Sunday, June 4, 2017

NZCPR Weekly: Freedom of Thought

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This week, we question the wisdom of State sector organisations subscribing to ‘biculturalism’, since this radical race-based political agenda challenges the sovereignty of the Crown, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Professor Barend Vlaardingerbroek has examined the proposed Education Council’s proposed Code of Conduct for teachers and believes it breaches their fundamental human rights, and this week’s poll asks whether you believe bicultural policies should be removed from all State agencies.

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Brian said...
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At last it is now open for all to see and read.

This new Bill reinforces that New Zealand has become subservient totally to Maori and left wing ideology. It proves conclusively that if the National Party does not oppose this new Educational requirement for teachers; then they will do anything just to remain in power.

This is an attack on our Constitutional rights, a surrender to a radical political ideology which can be instituted into our school system, and that the teaching fraternity has to obey one political dogma.

Lenin instituted a similar ideology after the Russian Revolution, but we in New Zealand are a democracy not a dictatorship..or are we?

The National Party must come clean over this before the election with a firm promise either way. Anything else is a manipulation of the public.

Anonymous said...
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"reinforces that New Zealand has become subservient totally to Maori and left wing ideology"...and that those with more rational ideas of democracy and the best interest for all a left with only shrilling from the side-lines via blogs. How did it come to this?

There is no party which represents us. ACT is not only useless but also misguided.

What are loosely called the "left" or "liberals" are so well organised, while the rational elements on the right are so disparate and disorganised. Could there not be a coalition on the real centre-right to perhaps run a TV channel with its own news and views programming? Even an internet TV channel?

Then again Newstalk has been harping on about these issues for decades and nothing has improved. But its worth a thought.

What about a referendum party? Its a risk because the outcome of any given referendum might not go in the right direction for NZ but still ...if you think about it, would we have had any of this crazy legislation inflicted on us if it had had to go to referendum? I think Not.


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