get good education," she says....
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$445,000 iwi money gets stuck in limbo
Cash-strapped Wellington iwi Taranaki Whanui has hundreds of thousands of dollars stuck in limbo after a years-old property deal went bad.

The money relates to land at 83 Waterloo Quay, near Wellington Railway Station, on which PNBST put a $750,000 deposit to buy under its first-right-of-refusal deal in its Treaty settlement. This deposit was made in 2010, when Sir Ngatata Love was chairman.

The plan was to sell the land to an Auckland-based developer but when the deal did not go ahead it appears the money was not paid back by the developer......
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Ngai Tahu seat on Climate Commission challenged
Independent Māori climate change commissioner Donna Awatere-Huata says having a Ngāi Tahu representative on the Government’s climate commission doesn’t mean Māori are represented or well served.

Ms Awatere-Huata says Maoridom deserves more than to be just considered as agribusiness.

“You have to look at Ngāi Tahu’s record as one of biggest farmers in the South Island, polluters of water, choppers down of forest, and with no complaint from herself (Ms Tumahai),” she says.

Ms Awatere Huata says as one of the first to receive a treaty settlement and build up its tribal wealth, Ngāi Tahu should use its power to advocate for all Māori rather than its own agriculture business.....
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Maori radio overdue for funding
The New Zealand Māori Council wants to see more money for Iwi radio.

While Radio New Zealand and New Zealand on Air have had infusions of cash since the election after a freeze under the previous Government, increased funding for Māori broadcasting has been on hold as a slow-rolling review has tried to guess the future shape of radio in the face of technological change.......
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Rugby, Racism and Xenophobia 

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Friday December 27, 2019

Northland land owners block vehicle access to Maitai Bay beach amid 'hoon' concernsLand owners have closed a popular Far North bay to vehicles after complaints about bad driver behaviour on the beach.

Waikato Bay on the Karikari Peninsula, next to the Department of Conservation campsite at Maitai Bay, is normally a busy boat-launching site in summer.

However, a gate giving vehicle access to the beach was locked by the Waitai Raharuhi Whānau Trust on December 19 and is not due to re-open until January 30.

The closure may complicate the plans of some holidaymakers who will have to launch their boats from Rangiputa, Perihipe or Tokerau Beach instead.

The closure is in response to what the trust says are "numerous instances of dangerous and irresponsible driving on the beach"........
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New dual English/Māori place names
Another group of places across the country now reflect both Māori and Pākehā history after receiving dual names this year.

Land Information New Zealand has given 22 places from Fiordland to the East Cape both English and Māori names.....
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Hidden Spots: Tauranga's Gate Pa

Thursday December 26, 2019

Rāhui/prohibition placed on shellfish gathering in Te Mātā
Thames Coast iwi Ngāti Tamaterā has placed a rāhui, or prohibition, over the Te Mātā and Tapu (Waipatukahu) shellfisheries, which the Ministry for Primary Industries will be enforcing.

Ngāti Tamaterā has placed the rāhui because the shellfish grounds are severely depleted, and the iwi wants to protect this precious resource for future generations.

This means the taking of any shellfish in the rāhui area is prohibited, including the taking of cockles, pipi, mussels and oysters.....
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Rotokākahi Lake 'desecrated' as bike trails lead to swimming
The kaitiaki of a sacred Rotorua lake say it is being desecrated by people swimming in it after the opening of mountain bike trails in 2018.

The Rotokākahi Board of Control is legislated under the Māori Purposes Act and is controlled by the Governor General.

Motutawa Island sits in the middle of the lake and is a burial site where the famed Te Arawa ancestor Hinemoa is buried.

Lee said the board wanted the new bike trails closed....
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Half of suicide attempts in police custody made by Māori
At least half of people who have attempted suicide or self harm in police custody this year are Māori.

For the year to date, 50 people have made a suicide attempt while in police custody, up from 29 in 2018.

According to information obtained under the Official Information Act, half of the suicide attempts this year are Māori, and a further 16 did not have their ethnicity recorded.....
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Trespass order the next level up as hapu face racist abuse over rāhui at Mermaid Pools
A Northland hāpu at its wits end over tourists openly flouting a rāhui placed on the popular Mermaid Pools is considering issuing trespass notices to get its message through.....(Herald paywall)
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The day New Zealand's racism punched me in the gut

Whakaari/White Island: Newly elected mayor touched by bravery, love and strength following eruption

Tuesday December 24, 2019

Efforts for Maori spread across portfolios
The Labour Party’s vice president Māori is hailing the Government as being transformational for Māori.

He cites Corrections Minister Kelvin Davis, Māori Development Minister Nanaia Mahuta and Employment Minster Willie Jackson for instituting changes that will have a long term impact on whānau Māori.

The increase of Māori on district health boards will also be transformational.

But there are intergenerational issues of poverty and social harm that will take long term efforts to fix.

While Labour has been criticised for preferring universal rather than targeted programmes, ministers like Tracey Martin have been talking with individual iwi and urban Māori authorities about new approached to programme delivery.....
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Bob Edlin: Ombudsman invokes the Treaty and declares his aim to be fair – particularly to one group of citizens

12 Days of Christmas: Ruapotaka Marae

Sunday December 22, 2019

Call for councils to mark NZ Declaration of Independence
Councils are being called on to respect the New Zealand Declaration of Independence by not holding meetings on 28 October.

The call comes from new Far North District councillor Moko Tepania, of Te Rarawa and Ngāti Kahu ki Whangaroa.

This week, Tepania asked his council in Kaitaia to change plans for a full council meeting on 28 October, the commemoration day for the declaration's signing in 1835.

"I move that FNDC, in recognising signing of He Whakaputanga o te Rangatiratanga o Nu Tireni - the New Zealand Declaration of Independence, and the day set aside to observe the New Zealand Wars, council preserve 28 October as a non council meeting day," Tepania said.

"I am calling on other councils to adopt this approach - to recognise the date and remember what it represents."

Councillors voted unanimously in favour of the motion. Next year's October council meeting was shifted to 29 October.......
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Rua Kenana officially pardoned 103 years after imprisonment
Governor-General Dame Patsy Reddy has officially pardoned 20th-century pacifist Rua Kenana.

The religious leader was unlawfully imprisoned during one of the worst Crown invasions in history, where 70 armed officers invaded his Maungapōhatu settlement.

Saturday was emotional for Rua Kenana's descendants. Mana, finally restored for him and his people. A ceremony 103 years in the making.....
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Fuelling hysteria by giving oxygen for those who cry 'Māori privilege'

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