Saturday, June 6, 2020

Lloyd Marcus: This Black American Deems Floyd Protests Unnecessary

As a black American, Democrats and fake news media demand that I agree with the George Floyd protests. I say the protests are unnecessary and are totally politically motivated. The American people of all races including President Trump have expressed their outrage over the wrongful death of Mr. Floyd. The officer who killed Mr. Floyd has been charged with murder. The three officers who watched the abuse have been fired and investigated. So, where’s the beef? Why are opportunists looting stores, burning businesses, and beating up whites in the name of demanding justice? Who is opposing justice for Mr. Floyd? The answer is no one.

Therefore, what is the real purpose of the riots, hate, violence, and chaos in our streets? The answer is politics. Democrats and fake news media believe by generating racial hate, they can ensure that blacks will vote against Trump in November.

Like a magician uses misdirection, Democrats and fake news media hope to focus blacks’ attention away from the fact that blacks have experienced unprecedented prosperity and record low unemployment since Trump has been in the Oval Office. 

Leftist political hacks say the killing of George Floyd reflects America’s systemic racism, a country dominated by white supremacists. They say America was founded by racist white men for racist white men. Folks, such bogus and divisive rhetoric is nothing more than leftist intellectual-sounding gobbledygook. There are not enough white supremacists in America to elect anyone to any public office.

In the real-world America, blacks are not suffering persecution. I realize saying that will get me in trouble, but it is true. America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams. The perverted thinking of leftists has to make everyone a victim of someone or something. Democrats and fake news media brand blacks who do not harbor resentment for whites and America traitors to their race.

Blacks are only 13% of the population.  White America gifted its first black president two terms. And yet, far too many blacks absurdly believe Democrats’ and fake news media’s lie that white America did not want a black man in the White House. If America is such a hellhole of racism, how did Oprah Winfrey, a dark-complexioned stout black woman, become one of the wealthiest and most influential persons on the planet? The myth of America’s racism is evil, destructive, and must end.

Racism along with every other sin will exist until Jesus returns. However, there is not enough racism in America to stop anyone. This is why it is so offensive hearing wealthy black celebs filling young black minds with the lie that white America has stacked-the-deck against them. I wish blacks would ignore such crap and simply pursue their dreams.

Despite countless glaring examples of blacks thriving in America, Democrats and fake news media relentlessly sell the lie that blacks can’t catch a break in this horrible country. This is why they persecute successful blacks who love their country and do not view themselves as victims.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said, “If you don’t vote for me, you ain’t black.” Biden has also absurdly said, “Republicans want to put y’all back in chains.” Biden insultingly views blacks as brain-dead idiots eager to stay on Democrats’ government dependency plantation.

In 2020 America, the tired old battered, tattered, and torn race card has been begging to retire for several years. Democrats refuse to retire it because they believe playing it wins them emotional, mindless black votes, trumping logic, facts, and commonsense.

All of the people who are protesting because cops routinely murder blacks and because America is racist are responding to lies. Cops do not murder blacks so much as blacks murder blacks. America is not racist. Why do you think people risk everything to get here? Trump is building a wall to keep illegals out, not to keep people in. We are extremely blessed to be Americans living in America.

Americans should be angry and protest about failing schools controlled by Democrats. Students graduate who cannot read their diploma. People should be angry and protest Planned Parenthood’s black genocide. Why are 36% of America’s aborted babies black?

Black Christians should protest the Democrat party’s anti-Christian agenda which has led to the moral decay of the black community; fatherless households, gangs, crime, generational poverty, incarceration, and record-high black on black homicides.

I refuse to pander to Democrats’ and fake news medias’ lie that protests against cops, white supremacy, and America are necessary. America is the greatest land of opportunity on the planet for all who choose to pursue their dreams. This truth should be repeatedly shouted from the rooftops.

God instructed Pharaoh, “Let my people go.”
God instructs us, “Let my people know.” Spread truth.

Lloyd Marcus is an American entertainer and political commentator, who blogs HERE


Mary-Ann said...

Well finally someone stating how it really is. Some one who has full access to all data concerning American history. So often reporters are just after drama and forget to report how it really is
Well done and thank you loud Marcus

Anonymous said...

As is often the case, a valid cause for protest gets hi-jacked by looters, anarchists, the generally dissatisfied and local chapters of the global rent-a - mob movement.

Geoff. said...

It was interesting to see a young coloured girl being interviewed on the TV about the statue of Winston Churchill. She thought that there was no place in society today for a statue to someone who was a racist. Yes he did believe that white people were superior to coloured people but had he not have led Britain to victory, the coloured people in Europe, and maybe far beyond, might well have suffered the same degree of racism experienced by the Jewish people. Maybe a talk to a holocaust survivor might modify her thinking.
Had Hitler won the war she wouldn't have been standing in London being interviewed that day, should wouldn't exist.

Bruce Somerville said...

The leftist , corrupt , incompetent news media are complicit in this disinformation and fomenting general hysteria. Not just CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post and others in the USA but also the NZ Herald, TV1, TV3 here in NZ. Those who want to be properly informed regarding these issues should start by looking at the commentaries of Larry Elder on Epoch Times and Thomas Sowell , who has written several books and given many interviews , many on the Hoover Institute with Peter Robinson. These are the true journalists.