Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Bob Jones: Colonialism Nonsense

Try and imagine the carry-on in Britain if its government announced special privileges for the original Anglo-Saxon and Celt citizens.

Nearly 40% of today’s Brits are of non-traditional ethnicity. Take those of Indian ethnicity. They have the highest educational standards of all Britain’s diverse ethnicities. They also have the highest incomes and are the least likely to be in prison. The current cabinet is dominated by Indian ethnics, many of four generations back and most pundits are picking the current, (Indian ethnic) Chancellor as Boris’s successor.

But here in New Zealand the government’s posture, if in charge in Britain, would be that you citizens of Indian ethnicity, must step back and allow special privileges to the poor suffering original Anglo-Saxon and Celt inhabitants.

That is a parallel of what is happening here in New Zealand with maoridom.

We’re told maoridom is bearing the awful toll of colonialism, two centuries back.

I’m of Welsh and English stock and have also suffered this. My ancestors had to endure the bloody Roman invasion. Just as we were finally getting over that, bugger me if we then had bloody Vikings turn up and run all over us. My how we suffered from post-colonial stress but with the passing of time we were beginning to stand on our feet when in came the bloody Saxons. My God, the pain. How we lashed out at our wives and children as a result. But with no other option we hung on in and were just starting to gain some confidence when in 1066, the bloody French bowled up and it started all over again. And so it went. The agony of this constant post-colonial stress was unbearable.

So you will understand why maori beat up their wives and children, dominate prison statistics and every other negative measure. It’s all down to colonialism. Only by giving them special privileges will we solve the problem, or so the government asserts.

Being well meaning is no excuse for the racial division the government is promoting with its endless excuses for maori failure and maori privilege.

One of my best mates is maori. He endured the standard jailed father, the batterings and all the baggage that goes with it. Add to that dyslexia and gullibility leading to a short prison sentence but he was blessed with a typically strong willed maori mother’s influence, urging him to forgo excuses and look ahead and not backwards. He’s become a huge success as a human being and wants no truck with excuses. He’s self-employed and hugely liked by all and sundry as a terrific human being. Further, to his great credit, he scorns maori privilege.

I have maori children, no surprise there as I have them by a rich variety of races. They all get on with their lives and couldn’t give a stuff about their ancestry. It’s 100% irrelevant. Not only that but as most of them are girls, they’re all naturally stark raving mad but still overcome that handicap without proffering bogus excuses.

Meaning well is no excuse for causing harm. The government is causing enormous divisive damage to our social fabric by catering to the dying Stuff’s type maori wonderful nonsense. It will be a key reason they’re run out of office in two years time.

Sir Bob Jones is a renowned author, columnist , property investor, and former politician, who blogs at No Punches Pulled HERE.


Kiwialan said...

Why don't the mainstream media publish common sense articles such as this.I cancelled my subscription to the Christchurch Press because sick of left wing woke racist propaganda. My wife is Chinese and the pending hate speech laws remind her of the Cultural Revolution when children even dobbed in their parents.

boudicca said...

Bob gets the timeline out of whack. Celtic Britain was invaded by Romans-Anglo Saxons-Vikings-Normans in that order. The Norman overlords (including some of my own ancestors I admit) didn't treat the existing inhabitants very well at all. Anglo-Saxons became very much second-class citizens and Norman French not Old English became the 'standard' language

Pete said...

Well spoken Bob :blaming civilisation for all their ills only means their level of education and IQ are similar . The politicians are giving in to obviously very poor intellectuals who have no understanding of real history . These people (Intel) lack the ability to generate self worth and cinsequently , it is easier to elevate oneself by attempting to bring down the types deemed enemies or anyone NOT of maori blood . The lack of discipline and ambition in todays maori households is a prime reason why maori health and education are prime reasons why they do not meet standards acceptable in a normal society . One prime reason why maori die 7 years sooner than the OTHER ethnic groups in NZ , is diet and exercise . Doctors will attest to the fact that many maori detahs are cureable , but not by giving them more financial benefits .

Anonymous said...

We should be building statues for Bob Jones: He's a national treasure!

Anonymous said...

The real problem now is that if Labour gets a well-deserved boot in 2023 who is going to replace them. At the moment all parties seem to be pandering to Maoridom and its obsession with Colonialism to a greater or lesser degree.

In my view what is needed is a NEW New Zealand Party that absolutely rejects all this tangata whenua nonsense and instead focusses on all New Zealanders equally and NOT on the radical few who are stirring this pot!

DeeM said...

Have a look at the ACT website and their policies. They seem to stand for exactly the equality, anti-race values you want to see.
Of course, no political party is perfect, but it's a lot easier to work with a well established one currently polling around 11% than starting a new one.

Don said...

Watch it Bob! Freedom of speech soon becomes hate speech if you try to tell things as they are. As for humour... like feminists, tangata whenua and their woke hangers-on don't have a sense of humour. Thank Heavens for all my Maori mates, colleagues, friends and rellies whose sense of humour would surely prevail over those self-important, heavy handed, pompous blowhards who seem to be steering us away from the tolerant and understanding society we once had.

anonomus said...

Britain not listening to Enoch Powell has been paying the price.

Doug Longmire said...

And add to this the fact that the Maori are NOT indigenous to New Zealand. Their DNA shows them to be an indigenous Taiwanese tribe that left Taiwan many centuries ago and wandered South, picking up more DNA from Melanesia. This tribe settled and colonised nations in South Asia before settling in the Pacific Islands.
When food ran short they continued their seaward conquests and arrived in New Zealand, along with their Maori dogs and rats and the South American sweet potato - the Kumara. Once here, they settled, as they had done over many generations of wandering.
Settlers - not indigenous.
Already here were a number of truly indigenous (native) occupants. The Kiwi, the Moa, the Tuatara lizard, the Kauri tree, the giant weta.

spaceacenz said...

As History would have me believe, the Moriori, a very passive race of peoples, were the first true indigenous peoples to NZ who preceded Maori. . Sadly though their passiveness, there was genocide and cannibalization and the race became virtually extinct but for a few who escaped over to the Chatham Islands.
This never gets mentioned or brought up, yet it is a part of NZ History.
Also, people need to keep being reminded, No where in the wording of the Treaty of Waitangi, is there any mention of the word Partnership and there being a partnership created between Crown and Maori.
Yet this word is being used endlessly as a leverage over all parts of communication between Crown and Maori.
Zero mention of it anywhere..!

sam said...

The unfortunate spinoff on this conversation about Maori sovereignty is there are many Kiwis of Maori descent that have no truck with what's being promoted by the left wing intellectuals and the so-called elite. They just get on with life, take advantage of the capitalist system and make a real donation to NZ.

Ray S said...

Well said. I am sure your daughters are not stark raving mad. Although like mine, they probably are sometimes.
You realise the woke brigade will censure you for such a sexist comment.
I have asked many times why maori activists deny their majority blood line. eg: 5% maori, 95% scots, or whatever. Should maori care to research their european ancestry, they would find a rich tapestry of history consisting of fact (in most european cultures) dating back to pre maori times.
No point I guess, nothing to be gained by doing so.

Geoff said...

Following on from what Sam said, Maori who believe that He Puapua will cause problems for Maori need to say that, along with their reasons for their belief. If it ever happens their society will be split by inter-tribal fighting which would probably take generations to heal.

Greengrass said...

Good on you Bob. Learning from history:
In the Waikato Wars, Governor Grey warned the rebellious tribes that confiscation of land would be a consequence if they persisted in violating the treaty. Those that fought on thought that they would be the victors and duly paid the price for their misjudgement. Land was duly confiscated as the penalty. Today they call it theft.

Likewise, if the outcomes of He Puapua or the Churchman Judgement ignite violence in this country, the goodwill that has afforded them special status and privileges up until now, will be stripped away by a non-Labour government, and they will end up with less than they have now. Steps would be taken so that we never end up in this situation again. Bet on it.

Here is food for thought for Maori who are concerned about the looming Pakeha backlash, in retaliation for the He Puapua proposals. Your ariki, who hold tribal leadership because of their whakapapa, have led their people down a perilous road. I went to school with some of them, and have had contact with the tribal elite of different tribes, in different parts of New Zealand over the years.
My conclusion is that whakapapa does not always equate with having any brains. I know one iwi leader who was educated at Te Aute College, but that made no difference. He got into financial strife on a personal level, but he still represents the iwi, and still has control of the tribes finances. I personally know of others who were in my class in my school-days, and they were quite thick intellectually, but they were great with a guitar and could lead a haka on the rugby field.

By the same token, I have met many highly intelligent and talented Maoris who were not of the ariki class. They were further down the totem pole, bearing the load of those above. The time has come for intelligent leadership and a realisation that there needs to be a separation between tradition/culture and politics. The best and brightest must challenge the elite, who are lining their own pockets and leading the rest of you towards a future of conflict. The intelligent ones will preserve what they have by replacing those who lead them to this spot. Learn from history.

Mary-Ann said...

I recently had a back and forth with a colleague, who has some Maori blood in her, about Harry Tam the mongrel mob who received the 2.75 million for a meth rehab program. I pointed out that at the end of his speech he gave a sieg Heil which I found very offending. Being Dutch I know my history of WW2 She obviously was oblivious of Adolph Hitler. As I am a,registered nurse I said that I treat all my patients with dignity and respect and even would treat Harry with respect if he would be my patient as long as I get respected back I however would not pay him time of day if I would come across him outside my work.She said that colonialism had been genocide of their culture. That's where my conversation with her stopped. Not sure what culture she was referring too as before European influence, there were inter tribal wars. There was not one unified leader. They were cannibals and slavery existed They were illiterate and had no written language. If that is your culture that you want back I can only say wow. That is a culture I would rather forget and would thank the European influence for actually abolishing that. So quickly blame is shifted but as mentioned before why not concentrate on all Maori descendant that actually have made something of themselves. We can not keep blaming previous generations. Don't forget but history is what it is. Germany can not be held responsible for what Hitler did but we should not forget. Same with NZ we are a nation of mixed races and need to work together and no matter what is said, everyone has the same opportunities and access to social welfare and medical care. Māori ofcourse will deny that as their misfortune is all blamed on colonialism