Sunday, June 11, 2017

NZCPR Weekly: Political Courage

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This week, we look at the importance of having political leaders with the courage to stand up to ideological bullies, our NZCPR Guest Commentator Professor Richard Epstein explains why US President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is the right thing to do, and this week’s poll asks whether you believe New Zealand should follow the lead of the US and withdraw from the Paris Accord as well.

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Brian said...

Political Courage verses Political Advantage?
It seems that even the Conservative side of the Political spectrum has given away to being re elected at any price against standing firm on basic fundamentals. No longer can we expect the National Party to represent the individual against the State’s ever increasing bureaucratic control and the imposing of further regulations which are contrary to our democratic freedoms.
This has encouraged the far left to discover that the younger voter is the pathway to an election victory as we have just witnessed in the recent British election. It is however, probably far too late for a change of policy by the new English led government. Certainly not a move in to reject the flawed Paris Agreement in which Western Nations have, like lemmings, placed themselves in a situation whereby industry and commercial wise it has become a suicide pact.
President Trump has put the USA first, whether this will eventually transpose into jobs for the unemployed depends mainly in the future of how far we will have a robotic world. Nevertheless it was the most sensible decision that he could make in view of the very obvious fact that this whole Paris accord played right into the hands of China and India, at the expense of the rest of us plus that any climatic change would be minimal.
The National Party no longer relies upon the agricultural vote or even the shrinking country electorates; it has recognised that with MMP their only future lies in gaining the cities. This will become more apparent when the next Electoral Commission review takes place; and unless there is a more balanced electoral system the divide between town and country will be a financial chasm with only one winner.
The next election will herald in either a Green/left wing Labour Party committing this country to United Nations decisions or a Left wing National Government which has changed its spots similar in beliefs to the Liberal administration of Mr Turnbull in Australia. The key however lies in just how the young voter will cast their vote, and this despite any vote for the Winston Peters Party.