Friday, April 28, 2023

Ele Ludemann: Govt pushing gender activism on schools

Did you know that the Education and Workforce select committee is considering the Education and Training Amendment Act (3)?

And did you know that it includes this requirement for appointments to school boards?

  • updating the criteria for co-opting and appointing board members to reflect today’s school communities, by adding the genders, sexualities and sexes of the school’s students and of the school community, and disabled students at the school and the school’s disability community.
Education Minister Jan Tinetti mentioned this while speaking on the first reading of the Bill:

The bill also expands and modernises the school board member co-option criteria. School boards must have regard for these criteria when deciding to co-opt a board member. The bill updates the criteria to ensure that boards take into account the genders, sexualities, and sexes of students and school community, as well as the disabled students and the school’s disability community when deciding on members to co-opt. This change reflects this Government’s commitment to upholding equity and diversity within our schools.

Speak Up For Women is making a submission against this with concerns which include:
  • The length and timing of the submission period, denying many Boards and Board members the ability to consider the changes and submit;
  • The continued creep of gender ideology into New Zealand law without adequate consideration;
  •  Age appropriateness, especially for primary and intermediate schools (children aged 5-13) of making assumptions about children’s gender identities and sexualities;
  • Practicality – how are Boards intended to ascertain the genders and sexualities with their community without making harmful assumptions or asking people to disclose sensitive personal information; and
  • Privacy – including how Boards can be expected to collect and protect this sensitive information and for what purposes it can be accessed and used.
This will be criticised for being transphobic and homophobic.

It’s not.

It’s showing justified concern about the infection of gender activism which is spread through the school curriculum about which Alwyn Poole writes:

Just when you thought things could not get any worse we have one document working its way into “Relationship and Sexuality” education in Years 1 – 8 (2020) which features statements such as:

. . . In English, ākonga can:

• critically explore how the diversity of families, schools, and communities is represented in texts

• explore and critique the representation of gender roles and relationships in texts

• co-construct ground rules for engaging in critical discussions about text content

• create oral, visual, or written texts about the roles and relationships within their whānau or family

• engage in dialogue and debate in the context of provocative online posts linked to relationships, gender, and sexuality

In science, ākonga can:

• consider how biological sex has been constructed and measured over time and what this means in relation to people who have variations in sex characteristics

• consider variations in puberty, including the role of hormone blockers

This is for children between 5 and 12 years old (Year 1 – 8). There is no way they are going to be allowed to be kids. They get the worries of the adult world thrust down upon them and, for the record, I have always felt the sex and sexuality education belongs in the home. . .

Education is in crisis.

The government should be concerned about the high rate of truancy – when half of all pupils aren’t attending school regularly – and poor levels of literacy and numeracy and the need for schools and their boards to be focussed on addressing those issues.

It should not be aiding and abetting gender activism, especially to very young children.

Ele Ludemann is a North Otago farmer and journalist, who blogs HERE


TJS said...

Parents, this is worth every ounce of fight you've got, keep their hands off your children. It's insidious. And this is why they opposed Kelly-Jay Minshun.That's why they didn't care that an elderly lady was punched several times in the eye.

The focus on sexuality is abnormal and any discussions should be entirely your responsibility if ever it comes up.

That was how we were brought up and that was in the 70's. These people think we are all stupid and come from the dark ages. The truth is they do. There's nothing new here. They need to get over themselves!!

Anna Mouse said...

This is as insidious as all the othe rBS they are trying to indoctrinate children with.

Sexuality is not a 'topic' to have discourse about it is a topic to be taught in terms of health etc.

It is the parent that gets to have the discourse with their child and no one else.

Labour every day prove they are identity and intersecionality driven ideologues which is unhealthy in every social aspect let alone governance.

Anonymous said...

This Bill proves the thesis of James Lindsay (European Parlaiment seminar - Defining Equity): for the woke, equity means destroying anyone and anything normal to replace by the abnormal, the deviant - even the disturbed.

To propose this Bill with no consultation with families and communities is blatant overreach of power.

Anonymous said...

I am seriously coming to the conclusion that the present government are avatars of real people, or maybe aliens softening us up for the time they reveal themselves in their myriad forms.
Such is the continuous, bizarre commentary on the various gender options they are foisting on us from a ridiculously young age.
FYI... I never read sci-fi so perhaps I have missed some hints.

Anonymous said...

Get your kids out of Marxist/CCP state run schools and home school.

Anonymous said...

This is truly madness and if anything is likely to mess with kids heads this will. To determine the numbers, presumably Board's will be expected to ask children how they identify? While that is surely a privacy issue and none of their business, what are most normal kids going to think being asked such a question? You're an adult and you can't tell what I am? What's wrong with you, or is what I'm doing, wearing etc, somehow inappropriate or non-conforming? Quite simply, this is preposterous and all to identify a miniscule percentage of the population and for what ultimate purpose? And it's a joke that children this young would normally be critically exploring, critiquing or analysing anything associated with sex or disability. This should be something that is addressed at home and if the parents/caregivers think it necessary for the welfare of the child, then they can take it up with the school. Teachers and schools have no business in influencing a child's sexual identity.

Unknown said...

To those that read and/ or have read _ Hello another American Intrusion upon the Nation of New Zealand & its People.

What is mentioned here has become a major issue for Parents (in America) who are facing the same ideology (promoted more by the Gay Community + others) to which "elected School Boards" are agreeing with, and Parents are finding when they confront these "Boards" at School Meetings, that the Board Members have developed "moments of selective deafness"

Therefore is one allowed to ask ???? - if Jan Tinetti/ current Minister of Education is " a member of the Gay Community" to which there appear to many within our current Govt & Caucus? The reason I ask is - "that no sane Women would present such ideology", unless it is being touted by and promoted those who work within the NZ Ministry of Education.

Robert Arthur said...

Any one legged transexual maori will have to lie low or they wil be pestered to go on a school Board.
A mass of legislation flows endlessly through Parliament. Near all, like this, is worded in a manner which only the legally trained can quickly fathom. For the ordinary person it is a taxing, time consuming and confusing exercise, requiring a lot of time. Any submission to a Select Committee (even without appearing) requires a myriad more hours. I doubt if many MPs understand most of it. All assume that someone capable and senior has OKd all. In this way all manner of idiot law has been inflicted. And public response is minimal, at least until the effects start to become obvious, when it is too late.
Faced with all the obscure requirements, little wonder many able shun teaching. I guess the less able primarily pro maori who now make it through just ignore the three Rs and teach any variant of the waffle as they please.
Too early introduction to all matters sexual can obsess children. When I was a young teenager a very young neighbourhood schoolgirl was in the happen of calling in when passing and chatting girly style with my mother. The girl had been told the full birds and bees, probably knew more than me at the time, and was obsessed. If a neighbourhood cat passed it was not just a cat. She immediately wanted to know its sex, had it had kittens etc. Applied to people imagine the questions today.

TJS said...

Anonymous said...
Get your kids out of Marxist/CCP state run schools and home school.

April 28, 2023 at 3:38 PM

100% agree!

Anonymous said...

Imagine back when you were 8 years old and how you would respond if a teacher had said to you that if you are a girl who wants to be a boy that a magic pill could be given to you to change your gender. Your 8 year old brain would think that's great because you have 3 brothers and want to fit in and do boy stuff with them so it might be easier to be a boy. What they are doing to our kids is sick and evil as we all know that nothing can be done to physically change a women to a man and vice versa. They are lying to these kids and making them sterile for life. It is sick and something that nazis would have done. Parents have to stand up.

TJS said...

Anonymous at 9:18 AM

Yes you are quite right.
The new conversion therapy. To make all your problems go away. Dispicable social engineering.

Erica said...

It seems to me that schools are now extremely hazardous places for children. Indoctrination in revisionist history and racial apartheid, sexualizing small children, warping their minds over right and wrong concepts,as well as promoting untested and unsafe vaccines and puberty blockers. All this in the context of ongoing school bullying, ( we are one of the worst in OECD ) and hopeless teaching methods that have put us at the bottom of international tests.
Our ' we are the source of truth' government has made a big deal of dis and mis information but are themselves promoting mis and dis-education.