Monday, April 8, 2013

Lindsay Mitchell: 4 in 5 Maori children born outside marriage

Four in five Maori children are now born outside of marriage. The earliest statistics kept on Maori ex-nuptial births were in 1968. The percentage of Maori children born outside marriage would have been even lower pre-1968.

Does marriage matter?
Of course it does. Married people tend to be wealthier, are more likely to stay together, and provide their children with greater security and opportunity. A great deal of Maori disadvantage is due to the picture below.


Dave Hill said...

Recently I decided to help a young teenage Maori girl who had a 4 year old, so she must of had that baby when in her very early teens. I let her rent a unit I have as an investment. Within 4 weeks she was behind in the rent despite being a beneficiary with WINZs supposed to be paying. The Police had been called 3 times to noisy party's, fights and drunken behavior. I finally evicted her and was over 2k out of pocket due to unpaid rent and damage. The place was a pig sty. The point I'm making is that this child is being bought up in this environment as are thousands of others with drugs, booze, and violent behavior common, and don't tell me its because they are disadvantaged or poor, there's plenty of handouts for drugs, booze and smokes. Unfortunately the vast majority are Maori. This is all part of a cycle, this kid will grow up and no doubt without any positive role models just repeat the same mistakes.
Until we stop rewarding financially totally uncaring, uneducated and welfare dependent people for having children this deplorable state of affairs will continue.
And yes I did report my concerns to the authority's, I doubt if anything was done.

Barry said...

It's as Lindsay Perigo said many years ago - ie that NZ pays the wrong people to breed.

Anonymous said...

Implicit in the marriage factor is the effect of raising children without the likely presence of a father.

When Daniel Patrick Moynihan covered this in unanswerable detail nearly 50 years ago concerning 'The Negro Family', he was roundly rubbished.

Time has proved him totally correct.

But introduce this line of argument and evidence into NZ at your peril. The keepers of the sacred flame will have you drawn and quartered on the altar to appease the angry gods of multiculturalism.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what the percentage is of "father unknown" and therefore no liable parent contribution to the child support benefits. And I wonder if the whakapapa access to iwi grants bears any cor-relationship to that forgetfulnes..

Grace said...

I have lived in a small town for the past 9 years. For 8 years I lived next door to the most wonderful Maori family. Also next door was another Maori family which I could only describe as the "dregs of society". One member threatened my life & I had to get the police involved. That family lived in a nice house, which they trashed totally when eventually evicted. They then moved in a house owned by a Maori business man; they trashed that house too!
More recently I moved to a different property. Lovely neighbours bar a Maori woman with 2 boys. They were "neighbours from hell" due to the noise they made. When the landlords investigated (after my letter of complaint),their pristine house was "like a pigsty!" I was told. When they were evicted, all the floor coverings had to be replaced due to their filthy state & the entire bathroom had to be renewed from walls to amenities due to damage. The woman was the recipient of WINZ-subsidised rent, yet had her male, income-earning partner stay in the house every night.

The gravy train is endless.
p.s., I grew up in a very poor family & despite very poor health since my mid-20s, managed to honestly acquire my own very modest home.

grundle said...

Time for 'tough love' or just a plain no-nonsence approach. All the PC, woolly woofta, do-gooders, are making this social problem worse.
I guarantee WINZ have no idea who the father of the kid, in Daves comment above is these 'intelectual giants' just go on breading like rabits, at the tax payers expense.

If anyone from WINZ is reading this comment...get off your ar...s and start doing your job. The tax payers of NZ have had a guts full of keeping these cretins.