Friday, February 19, 2021

Clive Bibby: The fight we don’t want but need to have


This nation is in a battle for the hearts, minds and property of all freedom loving people who swear allegiance to our founding principles. It is not something we want to take part in or have personal responsibility for but the result of which is something that will determine the type of society we bequeath to future generations of New Zealanders.

It is a fight (whoops - got to be careful using that word these days. In some quarters it could get you strung up) that we must win.

Our opponents are those who are acting like the “colonialists” they claim to despise. They want to take from you your legitimate rights acquired by birth.

This proposal to impose Maori wards is an act to subvert the will of the bulk of the people who don’t want it in any shape or form.

And the tragic fact about it is that it doesn’t need to happen in order for the invading forces to get what they say they need. They already have it to a greater degree and in a more beneficial form than in the capacity they are using to force it upon us.

The proposed racist legislation will put race relations in this country back 100 years.

I don’t know anybody who wants that.

However, in all battles, the leaders ( l hasten to add l am not one of those) must decide when to make a tactical withdrawal. In that context, now is such a time for those of us who have been forced to become reluctant participants in this current skirmish.

However, it should not be seen as an admission of defeat.

It doesn’t mean that we are abandoning the struggle to save this country from descending into just another failed state that showed so much promise in its early development. But is is time for a “David Lange” breather and cup of tea.

Make no mistake- we will return, armed with public opinion that will reject this blatant grab for power that the protagonists can’t achieve through the normal democratic process. We will sweep them and their vassals from their positions of authority illegally gained because of a sense of entitlement that is not legitimate or real.

It doesn’t even represent a true reflection of the state of race relations in this country.

And l believe the majority of the supposed beneficiaries of these cowardly actions are more than a little bit embarrassed that their good name should be used as a motivating factor in this war of attrition. If and when this incitement to violence is put to a national vote, we will see the true nature of support for these unwanted and unneeded measures.

So, it is timely for a word to those who have been involved with or have already signed the petition to force a vote on this issue and say a big thank you for your response. Please believe that this movement has and always has had the moral high ground. We are right to protect the very basis of our existence as a multi cultural sovereign nation.

Our mixed race forebears who died in defence of these freedoms would expect us to do so. 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay.


DeeM said...

Absolutely Clive. If only our centre-right parties expressed themselves in the same passionate way on these issues instead of hiding in their foxholes waiting to see what's left after the shit has hit the fan.
The current government are a disgrace but that's no surprise to anyone who blogs on this site and at least they are true to form. The opposition are the worst kind of disgrace. Elected to office to represent their voters and then missing in action when we need them.
At the moment anyone who holds the same views as ourselves on these matters have no representation or voice in parliament. That is a dangerous position in which to put a large portion of the population - in the past it has led to revolution, rarely peaceful. Nobody wants that!

Ray S said...

To quote you,
"Make no mistake- we will return, armed with public opinion" In the long run, will that be enough?
Unless there is a political party out there willing to step up and put a stop the gathering momentum of entitlement, being armed with nothing more than public opinion will not be enough.

Christina said...

How long do we have to wait because I think the time is now, the anger is bubbling away just under the surface! CALL IT TREASON!
Action is required now to stop this act of Treason!
I believe the time has come when Kiwis must make a stand against this Insidious Socialism that I believe this to be an act of Treason by our current Labour government against the NZ people - Socialism!
This is possibly a time when you could say NZ should have an upper house [which NZ once had]
This last incident of MP Nainia Mahuta fast tracking, to removing the fact people could have a referendum on Maori Wards is mind blowing and I consider illegal.
NZ cannot wait and take another 2 &1/2 years of this,
There is an urgency to motivate NZ into action now ,My belief is to go full term with this govt is suicidal NZ is in a fragile/insidious position with an out-of-control Govt on a Socialist agender [2030] and to wait is dangerous. This WOKE nonsense is worldwide, but of course JA wants NZ to be her showcase to the worldwide, but Socialism always ends up as failure in any country that has gone that path.
Some major issues that are underway now,
We are being lied too, we are told half-truths, our Press is being controlled, our debt is out of control, Climate change & lies, we are being regulated with more compliance and costs of our farms, get rid of the family farms Corporations/Maori to own all land, Country & place names changed to Maori names - have we been consulted?
Govt Maori Partnership more lies, rewriting and sanitising of our history books, Brainwashing, and dumbing down of our children in schools and Universities, more property and power being given over to Maori, the removal of legislation to allow referendum on Maori Wards. Add to my list?
A letter for consideration from a concerned NZ citizen. Christina Humphreys

Anonymous said...

The time has come for a new political party to emerge in NZ to oppose this woke Labour/Green Maori dictatorship. National are in disarray and don't seem to have any leadership or direction. Act is basically a one man show - although he means well I can't see them governing.
There are thousands of votes out there waiting for a new party who will represent ALL New Zealanders, challenge Maori separatism, get rid of apartheid, and dare I say it abolish Maori seats and scrap the Treaty. Time for a written constitution guarantying equal rights for ALL New Zealanders who qualify for citizenship. Race has nothing to do with it. We are all New Zealanders of different cultures.