Sunday, February 25, 2024

Clive Bibby: Why are we not surprised

A change of government in this country has resulted in the exposure of battle lines that until now had been deliberately disguised as only assumptions or delusions.

The first 100 days of the National led Coalition has witnessed, amongst other things - the opening of the books that show just how incompetent and wilfully disingenuous the last administration really was.

While that description appears inadequate for many who have borne the brunt of the previous government’s failed policies like the promise to build 100,000 new homes and rescue a similar number from child poverty, these abject failures continue to be ignored by a media obsessed with its naked hostility to anything associated with the new Sheriff in town.

We here at the coalface in Rural New Zealand have struggled to survive the natural disasters of 2023 and a market place that keeps getting worse.

What we didn’t need was to find that the promises made by Labour in 2023 that were vital to our recovery, were not capable of being honoured by the new Administration simply because, on taking over the Treasury benches, they found the cupboard was bare.

In fact, the current Government will itself struggle to honour those previous commitments without significantly increasing the National debt which, in itself, has the potential to endanger some of their own promises made during the election campaign.

Some will say they shouldn’t have made those promises if they had suspicions about the state of the books at the time. Well yes, but they can’t be blamed for taking the Finance Minister’s word that everything was in order.

We must also remember that the last campaign was fought not between two ideologically opposed political factions but between one coalition of political parties (National, Act and NZ First) and another more less representative fragile coalition of political parties and their MSM apologists.

So, it comes as no surprise that the main opposition to the current government is being led by the defacto parliamentary opposition - the Main Stream Media.

You only have to watch the multi channeled TV outlets news coverage and their counterpart daily newspaper doctored news of the world to understand how much our MSM have descended into a state that is not far short of supporting anarchy in this Country. Senior “journalists” Tova O’Brien and John Campbell are operating as the Media unrestrained attack dogs in a manner never seen before. And they appear to the have the total support of their respective Media Company Boards in doing so.

Who would have thought it would come to this.

But given the MSM’s open support of groups hostile to our democratically elected government, maybe we should not be surprised.

At least now the pretence is over and we can see this antithesis of a free press for what it is. The battle lines are now more clearly drawn.

Clive Bibby is a commentator, consultant, farmer and community leader, who lives in Tolaga Bay. 


Tinman said...

Surprised I'm not. What I am is disappointed that after this time the Coalition has not announced the immediate cessation of funding for any of the "news" organisations not openly airing all arguments and the selling of any wholly owned by the taxpayer entity.

Let the bastards print/say what they want, but on their dime!

Clive Bibby said...

You only had to watch the leading news items on tonight’s 6pm One News to see how arrogant and partial the MSM are with their distorted coverage of the stories that should interest us all.
Two lead items: 1) the proposed repeal of the tobacco tax and 2) the proposed crack down on the gangs including the confiscation of gang assets (high value Harley Davison motorbikes) we’re both reported using the most negative interviews you could possibly see.
Even the News Reader couldn’t help showing her disdain for the current government by contemptuously referring to the Justice Minister as “Goldsmith” as if he was no better than the criminals he was trying to rid us of.
I am fast becoming of the opinion that the MSM should be in danger of loosing all Government funding unless they adhere to their charter that includes a commitment to present the news without bias. If they can’t do that then they should have to survive by competing in the market like private enterprise companies.
The current naked abuse of their important role is simply not acceptable in a country that prides itself as one that operates a public service that is impartial in the way it carries out its responsibilities to the democratically elected government.
Pigs can fly!

Allan said...

At first I read the "Main Stream Media" as "Main Stream Mafia". Silly me!

Anonymous said...

4 messages to the PM and Minister Lee asking for them to stop the MSM damage to the Coalition.... silence to date.

Why? Does National want the Coalition to fail so as to form a new alliance?

Anonymous said...

Clive Bibby - NZ gangs.

Why has it taken so long to 'deal with any and/or all'? I as the Author of this comment, put to you we are of an age (like many others across NZ)- that across the Years have seen the rise of not only Black Power & Mongrel Mob, but with the "501's being sent home from Australia" we have had the 'development of others'.

It would appear, to many Kiwi's, that NZ Police have a 'stand off' approach- - is this something that the New Minister of Police should address?

It is interesting to look at how Western Australia handles the 'gangs' and what I have cleaned, that by Law in that State -

- they are not allowed to congregate in large numbers
- they are not allowed to wear gang insignia - Patches, tattoo's (these must be covered when in a Public space), of jewelry that may allude to a gang affiliation
- and are required to comply with Legal Statutes that may and/or may not apply to them individually or as a group.

Talk is cheap, action speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

CB: there seems to be a bit of a continuum, with One News being usually the worst. We've switched to Newshub, which is a little better. Best of all is News First, which is a cutdown version of Newshub, and if Susie Nordqvist is presenting there's the joy of English-language news presented just in English.


Rob Beechey said...

Try watching Sky News, it may not deliver local news but it gives you an appreciation of balance and professionalism compared to our corrupt and undisguised bias delivered by MSM.