Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Cam Slater: And the Shredders Whir into Action

The shredders will whir into action at the Te Pati Maori office as the Government announces an inquiry into the shenanigans that went on at Manurewa Marae. Don’t want to have any pesky documents lying around, now, do we?

On the allegations surrounding Te Pati Maori, Luxon said the allegations were serious, going to the heart of trust in our democratic processes.

The Public Service Commission would undertake an independent enquiry.

Luxon encouraged anyone to come forward with any information they had around the allegations, either to the police or Privacy Commissioner.

The review would be powered by public service legislation.

Luxon was not sure when the enquiry was expected to report back.

The Public Service inquiry would look at the safeguards that public agencies had in place to protect personal information.

The investigation would also cover reports some agencies knew about the allegations but did not act on them.

There were a number of options considered, such as getting the Auditor General involved, but the Public Service Commissioner investigation was the best way forward.

Luxon said he had not spoken to Te Pati Maori about the investigation prior to this afternoon’s post-Cabinet announcement.

Asked why Te Pati Maori were not informed, he said the situation was moving quickly.

Luxon said the inquiry would be “arm’s length” and have sufficient scope and powers to undertake its work.

Whether the inquiry would have the power to compel people or the marae to supply documents, Luxon said that would be up to the police or others involved.

Luxon said the claims were still allegations “and that’s why I want it done objectively”.
NZ Herald

Inform Te Pati Maori ahead of time? That’s like the idiot BBC interviewer complaining the IDF didn’t inform the Hamas terrorists holding hostages that they were coming in to get them.

Or perhaps letting burglars know in advance that the Police are going to execute a search warrant on their houses ahead of time.

He would not be drawn on Te Pati Maori president John Tamihere’s statement in response to the allegations.

Luxon said it was important that the New Zealand people can trust its institutions.

There was no indication around the cost at this stage.

This was not a cost issue but a principle issue, he said.

Luxon said the Government was on a “fact finding mission” and that needed to be done in a very objective way.

On the fact he did not alert Te Pati Maori to the announcement, Luxon said “this is really about [whether] the government’s institutions are managing … public data appropriately”.

The process of appointing a new Public Service Commissioner was ongoing, he said.
NZ Herald

Imagine if Te Pati Maori had accessed the gun register?

There are just too many allegations, whistleblowers and government agencies mired in all this murk for it to be a nothing burger.

The Government has done the right thing here: they need to pick that scab and let the pus run.

Cam Slater is a New Zealand-based blogger, best known for his role in Dirty Politics and publishing the Whale Oil Beef Hooked blog, which operated from 2005 until it closed in 2019. Cam blogs regularly on the BFD - where this article was sourced.


Anonymous said...

Shredding would have been completed immediately after the election. JT is an arrogant piece of you-know-what, but he’s not stupid.

The complainants’ lawyer said these were evidence based claims, so presumably they saved emails, texts pertaining to & took photos & videos of any wrongdoing.

I look forward to seeing justice takes it course. As Paul Henry said, these clowns are not worth our time. They talk the big talk but all they & the Iwi elites like them do is trough, fleecing government coffers dry while Maori continue to be over represented in every negative social measure.

Anonymous said...

The "PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION" would undertake an "INDEPENDENT" enquiry?

Right. Like Fox/Henhouse, Poacher/Gamekeeper then.

CXH said...

So the Public Services Commission will be independent.

I didn't realise Breaking views had turned into Comedy Hour.

Anonymous said...

Fund the inquiry from the Office of Maori-Crown relations!!!! i.e. Deduct it from the iwi slush find and that which is used to prop up the utterly pointless Waitangi Tribunal.

Ken S said...

The appointment of the State Services Commissioner to head this enquiry is all the proof we need that the cover up is officially underway. Government Departments and Agencies have become so politicised and compromised that their only role in any enquiry should be evidence giving.

Anonymous said...

These clowns in theory should be ignored but they cause to much trouble and stir up too much hate to ignore. Instead they need to be managed. However with the ear of the media, the complacency of the masses and the spinelessness of the government this does not happen.