Sunday, July 4, 2021

Clive Bibby: The consequences of betrayal

I have never been a fan of Winston Peter’s style. It has always been a thing about trust. 

However, l have to admit that a government with him in cabinet is much better than the current one where anything is possible depending on the subject that takes its fancy - such is it’s open contempt of the democratic process. 

We are now all (some wilful) passengers on a “runaway train” and there is every chance that this monster will stay on the rails long enough to destroy most of the cornerstones of our successful society before it takes us all in a train wreck like no other. 

It will take generations to recover, if those who survive ever get the chance. 

And ironically, the tragedy that is unfolding has very little to do with the Corona virus pandemic or the restrictive measures imposed that were considered necessary in those circumstances. 

Unfortunately, the pandemic has been deceitfully used to justify the imposition of the other more destructive laws that have been passed or are being contemplated that are designed to reshape our country in a manner that will make it unrecognisable. The damage to this nation will be much, much worse than anything climate change will throw at us. 

When or if we are in a position to reject these changes by way of the normal democratic process, it will be too late - by then, the horse will have well and truly bolted. 

Let’s go back to Winston Peters for a moment. 

He was also conveniently used as Deputy Prime Minister and tolerated at a time when Labour was consolidating its position in preparation to do it all without his obstruction. They couldn’t believe their luck when Covid changed all that and he became expendable. 

But it will take more than Winston’s ability to rise from the dead given the magnitude of the restoration that will be required. Simply because the laws being put in place now include ones that will prevent any future government from doing anything more than tinker with existing statutes. 

Let’s look at the likely difficulties any reforming administration would face. 

It’s all part of a “Baldrick” cunning plan. 

First up, to convince the populace there is a need for change, you would have to make the case for removal of existing legislation - often having to point out the obvious that would need to pass the new test of what might then qualify as “hate speech.”  Recent decisions in our courts have indicated that our judges in areas where these things matter are much more liberal in their interpretation of “fair play.” 

In that context, it is by no means certain that our historical views of what constitutes “common sense” or even “the truth” would be upheld as “justifiable cause” for change any more. 

So, we can see that all these recent and planned pieces of important legislation that will reapportion control over how we operate in our own country are deliberately installed as laws to support that control for ever and a day. 

But there is hope. 

While anticipating this probability if the government are re-elected, the next election needs to be fought on a single issue - one that forces voters to make a decision whether “for or against” a continuation down this divisive path. The future of this nation will depend on all of us making the right choice. If that happens, we have a chance to stop this disaster in its tracks and render it still born. 

Let’s do it! 

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 

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DeeM said...

Great to see ACT calling on ALL political parties to renounce the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
They clearly demonstrate that everything worth doing in UNDRIP is already covered by existing declarations or NZ legislation - Universal Declaration of Human Rights and NZ's Bill of Rights.
The rest of UNDRIP goes against the values of a liberal democracy, in proposing that a particular race be given exclusive rights and privileges based on nothing more than who their ancestors were. That is much more akin to a feudal society, not a democracy!!
Do we want to go back to the Middle Ages when most people's lives were controlled and dictated by a small group of powerful families?