Thursday, April 27, 2023

Wendy Geus: Courageous Leader Tackles Social Justice Issue Head On

Whilst our media ban opinions which contradict their ‘correct world view’

Compare and contrast. Our government and media have brazenly condoned the abuse of UK women’s rights activist Posie Parker by transgender protesters. But UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has ramped up his support for women’s rights, speaking out against the trans extremism movement where words like ‘pregnant woman’ and ‘mother’ are being censored, replaced by ‘pregnant people’.

Refusing to adhere to the media’s politically correct version of the ‘truth’ around identity politics, Rishi Sunak, in speaking out, is trouncing Keir Starmer, who still struggles (like our PM) to define a woman.

Chris Luxon, when asked, did get the definition right: female, adult, human being.

However, after the incident, he described the Albert Park riot as “mostly peaceful” and Parker’s views around protections for women as “abhorrent”.

I described the protest as New Zealand’s Day of Shame.

Regarding this issue, Mr Luxon is clearly not ‘there’ yet.

Sunak has a tough row to hoe to get re-elected. However, being fearless in tackling tricky issues and eloquent and quick on his feet gives him a head start.

Up against a bribed, biased, inflexible media, Luxon does not have Sunak’s courage, judgement and verbal dexterity when put on the spot on sensitive issues; these deficiencies are making voters very wary. His modus operandi seems to be to check his opinion on social issues with his advisers and to keep on side with the media, rather than to challenge their ridiculous assertions.

Journalist Jenna Lynch may swallow transgender bullsh*t labels such as “white cis men” (quote: Marama Davidson, painstakingly giving us a forensic definition during her propaganda slot on a Newshub bulletin).

I do not.

As more than 99.9% of people in the world born male or female identify in adulthood as a man or a woman, we do not have to adopt new labels when talking about a man or a woman. We know who we are. If when talking amongst themselves, transgender people wish to use their own labels: fine, but don’t force them on us. However, the media, working in sync, are happy to oblige them.

I don’t know how Simeon Brown managed to keep a straight face on the Breakfast couch beside Labour MP Arena Williams when she looked down the camera and said, with a straight face: “A man transgendering to a woman, is a woman”.

And there are fairies at the bottom of my garden, Arena.

This, and Michael Wood’s proclamation that Parker has an “incorrect world view” (probably just not Marxist, Michael) gives us an idea of what we are dealing with.

Peter Dunne was right when a couple of years ago in an interview with Leah Panapa he referred to TVNZ as “the government’s propaganda arm”.

As the activist journalists on Breakfast are all completely on board with this, it makes it difficult if you disagree. Your free speech will be in peril – you will be shut down. Just like Posie Parker but not so violently.

Leading activist journalist Matt McLean ended up with egg on his face when, prior to the riot, he did a shameless pitch with Shaneel Lal for his transgender friends who are all apparently (from memory) ‘good, decent people’. And bad naming (that’s the genteel way of describing it) Posie Parker, evil personified. No doubt government ministers were clapping from the sidelines.

Chris Hipkins used Lal as an adviser on gender studies in our schools (I shudder to think what our children are being subjected to), and then, weirdly, condoned his naming as Young New Zealander of the Year.

Sadly, Matt’s transgender mates, along with Lal, showed their true colours when the police let them run riot in Albert Park, unlike in Ireland where dozens of police manned the barricades and let Parker speak. This was well documented and compared with her NZ treatment by the UK media, who think we live in a totalitarian state.

The beleaguered National candidate who stepped down after his posting comparing Ardern with Hitler was not far off the mark. Her dictatorial style of government established the tyranny we now live under. Her work done, she now goes to take up a ‘fellowship’ at Harvard, which embraced her radical social justice programme.

Chloe Swarbrick comes across as eloquent and presentable. However, it seems cynicism and political expediency is never far from the surface when she can describe the Albert Park riot as an experience of ‘love and affirmation’, thereby condoning an elderly woman being bashed in the face; the guest speaker shut down, covered with tomato soup and run out of the park; and the police refusing to protect her until after the assault.

Anarchy was the word she was looking for.

Auckland Central folk need to give much consideration to whom they elect this year. Their current MP may call herself green but, like a watermelon, she is red on the inside, just like her more radical roommates.

The government, media and academia have got the fear and bullying thing working smooth as silk so no one, apart from Seymour’s or Peters’s occasional voices in the wilderness, is countering their lunacy; and of course, the ‘fringe’ media (quote: Jemma Lynch) who regularly speak against our country’s injustices to a much smaller audience as they are banned from the mainstream due to their ‘unacceptable world views’.

It’s proof that free speech is very limited in New Zealand and tyranny introduced during Ardern’s ‘transformational’ government is alive and well. Like Stephen Joyce said, we now have to say ‘black is white’.

I recently saw an advertisement on TV for a medical product with small print warning against certain people taking it, including ‘pregnant people’. Another example of the ideological lunacy that is being forced upon us and taking over our country.

Who does not remember how the now defunct Today FM whose hosts were shut down when they laughed about a news reference to ‘pregnant people’? It was pointless apologising to keep their jobs as the station was closed shortly after.

Like the unpopular Mallard appointment, this would have been an opportunity for Luxon to speak out. But no, he is a captive of political correctness. Fear of publicly expressing a politically unacceptable opinion drives his decisions; so the majority of Kiwis who want to believe in him and vote for him are left with no one to advocate for them.

And, most importantly, doubts linger about his leadership skills, in contrast to the UK prime minister, who is demonstrating them in spades.

To their credit, National’s work on public service policies thus far is to be applauded. Their education policy, in particular, will draw the crowds.

They need to remind the media, for example when they criticise Nicola Grigg for not having their live beef shipments policy completed, in 2017, that Labour had not a feather to fly with except a brilliant idea called Kiwi Build!

Wendy Geus is a former speechwriter and generalist communications advisor in local government. She now writes for the pure love of it. This article was first published HERE


Anonymous said...

Nailed that one, Wendy. The Posie Parker affair was a shocker and caused to a large part by the msm beat-up and who, to this day, still refer to her in the provocative term "anti-trans" as opposed to what she really represents, a women's rights activist.
As for Chloe Swarbrick claiming the Albert Park incident 'a celebration', it just shows her to be deluded and a purveyor of lies.
Which leaves us with Luxon, the ultimate fence-sitter and a coward given the way he dealt with Pugh and more recently Mooney.

RogerF said...

A well written article that will strike a chord with many New Zealanders.

Coker said...

All sadly true.

Anonymous said...

Albert Park disgrace and disgusting media coverage and political comment has become a recruitment advertisement for women in USA and UK to speak up and protect their rights .Nice one NZ we are famous for being rotten.

Sven said...

Nothing worse then hearing the truth, but for the truth to be heard, people need to open their ears.